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An Interview with the Nokia C7 Lead Designer

October 28, 2010 1 comment

The Nokia C7 is one of the sexiest devices launched this year, actually it might be the best looking device launched this year and It was a hard choice for me between the C7 and the N8, but the N8 won in the end with the you know what mega feature. Anyway the guys over at the official Nokia blog interviewed the Lead designer of the C7 Tomas Ivaškevičius, in the video he goes through the design process off what I call the hottest looking phone of the year.


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60 Nokia N8s for Review for South Africa – Top 8 reviews will get to keep the Nokia N8

October 28, 2010 1 comment

Yes, you read correctly. But it is just for residents of South Africa aged 16 and over. Other Terms and Conditions available Here at Nokia Ringaz blog.

Now onto the good bits. An interesting find by Mark from The Nokia Blog sees 60/sixty Nokia N8’s  heading over to South Africa to be reviewed.  The top 8 reviews gets to keep their N8. But who gets these Nokia N8’s to review? Well up to you! All you have to do is

  1. follow @NokiaRSA on Twitter (to be contacted by DM/Direct Message)
  2. Tweet to @NokiaRSA with the hashtag #N8ReviewZA on your motivation to review the N8 (one tweet per person)
  3. Reviewers will be announced on the 11th November 2010 on the Nokia Ringaz blog
  4. You must notify your review by tweeting @NokiaRSA with the hashtag #N8ReviewZA
  5. Winners will be announced on 26 November 2010

So. What are you waiting for? We’ve been raving about the N8 for quite some time, here is your chance to find out why – and tell the world about your experiences of the most powerful smartphone Nokia has ever produced.


Most powerful smartphone from Nokia? Isn’t that the N900? Oh no wait that’s a mobile computer.

Nokia Ringaz via The Nokia Blog


PS, you will be in full liability of the phone whilst it is in your possession. Also kinda strict – failure to return (or purchase) the N8 by 23rd November 2010 16:00 will result in disqualification and full liability of R4,799. Well that’s understandable. Sending out Nokia N8s to mostly randoms (possibly some reviewers/bloggers/trusted online personalities).

Niklas Savander Nokia Strategies Interview: Nokia MeeGo products to ship very close soon after announcement

October 28, 2010 18 comments

Niklas Savander and crew at Nokia World 2010

This interview of Nokia’s EVP Markets, Niklas Savander with CNET was tipped to us several days ago by Andan and Webby (cheers guys) but I never got around to posting it.

It actually had some extremely interesting snippets of info on Nokia Strategy as well as confirming what we suspected/already knew.


  • Symbian will go to midrange. N8 is already NOT the highest product Nokia are aiming for. MeeGo will come above Symbian in FUNCTIONALITY and PRICE.
  • We see a role for MeeGo at the very high end of our product range.
  • MeeGo to come in 2011#
  • MeeGo will ship very closely to announcement date. Hurrah! No endless waiting. Have ready product, announce and generate some buzz, sell! “during 2011, you will see us announce MeeGo products, and they will be very close to shipment dates. When we announce it, it’s going to come.”. Man I have already saved up for MeeGo (phone/tablet)
  • Microsoft are making Office for Symbian in Qt (Ex Office Boss Elop had 400 Engineers working on Qt)
  • Core Nokia Applications to be written in Qt, e.g. phonebook – huge benefit in having the same competencies in Symbian AND MeeGo allowing shifting of resources between both
  • You don’t need to have a Symbian expert write Symbian applications and a MeeGo expert write MeeGo applications.
  • No room for Android (what about WP7 :p)
  • To win the consumer is to be competitive in the eyes of the consumer. It’s about creating a platform for consumption and a phone that works. To convince consumers we are still in the game, we will do it with our products. Nothing else. But it needs to be balanced with being attractive to the networks/carriers as if you’re not working well with the operator it doesn’t matter that you’re perfect for the consumer.
  • Location not just navigation will be big in many markers. “we have the availability of locally relevant apps. It doesn’t matter if you have 200,000 applications in Vietnam if they are all in English.”
  • “The next game is not going to be who gets to 300,000 apps in California, it’s going to be who gets to a few thousand apps in every country of the world.”
  • There must be choices on applications, even if we provide our own. e.g. Ovi Maps to Google maps – that must be possible.
  • New CEO Stephen Elop is a change management master based on track record and will bring a lot to the table.

via CNET

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Video: Nokia N8 Gaming – Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD and GT Racing: Motor Academy HD (Nokia Ad)

October 28, 2010 10 comments

Nokia’s been churning out some N8 Gaming videos. Here’s a new one (for me) which is Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD. As you’ll see in the video, it has support for multitouch.

This is available to download from the Ovi Store for 3GBP (or similar equivalent where available in other countries)

Similarly, there’s Guitar Hero 5 available for S40/touch and type (well it works on the X3/C3). Not sure if it’s compatible with S60 5th.

GT Racing: Motor Academy HD – frame rate looks very fast.

Asphalt 5


Avatar HD



Video: Nokia N8’s new browser and the new lag free, draggable homescreen!

October 28, 2010 127 comments

UPDATE: Nokia has filed a copyright complaint on this video and it has been removed. With the channel potentially being deleted too. Nice.

This video comes from alex68 who sent it in to What we can see are two cool things

1) Homescreen swiping works with drag kinetics! It appears that the swiping delay is gone WITHOUT having to tamper with settings and remove theme effects like in this post.

The lag on the homescreen has been criticised heavily, but fortunately (or not) it was part of the UI design and NOT a limitation of the N8 hardware.  Now that perceived lag is gone and it is said to be smooth and responsive.

2) New browser has got rid of that stupid ugly fat bar at the bottom it seems! Hurray! I have wanted that ugly fat bar (my affectionate term for it) to die since S60 5th. At least now, slowly but surely it’s disappearing.

  • The address bar is now at the top.
  • It appears that works like the awesome bar/N900’s address bar where you can type in url or search terms.  Check out the “G – Search for”! Brilliant stuff.
  • More of the screen is visible!
  • You can see the freaking keyboard AND the screen behind whilst typing on a touch screen.
  • Browser loads instantly without going to the bookmarks page (I’m assuming it loads a selectable home page – unless the link was already a bookmark, but then the icon )
  • Easy copy/paste/cut on the address bar (not sure if this is possible with web text itself)

The demo of browser is just for showing the UI and functionalities that were missing from S60v5 browser. However it is a still very much evolving and developing product, any arguments about performance and interface might not be fair for the time being.

Great news for Nokia N8, C7, (and future C6-01, E7, Symbian^3) users!

Many thanks to alex68!

Whilst we’re on talk of the browser….(and with the note about this product still in evolving stage)

  • When clicking BACK or at least perhaps with a multitouch gesture (e.g. two finger swipe back) could the web page just go back? Often I just want to go back a page and not have to go through the carousel.
  • Tabbed browsing. Need it and must have easy UI switcher for it.
  • Generally be as good as MicroB as noted at Nokia World (that new browser would be as good as the mobile browsers of the competition – unless MicroB should not even be considered as a mobile browser as it’s so good).

What are you hoping for/looking forward to in the new browser?

[btw is this the new Qt one? It looks massively different from the latest build as seen on C7)

Video: Nokia N8 Camera School – #7 Action Shots in your videos

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Part 7 of Nokia Conversations’ Camera School series looks at Action Shots for your videos.

“Learn how to make your Nokia N8 action shots more compelling through the use of unusual angles and where editing tricks – like scrubbing – can spice up your footage.”

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