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Video: DivX/AVI playback on the Nokia X3-02

October 11, 2010 11 comments

Oddly a feature some of the newer S40 phones can do but not last year’s flagship N97 or any S^1 from Nokia by default was to playback DivX/Xvid/AVI files. (N900 was a beast and handled DivX a beaut)

Here on the X3-02 touch and type you can see out of the box it plays DivX. The 2.4″ 320×240 screen might be too much of an eye sore though but it’s great for the odd clip as opposed to feature length movies. Having said that, back in the 7610 SmartMovie days with the 176×208 (was it 2.2″?).

  • The playback is smooth if a little out of sync at times (may be video dependent)
  • Interestingly video playback can be resumed in the background. How odd – I can’t do this with N900/N97 as they just pause the video when it’s moved to the background. This is great if this was something you’d be listening more to, like a recorded lecture or a keynote. However, I haven’t worked out how to resume video playback with the video on show.
  • Although touch enabled, you have to use the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons to move along the time line
  • Audio is quite stellar for such a tiny slim phone. That’s great if you like playing your music through the loudspeaker, at home or in public (the latter not really a done thing in UK unless you’re Burberry clad inclined.  It’s great though where the phone is the sole computer/multimedia device of homes.
  • I couldn’t get my lighting sorted so the video quality is pretty bad. The first two from a camera and the last close up via webcam.
  • I don’t think it does TV-out – would have been nice though.
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Video: U2 concert recorded with the Nokia N8

October 11, 2010 7 comments

A while back we saw the N8 record in crystal clarity a Rihanna concert. Here’s the N8 again in a U2 concernt in Rome.

Again, one of the overlooked features of video cameras is audio – and Nokia N8 has the best in ANY mobile phone right now and in several dedicated camera/compact video cam solutions. Further more, it’s one of the rare breeds that actually record in TRUE stereo.

This is the N8, in absolute low light.

In November I’ll be seeing Sum 41 so I’ll see how the N8 deals with Rock/Punk Rock.


Thanks to Simone for the heads up!

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Jan van der Meer’s Nokia N8 Macro and accessory tips!

October 11, 2010 6 comments

Jan van der Meer is the ultimate camera buff and in these series of videos, he’s been using (what any self respecting camera buff should own :p) a Nokia N8. He’s got some great tips for us such as the new Joby Gorillapod (Every human with a camera/camphone NEEDS a gorillapod) with an arm for smooth swivelling/tilting.

In this video, Jan uses a macro lens on the N8. The results are great. Now we’ve seen from topolino70 how even simpler than this (with a magnifying glass) you can achieve some absolutely breathtaking close up videos with the N8. Another lens accessory used is the ultrawide angle, which you can see across Jan’s series.  A fantastic tip from Jan is to have the N8/Gorillapod on a piece of paper which you can smoothly slide across a macro scene (without the need for expensive rail rigs :P).

Oh and in trial sound tests with a couple of dedicated video recorders:

Captured with the new Nokia N8 smartphone Sanyo Xacti HD2000 and Sanyo Xacti Sh1. Sound microphone in this case from Nokia was the best!

Jan has some brilliant sites on the go, and http://www.Global-DVC.Org ; Taking a look at cameraeducator, I saw that Jan’s also hooked up his N8 to a steady cam (like the upcoming movie, “The Commuter” shot entirely on the N8).

Brilliant stuff!

via GlobalDVC

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All New Nokia C7 Has Begun Shipping! (Video!)

October 11, 2010 31 comments

According to Nokia Conversations, the Nokia C7 announced under a month a go in Nokia World has begun shipping!

Combining stainless steel and glass in a sleek, full touch design, the Nokia C7 features a 3.5 inch AMOLD display and looks absolutely stunning! The estimated retail price of the Nokia C7 is EUR 335 before applicable taxes or subsidies, with pricing and availability varying from region to region, operator to operator

Roll on the onslaught of the Symbian^3 devices.

Nokia Conversations

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Celebrity Photographer, David LaChapelle to shoot with Nokia N8 in Australia (Subject? Could be you!)

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

You’d be forgiven in mistaking the name for the comedian, David Chappelle – though world renowned Celebrity Photographer David LaChapelle is also known for his humorous style in such daring and unique pieces for fine art, advertising and fashion shoots.

Nokia Australia have teamed up with LaChapelle where you can NOMIN8 yourself and a friend to be photographed. Note: Entry is only open to Australian residents aged 18 years or over. Touch luck if you thought you could have been flown out down under.

Check out