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Leak: Nokia X7 Leak – The Nokia Orion concept come true?

November 26, 2010 53 comments

Back in February, Nokia Conversations covered a post about a concept phone that folks wished Nokia Made.

It was called the Nokia Orion and resembled a gameboy advance esque (now N8 esque) tapered edges. It’s a little more streamlined than the orion with totally flat seamless front unlike the N8 and E7 with bezels and plastic tips for reception. (This bodes well for the very sleak Community concept, Nokia U, no? :D)

Well behold what is supposedly the leaked Nokia X7. It’s Symbian^3 based candy bar touch screen. Check it out above playing NFS shift, as well as screens and a video below showing X7 with S^3 (but with 4 homescreens. This would be nice especially with the upcoming draggable homescreen)

We’ll update as soon as we find out on tech specs. Most likely it should have the same innards (CPU/GPU/RAM) as the other S^3 handsets.

Alex68 says:

This likely the ATT phone for the USA market.

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Videos: Nokia X2-01 and Nokia C2-01 (launches today.)

November 22, 2010 2 comments

Below are a couple of official Nokia ads for the Nokia X2-01 (budget QWERTY) and the Nokia C2-01 (most inexpensive new 3G from Nokia) sporting a very classic Nokia candy bar style. And according to Nokia Conversations, BOTH have launched today with the X2-01 expected around 80 EUR and C2-01 around 70 EUR but prices will vary depending on local taxes and operator subsidies. X2-01 is available this quarter  and C2-01 is expected around Q1 2011.

Videos, specs and galleries after the jump 🙂

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Video and Gallery: Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type unboxing and first impressions (P)Review

October 8, 2010 17 comments

Apologies guys, this post became larger than anticipated.

We have another package from WOMWorldNokia – this time the Nokia X3-02 – the newer X3 sporting TOUCH AND TYPE.

Click here for device details.


It arrived yesterday and I wouldn’t have known it was at the package centre but for some reason I made scenic route and was rewarded with a parcel notification.

In short – for first impression:

The X3-02 is a brilliant handset – solidly built, brushed aluminium at the back, ultra compact with a ridiculously sensitive resistive touch screen display – almost like a capacitive one. A video above and gallery is included.


2. Box Contents
3. Size Comparison with N900
4. General Handset Hardware Overview
5. Usability?


This is the usual compact, green-friendly packaging from Nokia.

X3 doesn’t come with a see through screen protector so this had to come off. They’re useful instructions though on getting content to your X3 from the Ovi Store.

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2. Box Contents

Box contents include:

  • Charger
  • Manual and Ovi Leaflets
  • Stereo headset
  • BL-4S 860mAh battery
  • Nokia X3-02

The X3-02 comes in Blue (Petrol Blue), Pink, Lilac, Black (Dark Metal) and White/silver. The back is brushed aluminium.

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Size Comparison with N900

It’s very, very slim and fits perfectly in the hand. Having the N900 as a main device, x3-02 feels like I’m just holding the N900’s battery

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Below: Alphanumeric text key layout with bottom row relocated on the right hand side. It does take a bit of getting used to but that you will. There’s a dedicated music button and messaging button. Pressing the music button brings up the music player controls in ANY menu.

The screen is QVGA 2.4″ and as mentioned, the most sensitive resistive display. Due to the touch screen, there are NO navigation buttons.

left side is clean, with only a button that’s mirrored on the right hand side to remove the battery cover when pushed simultaneously.

The right side with Volume Keys, Lock Button and corresponding button to unlock the back cover

5MP camera at the back – no LED flash. Out of interest this captures QVGA video at 20fps. Not a camera centric device at all. The brushed metal (brushed aluminium alloy ?) is stunning.

3.5mm jack for any headphones, micro USB connector point (can charge through micro USB too, nice touch) and standard 2mm Nokia charge port.

Very loud and clear speakers at the bottom

Two buttons either side simultaneously pressed removes the back cover for access to the battery, SIM, memory card and wrist strap.
The brushed aluminium back cover. It has two asymmetrical stubs. These are often the parts that break off first but being metal, this should be less likely to happen.
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5. General Usability
Well, I haven’t really used it yet so I can’t comment on true usability.  Just some instant impressions: Menu is pretty quick, apps open pretty much instantly. I have already synced my contacts over from N97 to X3 (though initially from N900- long story. Wish contact transfer could be a more painless affair. Perhaps the centralised Ovi Account – that never worked for me). Camera very basic – no camera button. Zoom in gallery is surprisingly smooth though the photos aren’t too great (then again will have to try this outdoors at day time)

I’ll come back to this in a few days or a week. Any questions, feel free to comment below.

BTW, (Nokia N8 coming soon for testing :D)

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Video: Nokia X2 hands on, menu and features review

July 26, 2010 3 comments

Following the unboxing of the Nokia X2, 3BEPbEnokia has a couple more videos of the phone and the UI.

As with the unboxing, these videos are in Russian. IMO, I quite like the design of the X2, check out the metal back casing too – and for a “2” range. Being on Xseries, there is a music focus with the Nokia X2, as shown by those discreet dedicated music buttons at the red trim. Also, in the sales package, you’ve got a decent pair of in-ear headphones that doubles as a headset.

Nokia X2 hands on and menu

Nokia X2 features review

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Video: 3 minute Hands on with the New Nokia X5 (and promo video!)

June 14, 2010 1 comment

Today may be a busy day on the Nokia side of the Blogosphere.

tinhtevideo. greets us with a 3 minute hands on of the just freshly announced Nokia X5!

  • It looks like a (chunky) Eseries from the back (something very 7650 about it)
  • You can spin the X5 on a flat surface! haha! It looks like it’s break dancing!


Official video from Nokia Conversations below

More X5 Video

New Nokia X5 Square QWERTY slider announced

June 14, 2010 4 comments

CJ Reports that Nokia has announced the new Nokia X5! Hang on, wait a minute, that looks nothing like the previously announced X5.

What the hell is going on here? Two phones, same name but totally different design (See China X5 on left)? What’s the freakin point of these names if you can just assign them to any phone? I’d understand it if it was the following year’s upgrade but they’re both for 2010.

Anyway, minor RANT over.

It’s certainly more in keeping with the Xseries design (X6/X3) (with a Twist of Nokia 7705?)

  • Seems it comes in gold, purply-pink and turquoise (not official colour names, I’m terrible at deciphering colours).
  • The keymat appears similar to N900 style buttons in portrait QWERTY format (Old Eseries stylie)
  • Apparently has a 5MP camera
  • 185 Euro


Oh and a Live Photo uploaded by @MickyFin (not sure where original source from. Will update)

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Pocket-lint’s Nokia X6 Review: Improved experience all around – what the 5800 should have been [7/10]

December 23, 2009 3 comments

Stuart Miles of Pocket-lint has reviewed the Nokia X6. One of the only two in the new Xseries lineup, the music centred X6 boasts Nokia’s first phone with a capacitive touch screen.

So with all the flack Nokia’s been receiving on ‘hampering’ flagships with ‘out-of-date’ resistive screens, how does the X6 fare?

  • Pocket-link says the X6’s 640×360 3.2″ screen is responsive – zero lag. No pushing or stylus necessary [though stylus necessity is more what you’re doing, right? Not that it would work. But even if you’re on a resistive screen, if you’ve got big buttons you don’t need a stylus. Anyway, I digress]
  • It hosts the same 32GB as the flagship Nseries and N900 but lacks microSD – still plenty for the Comes with Music service – your all you can eat busic buffet.
  • Camera is OK – though apparently not on par with the camera centric Nokia range. [Do they mean Nseries or the select photography bunch in Nseries?]
  • Even though the X6 has the same sized 3.2″ screen as the 5800,  surprisingly they found “touch interface buttons are big it’s not as fiddly”
  • Ample memory to run most things though you still get low memory errors if you push it [just a note, in the Nokia range, N900 does not do this]
  • As good as the X6 could get, it’s running Symbian with S60 interface – looking old and out of touch compared to the competition and Nokia’s own Maemo 5 beast.

Via Pocketlint

Video: Nokia X6 playing Dance Fabulous – Trailer

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Dance Fabulous – a dance coordination game shown on the Nokia X6.

It doesn’t look half bad for a S60 5th Edition Game.


Nokia’s Official Videos from ‘Rihanna Live’

November 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Brixton Academy – London – Nov 16: Marking the launch of Nokia’s X6, Nokia also hosted Rihanna Live, a concert streamed worldwide to debut Rihanna’s new album, “Rated R”.

If you missed it, Nokia has put up some videos from the event at

Mad House/Wait Your Turn

Take a Bow

Russian Roulette

Don’t Stop the Music



New Nokia line up: Xseries (oh and Cseries)

July 19, 2009 1 comment

When I read about a new upcoming Cseries by Nokia  yesterday (speculated to run Nokia’s new Maemo Smartphones by IntoMobile’s Stefan), I thought, if they were going to introduce a new line up – Xseries would sound better. Cseries – sounds like it belongs to the low end range? Cheap series? Mass market series? I don’t know. Today however, Stefan’s found out that Nokia may also be bringing Xseries.


Craving a new high end brand range from Nokia.

According to Gizmodo, Xseries line up is for the XpressMusic phones (or will at least include them) – music orientated handsets from Nokia focused on mostly mid-range/mass market. That isn’t what I had hoped, which was a new line up to take over the successful but now saturated Nseries range as the prestigious high end Nokia devices.

Is it going to be pronounced “X” series or xeries/zeres :p. What about the similarly named X-series from Sony Ericsson?

Nothing is set in stone –  as Stefan points out, Nokia only trademarked the Xseries name, as well as several Eseries  devices and more interestingly, another product brand: “Booklet” which Stefan speculates could be for Nokia’s netbook.

Whatever happens, I hope Nokia aren’t too quick in bombarding their new lineup with ever more less memorable designations. I may as well be talking about the periodic table when discussing Nokia devices.

Via intomobile