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Gallery: Leaked Nokia X7-00 Sample Photos

December 16, 2010 14 comments

Here are some sample photos taken by the unannounced, leaked Nokia X7-00 (according to Exif data)

Now note, these photos have been reduced to 1024×768 and nor do we know if the people taking photos have been using the digital zoom in certain shots.

With that in mind, the photos look hideous (bar some exceptions which are alright). They look like something you’d expect from HTC, not Nokia. And although it’s Xseries, all of Nokia’s range are pretty OK in camera (going to the mighty levels of N8).

On the upside, this is from an unannounced, possibly non final hardware X7. Also worth noting is that when we saw some not so good camera samples from the likes of E7, some better photos are appearing.

More in Gallery

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Nokia X6 gets 30.0.003 update

December 10, 2010 4 comments

Hey all it’s LLAADD,

Nokia have recently released the latest major update to the Nokia X6 in the form of version 30.0.003 (previously 21.0.004), this is available now if you have a generic X6, but if you have one from a network, you might be waiting a while!

This update brings with it a few things and the official change log from Nokia is as follows:

  • Here and Now: Pre-installed on device
  • New version of Ovi Maps
  • New version of  Ovi Store
  • Improved Browser
  • Improved chat in Ovi Contacts

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Nokia X7 leaked again

December 7, 2010 34 comments

Oh what do we have here Eldar Murtazin has been leaking pictures of the Nokia X7 and this time in black, he has also promised a preview of the device in due time. Interestingly the X7 also has carrier branding in this case at&t. Find out after the break what Eldar has to say about the device….

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Nokia Beta Labs now brings Nokia Software Updater (NSU) 3.0.223 Beta

December 4, 2010 3 comments

Hey all, it’s LLAADD again!

It looks like the people over at Nokia Beta Labs are really working hard to get us all some nice things before x-mas as they have just churned out yet another update and this time it is in the form of Nokia Software Updater (aka NSU) 3.0.223 beta which has minor updates from the previous NSU 3.0.156 back in October.

Before I tell you about the changes I just wanted to say keep up the good work to the people over at Nokia Beta Labs as this is the third thing this week and 7th thing in the last 2 weeks which is a jam packed fortnight in the world of software!

OK back to NSU, this update will help to fix some of those bugs with trying to update applications on the N8  as well as the way it helps you to recover your phone if the unfortunate happened and update failed. A full list of updates is below Read more…

Connectivity Analyzer from Nokia Beta Labs!

November 28, 2010 7 comments

Hey all, it’s been a while since i’v properly blogged on “My Nokia Blog” but as I no longer have time to post as much as i’d like to on my own, I thought Jay wouldn’t mind me posting here!

One of the recent creations from the people over at Nokia Beta Labs yet again helps us to solve an issue that I’m sure we have all had at one point or another…”Why won’t my phone connect….AAAGGGHHHH”.

“Connectivity Analyzer” from Nokia Beta Labs does exactly what it says on the tin, it tries to figure out well (or not so well) your phone connects to either a Wireless LAN in your home or somewhere else, or Packet Data connections through the mobile network of your choice.

Here is what the developers have to say about it:

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Leak: Nokia X7 Leak – The Nokia Orion concept come true?

November 26, 2010 53 comments

Back in February, Nokia Conversations covered a post about a concept phone that folks wished Nokia Made.

It was called the Nokia Orion and resembled a gameboy advance esque (now N8 esque) tapered edges. It’s a little more streamlined than the orion with totally flat seamless front unlike the N8 and E7 with bezels and plastic tips for reception. (This bodes well for the very sleak Community concept, Nokia U, no? :D)

Well behold what is supposedly the leaked Nokia X7. It’s Symbian^3 based candy bar touch screen. Check it out above playing NFS shift, as well as screens and a video below showing X7 with S^3 (but with 4 homescreens. This would be nice especially with the upcoming draggable homescreen)

We’ll update as soon as we find out on tech specs. Most likely it should have the same innards (CPU/GPU/RAM) as the other S^3 handsets.

Alex68 says:

This likely the ATT phone for the USA market.

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Videos: Nokia X2-01 and Nokia C2-01 (launches today.)

November 22, 2010 2 comments

Below are a couple of official Nokia ads for the Nokia X2-01 (budget QWERTY) and the Nokia C2-01 (most inexpensive new 3G from Nokia) sporting a very classic Nokia candy bar style. And according to Nokia Conversations, BOTH have launched today with the X2-01 expected around 80 EUR and C2-01 around 70 EUR but prices will vary depending on local taxes and operator subsidies. X2-01 is available this quarter  and C2-01 is expected around Q1 2011.

Videos, specs and galleries after the jump 🙂

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Video: Nokia X3-02 Touch And Type TV Commercial (Philippines)

November 4, 2010 8 comments

Below is a TV commercial for the X3-02 Touch and Type in the (Republic of the) Philippines

Oddly the C6 is there at the end which is also technically touch AND type like all the QWERTY touch hybrids – though possibly not as intended for the hybrid input as these budget versions.

via techpinas

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Gallery: Quick 5MP Sample images from the Nokia X3-02 – excellent in good lighting…

October 12, 2010 8 comments

The Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type has a fixed focus 5mp camera (no flash). I haven’t had a chance to properly test out the camera – these shots were mostly taken on the move (hence I’ve added to the blurring).

  • Pictures are captured with the camera button on the touch screen.
  • The camera takes photos very quickly. It then takes 1-2 seconds to process the photo and then you press back to take the next photo
  • Camera sound can be disabled
  • Digital zoom is smooth though not recommended to use.
  • Photos are taken in portrait. There is no autorotate if photos taken in landscape.
  • No autofocus means no macro.
  • In good lighting, the photos come out very nicely
  • In poor lighting, photos will suffer in quality
  • Video is not so hot. But I haven’t used this enough in different settings. To be fair, same thing with the camera.
  • Photo viewing on the device is surprisingly good – more on this in another post but for quicky: Excellent photo organization, thumbnails/swiping/date/album, great photo editor with many features and zoom within photo is very smooth.

This is the X3 in extreme low light.

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Video: DivX/AVI playback on the Nokia X3-02

October 11, 2010 11 comments

Oddly a feature some of the newer S40 phones can do but not last year’s flagship N97 or any S^1 from Nokia by default was to playback DivX/Xvid/AVI files. (N900 was a beast and handled DivX a beaut)

Here on the X3-02 touch and type you can see out of the box it plays DivX. The 2.4″ 320×240 screen might be too much of an eye sore though but it’s great for the odd clip as opposed to feature length movies. Having said that, back in the 7610 SmartMovie days with the 176×208 (was it 2.2″?).

  • The playback is smooth if a little out of sync at times (may be video dependent)
  • Interestingly video playback can be resumed in the background. How odd – I can’t do this with N900/N97 as they just pause the video when it’s moved to the background. This is great if this was something you’d be listening more to, like a recorded lecture or a keynote. However, I haven’t worked out how to resume video playback with the video on show.
  • Although touch enabled, you have to use the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons to move along the time line
  • Audio is quite stellar for such a tiny slim phone. That’s great if you like playing your music through the loudspeaker, at home or in public (the latter not really a done thing in UK unless you’re Burberry clad inclined.  It’s great though where the phone is the sole computer/multimedia device of homes.
  • I couldn’t get my lighting sorted so the video quality is pretty bad. The first two from a camera and the last close up via webcam.
  • I don’t think it does TV-out – would have been nice though.
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