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Nokia N8: How is it going ?

October 16, 2010 72 comments

The Nokia N8 has been out for a couple of days now, and we have seen the reviews which to be honest seem what I expected. But at the end of the day its the costumer that is important. So my question is if you picked up a Nokia N8 what do you think of it? how is it going ? Do you regret your purchase ? What can Nokia improve on ? And one for myself which one would you buy between the Nokia N8 or the C7 and why ? 😀 let us know in the comments below.


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N8’s losing color?

October 16, 2010 58 comments

While this in no way a widespread case or something we’ve heard reported or rumored in multiple news sources, but we’ve had a tip come in with pretty damning news. While we can’t claim the validity and/or whether this device was abused in any way but the picture above shows the N8 in a pretty bad state.  According to Nokia, the anodized aluminium case is supposed to pretty resistant to scratches while still maintaining it’s color. Given the scratch tests we’ve seen to somewhat support this claim, we’re wondering whether this came from a bad batch of N8’s or if he’s just one unlucky owner.


Tell us about your experiences below.




Thanks Rant.



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Ari Jaaksi’s new job confirmed

October 16, 2010 4 comments

Reuters have officially confirmed that Ari Jaaski former head of Mobile Browser development as well as being the man in charge of the Maemo and MeeGo OS’s has been hired by HP as Senior Vice President of WebOS. A pretty damn senior position don’t you think. Considering the recent acquiry of Peter Skillman by Nokia, one could say this was a straight swap in a sense.  He could be one of the shrewdest acquisition HP has made. I wish him luck in his new position and hope that his departure doesn’t negatively affect MeeGo’s progress, direction or it’s greatness.










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