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Video: Hands on with MeeGo Music Tablet Indamixx 2 Beta from Indamixx (2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 3 USB and an ethernet port!)

November 20, 2010 1 comment

Remember the netbook like professional music tablet from Indamixx?


  • Capacitive multitouch display
  • Intel Atom (N450) 1.66GHz
  • 769USD and 999USD versions (160GB and 250GB)

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Video: Coverflow, Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4

October 4, 2010 10 comments

On this video, symbianfrance found out that the Nokia N8 is faster than the iPhone 4 at browsing from albums A to Z. For example on the iPhone 4 you would need to scroll with your fingers like 15 times or more (depending how many albums you have) just to reach the first or last album on the list. But on the Nokia N8 that amount can be reduced to 4-5 scrolls because the Nokia N8 has another way of managing coverflow. So if you have a lot of music this can surely help.

via: symbianfrance channel on youtube

Accessories Review: Nokia BH-905 review from NokNok

September 9, 2009 2 comments

The Nokia BH-905 was announced early June and it caught my eye (or perhaps should I say my ears?) as it’s possibly the best bluetooth headphones out there and also the best accessory Nokia’s ever made. Note, the high praise is indeed matched by a high price. At £250, it’s a price only an audiophile could justify. If you hurry, has them at a slightly more reasonable £169.99 (via NokNok)

The BH-905s were due in August, but reviews on it are harder to find than a lost contact lens. That or my Googlefu isn’t what it used to be. have had some hands on time with the BH-905s and found that “noise cancellation works exceedingly well” and that the sound quality was “nice and bassy with plenty of warmth to the audio quality.”


The BH-905’s have dedicated music controls, so you won’t need to navigate your phone to pause, stop, skip forward/backward tracks and adjust volume. You can even scroll within the track itself by holding the skip button.

As a headset, the BH-905’s are also for making/taking calls. NokNok found the call quality to be “stunning” , though reader Julian says, “when I try to speak to the caller, the headset picks up too much noise from the surround, thus the caller were having a hard time hearing me.”

An added plus of these headsets is that they aren’t only wireless. You can plug them into your 3.5mm jack or a multitude of other jacks as connectors are available. This helps to save battery life (up to 40h), which it needn’t do since it’s apparently “more than realistic”. Note the stated battery life below:

  • Talk (Bluetooth): 24 h
  • Music (Bluetooth): 25 h
  • Talk (Bluetooth, with active noise cancellation): 15 h
  • Music (Bluetooth, with active noise cancellation): 16 h
  • Music (Wired, with active noise cancellation): 40 h
  • Hands-free phone calls and music listening (without active noise cancellation) possible even with empty battery (wired connection)

The 600mAh battery supposedly takes 2h to charge via standard mini pin charger.


[If anyone knows a more in depth review, please link me up as I’d really want to know more about how good the audio quality is on this thing]

The BH-905 has active noise cancelling, containing 10 microphones of which 8 are used for extreme noise reduction.

The more common method of noise cancelling is passive, requiring a vacuum tight insulation to prevent sound. (In utmost basic terms) with active noise cancelling, as ambient sound is received through a microphone, a signal is generated to create interference which “cancels” out the ambient noise. Nokia’s previous headsets have had one speaker to do this – the BH-905 has 8 to further reduce the noise.

The other two microphones are for voice calls – which in addition to other 8 microphones for noise cancelling means that the receiver of your call should experience a crystal clear call with a lot of the ambient noise cut out. No more screaming down the phone because the environment around you is too loud.

Accessories: Nokia BH-905 – The ultimate headset?

If even £169.99 is a bit too pricey, you may want to consider the BH-604. Screaming in plastic so it isn’t as stylish as the BH-905s, nor can they match the noise cancellation or battery life. But it’s still an excellent stereo bluetooth headset, respectable audio quality and 14h battery life. Music controls and all for around £57.57. Shop around.


For more details, Ricky Cadden did a great Review of the BH-604 back April 08 over at MobileBurn