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Nokia unlikely to ship Windows Phone 7 powered device… because they are too controlling ???

December 30, 2010 7 comments

An ex Nokia employee has given his voice to Eldar’s and BGR’s ridiculous comments regarding Nokia using Windows Phone 7 in future Nokia phone’s. According to him its not possible and he has written a blog post about it and makes claims that are usually not associated with Nokia, he also says that Windows Phone 7 doesn’t offer any advantages compared to MeeGo or Symbian….

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MeeGo as a set-top box (by Amino)

December 18, 2010 5 comments




Following  similar attempts by other mobile software houses like Google and Apple, Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo is being targeted at products above and beyond the phone and tablet form factors that we’re all so interested in. Much like Google’s offerings, MeeGo has been adopted and trialed in a number of instances including set-top boxes. The video after the break shows a demonstration of a TV based solution by Amino demonstrated at the Intel Developer Forum in September of this year.

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Nokia turning the screw: Adds 13 new patents to suits against Apple

December 16, 2010 13 comments

Well color me shocked (not) but it seems like Nokia has dug up another round of patents to assert against Apple in their ongoing patent litigation suits. Funnily enough these patents cover things that have traditionally been thought to be Apple’s backyard with on-device app stores and touch user interface and gestures being mentioned. It’s pretty obvious that Nokia is getting rather serious with this suit after having added 5 more patents in May.

Truthfully, some of the things being patented today range for silly to obscure/useless but the fact of the matter remains that if you spend time and money developing IP, you’re certainly going to want to be rewarded for doing so. A certain Stefan Constantinescu thinks it’s simply a defense mechanism by Nokia to stifle innovation by companies like Apple and Google because they can’t come up with ideas of their own.  My initial response was “LOL!!!” but for professionalism’s sake I’ll add a bit more to that. Why is it that when Apple sues a company it is protected its ideas and IP and all is well, but when Nokia or Oracle sues over things that are admittedly and rightfully theirs, they are seen as evil. Bias much?

I’ll give you that some of these patents are vague and rather useless in my humble opinion, but others patent equally mundane and silly ideas and are not nearly vilified for it.

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The Western blogosphere and their constant negativity concerning Nokia.

December 16, 2010 26 comments

I think all of us here have borne witness to this, major US/UK blogs and their stance towards Nokia, Symbian and anything smartphone related originating outside of the US, the exceptions being HTC and Samsung for reasons obvious to anyone with eyes. The question is why?  Why is it that Nokia get constantly lambasted for doing ANYTHING or mocked for coming to the table too late while the others are constantly praised for doing admittedly mundane things (Facetime anyone?) . This post/rant is intended to look at common criticisms leveled at Nokia and by proxy, Symbian, each of which will be evaluated as best as possible by yours truly. Let’s get started then!

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Ari Jaaksi, VP of MeeGo Devices resigns

October 5, 2010 9 comments

Well that’s something none of us expected. Given Nokia’s push for MeeGo as their singular high-end solution to compete with (read: crush) iOS and Android and the amount of buzz that has been generated both within and external to the company about this coming OS, it’s rather surprising that one of the most important men in charge of bringing these much-vaunted devices to the public is stepping down. This after 12 years at Nokia both on mobile browser development as well with Maemo/MeeGo and associated open source initiatives. I’m sure that the loss will be strongly felt within the company when he does indeed depart but we can rest assured that most of the work surrounding the upcoming MeeGo devices was probably finished in advance of the tendering of his resignation.

NB It takes around 12-24 months to create and productise any mobile device from concept to shipping.

Here’s to hoping that political and/or bureaucratic issues didn’t force Ari out and that he’s simply making use of the current period of transition in order to pursue new opportunities.

This news does make you wonder though, with 3 senior Finns leaving the company in relatively quick succession, does this signal a marked change in the type of thinking, management and communication that we can expect to see from the company in the future. Or is this a case of rats fleeing a sinking ship? Leave your opinions in the comments section

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27 minute hands-on with the Nokia N8

October 5, 2010 12 comments

Matthew Miller from Nokia Experts and ZDNet has put up a 27 minute hands on with a certain blue Nokia N8. Given that he’s somewhat well-versed in the use of Symbian devices it was a pretty smooth and thorough run-through given the obvious time and format limitations.

Some of the key take-aways from his video are below in quotes (“) my comments are after the  hyphen (-)

“RF reception is outstanding” – being in a basement seemed not to hamper his ability to pick up T-Mobile 3G.

“Video recording is very good” – We’ve seen a bunch of videos available online and they’re all pretty darn good.

“Games play quite good on the N8” – Seen quite a few demos of 3D games available and they’re pretty smooth while running.

“the missing podcast app”  – Obviously something Nokia have neglected even though there should be a free-ware  app available online. To add to that, where is a decent internet radio app eh Nokia?! Developers?!?

“The display looks great and touch works well” – Somewhat surprising but definitely a positive.

“The hardware is simply FANTASTIC and feels awesome in my hand” – Well that’s something we’ve heard time and again, I’ll have to get one in my hands before passing judgement on this however.

“The new Ovi Store is very good and I am buying apps from it” – This after vowing not to buy from the Ovi Store because it sucked so bad LOL :D, have to agree somewhat with him on that. The current incarnation of the store for S^1 devices, while much improved  on the original is not particularly fun to use or browse. Glad to see that’s changed. Now if only there was a greater selection. (Looks at lazy iPhone blinded developers.)

“I love that smart dialing is on the dialer” – I’ve seen it a couple times and it definitely looks nice. My only real criticism here is the lack of integration with the call log. Possible target for PR 1.1/2.0 firmware updates  please?

Also mentioned in the video is the great battery life on the

On to the negatives then

“The Calendar bites and needs work in future Symbian updates” – I agree that the UI for the calendar could definitely use some work. It is ADEQUATE at best, good to see the multiple calendar and Caldav support though.

“The software keyboard is OK, but a bit frustrating that prediction is poor and there is no portrait QWERTY” – I think everyone at Nokia probably realizes that the keyboard in both portrait and landscape could use some serious work.

First and foremost, the keyboard needs to hover and not cover the UI and entry fields. It’s rather cumbersome having to exit the keyboard and then re-enter it just to see what your friend said in the text you’re trying to reply to (4 taps and the associated pauses). Then there is the issue of only T9 in portrait, FIX THIS ASAP NOKIA.

While some (myself included) would find that T9 is faster, more accurate and easier to use with one hand, the OPTION to use a portrait keyboard that hovers is something that all of us would GREATLY appreciate. PR1.1 or earlier if possible please. That said, sources say that an English language portrait keyboard is indeed ready, just being held until other languages have been finished. Here’s to hoping for a pretty good prediction algorithm.

The iPhone and HTC Android devices are somewhat excellent in the regard.

As an addition, and I know this is beating a dead  horse, but please Nokia for the love of God push that browser update out ASAP. I’m rather underwhelmed by what I’ve seen thus far.


Video: Coverflow, Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4

October 4, 2010 10 comments

On this video, symbianfrance found out that the Nokia N8 is faster than the iPhone 4 at browsing from albums A to Z. For example on the iPhone 4 you would need to scroll with your fingers like 15 times or more (depending how many albums you have) just to reach the first or last album on the list. But on the Nokia N8 that amount can be reduced to 4-5 scrolls because the Nokia N8 has another way of managing coverflow. So if you have a lot of music this can surely help.

via: symbianfrance channel on youtube