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Nokia N9 rumoured specs: 4.2″ AMOLED, 1600mAh, 190 Million Polygon/s power, 768MB RAM, 1GB ROM, 12MP

December 4, 2010 80 comments

Based on alex68's comments N9 does not look like this anymore.

Some more MeeGo specification rumours are surfacing and this is somewhat hard to believe.

A conversation between @camb078 and @addiermedina reveals some exciting number crunching figures especially after an initial typo indicated 19M polygons/s, later corrected to an incredible 190 polygons/second. (The PS2 at 66M/S, PS3 at 275M/S, Wii ~ 100M/S, 360 at 300M/S, N8 at 35M/s). No details on the actual CPU/GPU.

Other supposed specs include

  • 4.2″ AMOLED display (no info on resolution.)
  • a new battery sporting apparently 1600mAh (B4-LD). Really? Could be a typo.  If so, BL-4D is 1200mAh?
  • 1GB ROM
  • 768MB RAM
  • 12 megapixel carl zeiss camera

Cheers Adnan for the heads up to!

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@EldarMurtazin: “Nokia N9 Hardware is near perfect, I like it.”

October 4, 2010 76 comments

This N9?

A while back, Eldar didn’t seem too positive about the N9 and was actually supposed to leak his review early August. Whatever happened since then, he’s kept silent (no N8esque reveal) and was found today to say

“Nokia N9 Hardware is near perfect, I like it.”

NEAR PERFECT? And it’s Eldar saying this? About a Nokia? :p

I have no idea what perfect hardware is by Eldar’s books, but he is a man of high expectations. Similarly, (for me) I’d be wanting that N8 camera. Then it would be perfect. But is that why it’s “NEAR” perfect because he doesn’t have it?

But hold your horses – on MeeGo…

“In terms of SW is not so good at the moment – but hope they will change it in 2011”

Eldar has also mentioned previously that Nokia’s own version of MeeGo looks better than Vanilla MeeGo we see floating about. To be fair, as an incomplete piece and judging as final, MeeGo does look like there’s MUUUUCH room for improvement. I also hope MeeGo handset UI gets its act together, especially now with Mr Skillsman and Mr Elop watching over.

via @chilko

oh and in reply to @chilko for pointing out that comment:

OMG, i’m so bias how you could mention such words from me 🙂

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Swype coming soon for Nokia N8

I am sure you guys all now what Swype is. When you see it being used it looks unreal because it shouldn’t be possible or it looks like a trick by David Blaine, the news is encouraging though if it is true. Swype usually do deals with carriers  or manufacturers rather than through an app although they used to distribute it through an app. I could see a deal between Nokia and Swype though, to be honest the current on screen keyboard’s on Nokia’s aren’t pleasant to use 😦

In case you don’t know what it is

People having their minds being blown away by Swype 😀

EDIT : One of our kind commentors mentioned something that I forgot, Nokia and Samsung did invest in Swype a while back so it should be available for the Nokia N8 and possible Symbian 3 devices going forward although why has it taken this long?!?!

thanks to Dj 🙂

thanks to Adnan for the heads up !!!

video’s via MySwype

Nokia Nintendo phone almost happend

I had a weird dream or wish a couple of weeks ago that if Nokia where to buy another company then it would have to be my other favourite company Nintendo. Well today Pocket gamer are reporting that Nokia and Nintendo DID work on a Nokia Nintendo phone back when Nokia where developing the N-Gage. The development of the phone where done at Nintendo’s Japanese HQ and actual concept devices where made and pitched to the board and ultimately rejected. It was also the same time that Nintendo where developing the Nintendo DS and thought a dedicated handheld device made more sense. But considering the success of the DS and the failure of N-Gage I think it was a wise choice. Although a handheld device with two of the premier companies like Nintendo and Nokia would be intriguing.

Although it sort of makes sense now, supposedly Nintendo are loosing market share to iPhones and Mobile phones so I guess something similar could happen in the future (you can dream ay :-)).

When I first read this I was shocked, but if you think about it it makes sense all these weird devices are being developed in R&D labs around the world and constantly being rejected for mostly business reasons.

I mean if you had the chance to visit Nokia’s R&D department you would find some crazy stuff I bet, but rejected for business reasons ( I bet an Android device has already been developed and rejected by the board for the right reasons). Tomi Ahonen mentioned in a recent blog post about one of the rooms in Nokia Espoo HQ which is rarely given access to anyone but he got access and said it was like Disney Land and the stuff inside where like from the future, exciting huh ?!?!……….

via Pocketgamer

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Nokia 5250 pictured clearly

Some clear pictures of a rumoured Nokia 5230 have appeared, first time I have actually heard of this phone it is probably based on Symbian 1 but looks decent a bit like the Sony ericsson X8 the slightly smaller version to the X10.

BTW I thought Nokia had stopped using this naming convention

thanks to Keith for the heads up


Supposed Nokia N8 release date rumours

I think its safe to say that the August timeline for the N8 launch will be missed, a lot of credible sources have confirmed on of them none other than Eldar Murtazin. But some good news for Nokia fans in India as according to unwiredreview India might get the N8 in the first week of September ahead of Europe. That poster above shows a launch party planned for the 16 september right after Nokia World for the N8 in France.

I have also heard rumours that the N8 will launch in limited quantities due to the possibilities of Symbian 3 not being finished in time, again I have no credence to this although a few sites are also reporting the same.

via unwiredreview

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Possible Nokia UX for Meego devices

OOOHHHH !!!!! look at what we have very nice indeed. If this is real then OMG !!!!!:-)

Update possible ad showing the new Nokia Meego device

The reason why I am showing this is because it shows the same tool bar at the top that I saw in the video above and Symbian 4 screenshots, so these seem legit.

The future is looking bright for Nokia I guess 🙂

Thanks to R240R and Jim for the heads up !

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Nokia C7 leaked again

The Nokia C7 has been leaked again in an what looks like a genuine feature in a Hong Kong IT magazine called “Hi-Tech Weekly” issue 615:

Looks like the Nokia C7 is very close to launch since they are already making ads for it. As you can see it runs Symbian 3 it has a 3.3 inch multitouch display.

Key features:

  • Symbian 3 OS
  • 3.3 inch multitouch display
  • Resolution of 640 x 360
  • 3.5mm head jack
  • microUSB
  • 8 Megapixel autofocus camera with HD video recording
  • Wi-Fi and GPS will probably be included

According to Fonearena it already has been handled by people and they say the device is easy to use and quite fast which is nice to hear.

My opinion on this is if this is so close to release which it is considering that they are already making ads for, that means the N8 should be available in August now thats just my speculation.

My personal opinion on this phone is that there are a ton of features that would make most high end smartphones cringe and considering this is a mid range smartphone is should be solid device for the average consumer

What do you think are you looking forward to this phone, let us know in the comments

Thanks to Amanda for the heads up


via Fonearena

Nokia Ovi browser is real !!! part 2

Seriously what is Eldar’s problem with Nokia or maybe Google translate needs some work on its Russian. Anyway Nokia have taken the wraps of it newest beta labs creation and all it is a browser is a new web browser for S40 phones thats its, no desktop browser (alright maybe later on).

Although I do think Nokia will rename all browsers in their phones Ovi makes sense to get the name out there and bring public awareness

you can see more here

thanks to tecfre for the heads up

Nokia Ovi browser is real !!!

NOKIA ARE MAKING A DESKTOP WEB BROWSER !!! Yeah you heard me right Nokia are making a desktop web browser tied to the various Ovi services revealed by Nokia’s favourite journalist or blogger or whatever you want to call him Eldar Murtazin. Apparently Eldar doesn’t mentions the name “Ovi Browser” due to the possibilities of him being in trouble with the Russinan authrorities for stealing Nokia’s trade secrets. Eldar has already played with the beta and is based on Webkit and is optimised for the various Ovi services as I said before. Obviously Eldar is not impressed then again he is not the person to take advice from when it comes to Nokia due to his “issues” with them. Although it is unusual for someone that lets face it “doesn’t” like Nokia writes and awful lot about them hhhmmm…… strange isn’t it.

Anyway why the hell are Nokia developing a desktop based web browser it makes no sense with the world’s media trashing them everyday for not coming up with an “iPhone killer” this really isn’t the time for them to pull of stunts like that. I know Nokia are huge and probably have a small team dedicated to this but I would much rather have the teams working on improving their smartphones.

Ovi integration does sound interesting as I use few of the services but would like to use more, although I would have preferred them to improve the Ovi experience on the phones.

Anyway what do you think, will you use Ovi Browser if it comes out ?? let us know in the comments


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