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Video: Nokia Pocket Dance

November 23, 2010 4 comments

Remember the time when your phone is ringing and your frantically searching your pocket for it? Well Nokia does now and they have made a video with a fun twist to it about that problem. I have got to admit Nokia do a lot of these cool promos which never hit the television which to be honest I don’t get, and it seem to be a good time too with christmas and stuff, for instance  the N8 ads on television have dried up but there is nothing else to replace them which is odd, this could be a good one I reckon.

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Video: Nokia X3-02 Touch And Type TV Commercial (Philippines)

November 4, 2010 8 comments

Below is a TV commercial for the X3-02 Touch and Type in the (Republic of the) Philippines

Oddly the C6 is there at the end which is also technically touch AND type like all the QWERTY touch hybrids – though possibly not as intended for the hybrid input as these budget versions.

via techpinas

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Nokia N8: So advanced its not available yet

This morning on the way to Uni I was flipping through the Metro and found this Tesco ad about the N8 and just had to chuckle and share this with you all 😀 The Nokia N8 so advanced its not even out yet !!!! 😀

BTW the price isn’t bad either £25 per month although its for 24 months


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Video: Nokia N8 commercials

August 26, 2010 13 comments

After the Nokia N8 event, some new commercials appeared on the internet. They were in different websites. So I uploaded all of them to youtube. There you go. Enjoy!

There are two other videos, one here and second there. They are not in English. But if you understand their language or just wanna see the N8 then go ahead and watch.

For those of you who are a fan of Tron Legacy, I got good news. Apparently Nokia have new trailer of Tron Legacy exclusively for the Nokia N8. Here’s a glimpse of it.

via: youku and and joeteh on youtube for the hdmi tron legacy preview

Nokia N8 ad

Here is an ad from Nokia India showing off the N8 by a beautiful( couldn’t help it :-)) lady to celebrate Nokia’s presence in the Indian market for the last 15 years.

And the second one below shows a small celebratory clip of Nokia’s involvement with India for the last 15 years

Thanks to Danny for the heads up !

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Ovi demoed on N8 promotional video

I came across this interesting promotional video of Ovi being shown off on the N8 but with some bizarre UI elements of the Nokia 5800 or the current S60 5th edition for the music phones, must have been an old video pitched to the Nokia marketing department maybe before making a final video I don’t know  but still seems weird.

BTW Nokia are finally taking Ovi more seriously a lot of videos have surfaced with Ovi being the main service being heavily advertised which is good because I like Ovi and I am sure a lot more people would if they just got rid of some of the services and concentrated on the more important ones such as Ovi maps, Ovi store and maybe Ovi files.

Nokia E5 and C3 Demo – Every message brings us closer

Nokia E5

Nokia C3

As I said before I am an Art design type of person I do like Nokia Ads or promo videos showing of their handsets and this is another one

Nice funky Video showing of the Nokia E5 and C3 another two device that should kickstart Nokia’s resurgence in the second part of the year

BTW if you do find any interesting Nokia ads or promos do tell us by e-mailing or you can follow me on twitter @jwf90 and tell me there

Enjoy 🙂

Ovi Music Store, Ovi Music Unlimited, & New Nokia N8 Music Phone Features

When I first heard about this video I thought it was just a random Nokia advertisement because I have seen a very similar one to this one with the classic 5800, but Nokia seem to make music a important feature for the N8 with Ovi music Unlimited which “Comes with Music” in other countries. Nokia where asked if this name change was going to happen universally and they said no it is currently called Ovi Unlimited Music in India I believe.

Does anyone actually use Ovi music I don’t at the moment I have got to shamely admit I use an iPod Touch and iTunes for all that stuff, there’s no denying that Apple rule that market and even the Zune is pretty good, but with the cover flow style cover art on the N8 it seem like Nokia is taking music seriously again now if they just make the Ovi Music store DRM free I would be a happy bunny 🙂

Thanks for Marc L for the heads up

Video Advert: Nokia Messaging India Ad (E72)

July 7, 2010 5 comments

This advert is supposed to be airing in India right now. (Indian readers, have you seen it yet?) It’s an advert for Nokia Messaging and Eseries and uses Nokia’s slogan, “connecting people” and the imagery of the Nokia hands.

Business and personal life – for the up and coming, they don’t seem to go hand and hand. To chase new deals, new promotions, meet deadlines, the personal stuff (families, friends, hobbies) often takes a back seat.

They present the Nokia E72 as a solution, with up to 10 personal and business emails to keep you in touch so that “getting everything and not giving up a thing go hand in hand”.

Interesting how the child is the hotmail user. (It was my first email too)

Do you use Nokia Messaging? What about Ovi Mail?

I use gmail which Nokia messaging feeds to N97 and N900 and often my mails are picked up before GMAIL does in the browser. Anything that happens on one device is synced with all the others, read mail, drafts, sent, star etc. I pretty much rely on it for my reading all my mails now.

New Nokia website in beta

Nokia’s current website to be honest isn’t the best around but this morning Nokia sent out a tweet saying that their new website was in beta which you can check it out here

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