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Rumours: Nokia’s MeeGo Tablet to Launch in Q3 2011

December 16, 2010 16 comments

Nokia N900000. Had Nokia made a Maemo 5 tablet, I would have bought one. Powerful browsing, Qt apps, extreme multitasking - pure win!


Take this with a bucket of salt.

Nokia’s MeeGo tablet will be reaching Nokia fans from late 2011 according to knowyourmobile‘s anonymous source.

There are no further details, other than it’ll run on MeeGo. Their Nokia insider apparently says this information is correct. Could this be the Z500 “ARM based MeeGo Tablet” that Eldar tweeted about back in June, which later leaked itself on the Ovi Store?

Well this is the first “confirmation” of any rough date estimates for any Nokia MeeGo device. The MeeGo phone as far as we know is still pretty much a “2011” story.

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@EldarMurtazin’s June tweet right about the Arm based Nokia Z500? – Nokia MeeGo tablet makes appearance on Ovi Store

November 1, 2010 19 comments

Back in June Eldar Tweeted about the existance of the Nokia z500 Arm based tablet which he said was nothing special. This was also the time when he said that the N8 camera was nothing special as his particular proto N8 was not the same as final N8s. (No big sensor or wide angle lens).

What’s interesting is that the Z500 makes an odd appearance at the Ovi Store meaning it actually exists (and oddly before any announcement and without Nokia taking this down after being up for so long). If it’s MeeGo Tablet, I want some experience similar to the Pre-Alpha UI.

So….will we get some Nokia Tablet Love in the upcoming MeeGo Conference?


THANKS TO Zak and Cherukuri Tarun for the heads up!

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