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Videos: Nokia 5800s on new firmware update V50.0.005!

April 21, 2010 1 comment

You have probably heard a few days ago about the new V50 firmware for the Nokia 5800.

This brings a lot of stability and new features such as kinetic scrolling, N97 like music player , improved camera and integrated quick office.

Quite a few of you have been saying this is how the 5800 should have been from the beginning (but then everyone kinda says that with each new fw).

Below are some videos from 5800 users on the new V50 firmware. Note, they aren’t all in english and aren’t all clear in quality, but it’s still possible to appreciate the kinetic scrolling and mini album art in music player.








I don’t normally report on firmware updates on handsets I don’t have at hand to check new features myself, but I thought I’d share the new firmware videos with you made by the 5800 community. 🙂

Shiny Media’s Video Review of the Nokia X6

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Calling it “the noisiest phone they’ve ever reviewed”, it’s the Nokia X6 – comes with music phone. Taking over as the new music flagship (if there ever was one in Nokia’s line up) as well as being the top Xseries and first Nokia phone to sport a capacitive touch screen.

Big hits for the “blackberry like” Nokia Messaging where your emails instantly pop up and the fantastic Twitter (and facebook, and Google Reader!) client, Gravity.

[note, I don’t think  the X6 has a memory card slot as claimed in the video]

Concept phones: Nokia X8?

November 11, 2009 23 comments

The Nokia X8 – or at least how the X6 should have looked were it to dispense of the space wastages top and bottom of the screen.

Nokia X8

Will all future touch screen devices inevitably just be slabs of rectangular displays? [e.g. HTC Touch HD2] I’m all for it – especially the seamless flat glass fronted displays.

This Nokia X8 is actually a Samsung concept phone[via Mobile-Review forum] mixed with the N97 mini’s call/end keys and Nokia logo, minus the bottom triangular chin. It’s a crude edit done it paint (I got a little distracted from reading up for a test about Jeremy Bentham and Immanuel Kant :S). It pretty much closely resembles the original X6 were you to lop off the top and bottom (though I do like that shiny red trim).


Via concept phones

Nokia_X6_black_red_homescreen_lowresThe X6 (left). Nokia’s first capacitive screen device, succeeding the ever popular 5800 and taking the mantle as Nokia’s flagship music phone (if there was one).

The Nokia X6 is a  Comes With Music device and is being launched globally on the 16th November. As you’ve probably already heard, this launch is going to be pretty big considering it’s being partnered with an exlusive concert starring Rihanna, one of the hottest artists right now in all sense of the word with the most number 1 hits of this decade.

Rihanna will debut her new album, Rated R, streaming the concert live over Nokia phones and for a lucky exclusive audience at the actual launch event in London.

Here’s the original Samsung ‘Crystal’ concept (right):

Freeware: Mobipocket eBook reader for S60, 3rd and 5th edition (Great for the Nokia N97)

August 24, 2009 9 comments

You may be aware of this app already – this is just a highlight for those who haven’t come across it yet.

  • to download go to on your browser (select S60 3rd edition) or Click here and then send the .sis file to your phone.


One of my favourite applications on my N82 was the Mobipocket reader, MobiReader, an excellent free eBook reader for S60 phones – and with the N97’s 3.5″ 640×360 screen – it looks even better!


Library View

It’s such a feature packed application:

With the current S60 3rd edition, release (same file compatible mostly with S60 5th) you could:

  • resume each document at the exact section you left it
  • search/copy things within the document
  • add bookmarks, after which opening the annotations will bring you directly to that section
  • Highlight portions of text/add notes/links and even modify the text.
  • Select page numbers to view
  • Read with autoscrolling
  • change a whole banquet of settings; colour of text/background/highlight/items modified – change font sizes /margins/line spacing and more.
  • Supports images

What I love best about the Mobipocket format on S60 phones is that formatting is that whatever I set the font sizes to, be it a tiny size 7 or a very large size 19, the pages automatically the amount of words in a window so that you NEVER have to scroll left or right as you would if you were viewing a PDF file. Even if you set it not to view in full screen, or change from landscape to portrait, Mobipocket reader adjusts accordingly. Mobipocket ignores the original document’s page numbers and page formatting making it absolutely perfect for reading on a mobile device.


Size 7. Scroll bar at bottom fills up as you go along the book. At smaller fonts, you will have less pages.


Size 19. Dynamic "zooming"


Size 7 (portrait)

This makes it such a joy to read on a Mobile device – as often, zooming to a point where text is comfortable in Acrobat reader means having to continuously scroll from left to right with each line. The other option was to decrease the font size to reduce the need for horizontal scrolling, but that meant the text was uncomfortably small.


Although MobiReader’s compatible with S60 5th edition (You can use touch to navigate through your library/options/settings), you cannot navigate between pages with touch/select text. On S60 5th edition, you have to use either the volume keys (which is actually a decent enough solution) or the D-Pad/ space/enter button on the Nokia N97. Delete button on the N97 is the only way to exit the document and return to the library if you go full screen (how do 5800/5530 users manage this?)


Selection was quite random

You can’t do much of the “selection mode”functions (highlight/copy/add note/look up) and the ability to do this disappears completely when you’re viewing in full screen.

qweOnly adding a bookmark works. We can only hope that there’ll be some optimizations for S60 5th edition to bring it to the same functionality as found on 3rd edition.

Lack of 3rd edition functions maybe understandable given that it doesn’t seem to be officially supported for S60 5th edition (no 5th edition devices are listed as compatible in the downloads section.

Regardless of the lack of additional “selection mode” functions and some odd behaviour when going into fullscreen (in S60 5th edition), as a tool for making eBooks easier to read on a phone, MobiReader is absolutely great. On S60 3rd edition devices like the N86/E75 – MobiReader is fantastic and you should try it out if you’re not a user already. Hey, it’s free. 🙂

Update: Akademy has found some great qwerty shortcuts for the N97:

Thought you might like some key combos for N97 though.
‘j’ switches between fullscreen (I couldn’t see another way out),
‘right’, ’space’ ,’return’ go to next page,
‘left’ goes back a page,
‘3′ goes back to the beginning of the book (quite annoying when you’re half way through…)
‘2′ is something to do with annotations…
‘1′ or ‘delete’ go to the book select page
‘8′ goes to settings.

To download MobiReader, either go to

  • on your browser (select S60 3rd edition)
  • Click here and then send to your phone.

Oh yeah, this may sound blindingly obvious but Mobipocket requires documents to be in the Mobipocket format.  You can get content via:

  • the eBook store from Mobireader
  • Mobipocket compatible catalogue sites such as Project Gutenburg
  • Or simply convert your existing files via the mobipocket creator.

Mobipocket Creator

To download Mobipocket Creator, click here. <<It’s free too.

It converts HTML, Word Documents, Text documents and PDFs – all into the mobile friendly Mobipocket format.

It’s very quick and easy – drag and drop your file, click build (select no compression), open the newly made folder for your file, then send to your phone.

If you send Mobipocket files via bluetooth, once you open them from your inbox, MobiReader opens it and creates another copy in the Mass Memory “eBook” folder. Nice touch.

Mobipocket creator

Videos: Nokia 5530 galore, unboxings, previews and sample videos

August 9, 2009 Leave a comment

The Nokia 5530 Xpress Music, Nokia’s newest touch screen phone is due in a couple of days (Tuesday 11th August) here in the UK. On Pay and Go, it’s starting at a recession-friendly £130, or free on a £15/month 24m contract.

It’s basically Nokia’s mightily successful 5800 in a smaller, slimmer body, with a slightly smaller 2.9″ screen and no GPS.

For £130, you’ve still got:

  • nHD (640×360) high resolution (and very high density) screen
  • 3.2MP camera with LED flash (dual LED in 5800) and 640×352 widescreen recording.
  • S60 5th edition (slightly improved) – you can stock up on apps already available for the 5800/N97/Samsung i8910
  • 3.5mm jack – so you can plug in your own headphones
  • Micro SD memory card expansion (4GB included in box)

OVERVIEW with MegaWhatTV

UNBOXING with wwwmobilescouk


via celladdict

HANDS ON by todayon3G (Dan Carter)



Widescreen SAMPLE VIDEO by MrSunrise19


Freeware: Counter Touch – Clicker Counter for Nokia N97/5800/5530 Samsung i8910

August 5, 2009 1 comment

Clicker Counters….remember this?

From the Ovi Store, here’s Counter Touch – a touch screen Clicker Counter for your S60 5th Edition handset.


It works best when you’ve got screen vibration turned on, as it reinforces the “click”. (Go to Settings>Profile>Personalise>Touch Screen Vibration)


  • Counts up to 9999
  • Can deduct (for miscounts)
  • Remembers last count when you exit, only resetting when you’ve pressed the reset button.
  • Reset gets you back to 0000

It works really well as a clicker counter – now whether you have a use for a clicker counter is another thing. A couple of examples…e.g. a club bouncer or a teacher on school trips. What about counting some Steve Jobs? (see video below for explanation/demo of Counter Touch) 🙂

To download search “Counter” in Ovi Store, either from or from the Ovi Store app on your phone. (Sorry, no way to directly link to ovi store at the moment)

Freeware: Top 10 ‘fun’ free apps from the Ovi Store for your Nokia N97

July 24, 2009 4 comments

Last week when I was checking out the Ovi Store, 9 of these apps were on my recommended page, with the 10th one app’s related download section. You may have seen them elsewhere before, on different download locations, but now they’re all available through Ovi (well at least versions of them anyway) – great for casual users who won’t want or don’t want to be trawling the net for applications.

Now they aren’t your must-have downloads, like Gravity/Nimbuzz/Nokia Photo Browser/Facebook/Opera Mini/BBC iPlayer/ (and DivX Player if it worked properly on S60v5)/Nokia Messaging  etc – they’re just some “fun” free free apps to fill up some space on your phone. Whilst most are gimmicky, some are quite fun and have some potential if executed a bit better.

They’re all available through the Ovi Store, directly from your device or via your computer. Just search for the App names and download/install.


Recommended applications from Ovi Store on the N97.

Check out the video demo of these apps in action:

Apologies for using video screenshots – Screensnap on the N97 is refusing to take screenshots within the application, taking once the moment I exit them (Low RAM issue?).

10: Watch


It’s just a big analogue clock

Improvements: If it were implemented as a screen saver

9: Rotary Dialer

Rotary Dialler

I remember using one of these  in my Grandad’s house when I was about 2. (They had button ones too but somehow were also using one of these). Oh the pain when you got one number wrong. It’s got all the animations of an old fashioned rotary dialler, and uses the vibration to give that feedback.

Improvements: Being able to make a call? This isn’t the same Rotary Dialler by Jamie Fuller – you can actually dial out with his. That version is available here

8: HourPower


It’s a speaking clock. Pressing the icon uses the text-to-speech to announce your current time.

Improvements: Whilst it would be quicker to just look at your clock, if you could use this whilst the phone was locked – e.g. pressing menu button – it would make for a good night clock so you don’t have to open your eyes and have the glare of the backlight hurting your eyes to know the time.

7: FridgeMagnets


A bunch of letters that you can move around. I don’t know if it’s supposed to spontaneously move and create words and sentences of its own but it does – and some are rude, insulting and jokey – it’s like as if it’s possessed.

Improvements: Maybe inbuilt screenshot or share? Or control another users FridgeMagnet over the net? Perhaps have the letters shake about if you shake the phone – but then if they’re magnetized they wouldn’t move about much. Ok ignore that last one

6: Speedtouch


It’s a thumb-eye coordination game. This is actually a pretty ok game to waste a minute or two.

Improvements: Have different levels? Gradually build up?

5: Compass


Turn your N97 into a compass. It looks really good, like an old fashioned nautical bubble compass, and tells you your current GPS coordinates and the exact degree your N97 is pointing. You have to calibrate it first to get it working properly. Check out tutorial here

Improvements: None really. Though the N97’s compass feature is best with Ovi Maps, as a stand alone Compass app – this is really good. Would have come useful for when I had to do the Duke of Edinburgh Award >_< – but then again, if I had the N97 I’d use Ovi Maps and to tell me where to go instead of the horrendous paper map. There’s an alternative version available here from Think Change

4: Mirror


You may have just been turning on the forward camera to do this but now there’s a dedicated app for it, and this one’s got glitzy decoration and reflective light streaks to make it seem like an actual mirror. :p

Improvements: Maybe somehow utilise the entire screen?

3: Bubbles


Touch the screen and make bubbles appear. I found it amusing. Simple things please simple minds I guess :D.

Improvements: Being able to pop the bubbles once you’ve made them?

2: Level


It’s a two bubble spirit level, using the accelerometer. It’s very sensitive and quite accurate.

Improvements: None really, except being implemented in the camera application. It’s useful where a spirit level would be useful, from setting a portrait straight to DIY – though you may not want to completely rely on the N97 for the latter.

Now for the camera application – it would be useful if there was some sort of indication on screen if you’re holding your camera straight. Yeah you can see with your eyes, and the 3×3 grid helps, but something like an actual indicator to show precisely when you’re level might be quite useful for those scenic shots/group photos.

1: SpintheBottle


It’s an animated Spin the bottle. It spins in both directions and as fast or slow as you spin it.

Improvements: None – it’s great for drinking games 😀


Side note: Though the title is top 10, I was hard pressed to find alternative gimmicky/fun apps on Ovi Store. Content is growing steadily though, and a lot of the other free apps were too ‘useful’ to be included in this post.

Video: 20 minute hands on with the Nokia 5530 Xpress Music

June 19, 2009 1 comment

Wampyre from Symbian Guru has found a very interesting video. (Voici, mais en français) –  The Phone House takes a look at the latest S60 5th Edition handset from Nokia, the 5530 Xpress Music.


Some interesting additions do include the new home screen interface and the kinetic scrolling in the contacts. Hopefully kinetic scrolling will be more consistent in every single application for ALL of Nokia’s S60 5th Edition handsets, to give the UI an understandable uniform flow.

In black, it looks slightly like a mini 5800, and inside it pretty much is that (minus 3G and GPS).

For the price (199 Euros) it’s one of the cheapest, yet most feature packed touch screen handsets. However, if it is value for money you’re after, isn’t the 5800 the better choice?

Via Symbian-Guru

Live Pics of the New Nokia 5530 Xpress Music!

June 16, 2009 3 comments

Yesterday, Nokia announced the 5530 Xpress Music, their latest touch screen music phone destined for the masses.

Below are some live pics taken at a launch event.







daily mobile via eprice

Nokia’s Third Touch Screen Phone! The New Nokia 5530 Xpress Music!

June 15, 2009 7 comments

Ignoring the 7700 and 7710, here’s the third and latest touch screen phone from Nokia; the 5530 Xpress Music.


Looks better here than in the live video demo. Image via Nokia Conversation

It may look familiar to you – because it has surfaced once as a possibly successor to the 5800. But then it was deemed as a poor Chinese knock-off of the 5800 instead of actually being a new device.


  • Slim Design
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Full Touch Screen, 640×360 (2.9″) – is it still resistive or has Nokia made the move to capacitive?
  • Similar contacts bar of the 5800, but now horizontally scrollable with up to 20 contacts.
  • 3.2MP camera + LED Flash
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Hot Swap Micro SD (4GB included)
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, EDGE (what about 3G?)
  • 199 Euros – 3rd Quarter 2009

Here’s a live demo video of the 5530 by Nokia Conversation with the 5800

Although a very short demo, it looks pretty snappy.

Via Nokia Conversations

This is a demo of the 5530 homescreen.

I like this darker version better (hopefully it’s not the same one in different lighting). I’m not too keen on the silver/black/white combination on the 5530 (it looks slightly like a 5800 gone wrong – the rectangular black plastic  bluntly bordered in silver). Maybe it’ll grow on me.

Via Nokia Conversations


Deceptively, it looks the the face of the 5530 is flat and smooth, but it's not the case as you can see from the live demo video, the bezel (-_-) and screen are not all flush with each other.


More Details here