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My Dream Nokia #9: Nokia N7 WP7 Concept Nokia-Windows phone

December 28, 2010 16 comments

My Dream Nokia on cloud #9 is a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 powered Nokia smartphone. It’s a very Nokia design at the back is quite 6300 like no?

It features a flush screen (no obstruting bezel) with capactive buttons. I don’t know if the image has been warped, but the display appears 16:9, though a second picture included shows off the 16:10 480×800 screen.

Nothing else other than it’s supposedly magnesium alloy with 8MP camera and Dual LED flash.

There’s no name, other than being a Windows Phone 7 concept phone, and since there may not be a 7 in Nseries (due to 8 being the minimum) I’m just labelling it Nokia N7. Window Phone 7 aside, I like the design of the glossy front. I prefer capacitive buttons to ones you have to physically push but that’s just me.

I think it’s designed by the folks at though I can’t find if they’ve put this concept phone up there.

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N8 saves the day, formats Josh Topolsky’s “fried” memory card.

November 16, 2010 35 comments

As I’m sure we’ve all heard in tech news lately, Windows Phone 7 devices have a nasty nack for screwing up the memory cards of any individual adventurous enough to ignore the warning Microsoft gave when they said DO NOT USE with regards to third-party memory cards. Unfortunately for users of the Samsung Focus, including a certain Engadget editor, this device once used in the device is nigh-on useless when removed and tried in others. Imagine buying a 32Gb card and not being able to use it anywhere else (I’d be outraged). While it’s clearly not Microsoft or Samsung’s fault for users being disobedient, it’s still a sucky predicament to be in, especially if important or irreplaceable files are on this memory card.

See more information on the problem here.


Seems that one of our readers sent a slight tip to Mr. Topolsky via twitter on how to correct his unfortunate problem. Funnily enough no other methods worked and this includes attempting to format it using a Linux PC.

Here’s the transcript Antonio provided us.

Full story: Engadget chief editor Joshua Topolsky was doing some tests with his MicroSD on a brand new Samsung Focus with WP7. The Focus formatted the SD and (I don’t know for sure, but I think) it worked on the phone, but then he could not remove and still use the MicroSD later. As Topolsky mentioned, the Focus “fried” his SD card.

He mentioned on twitter he had tried putting the microSD card (to format it) in some cameras. None worked. He also tried on his Windows PC with several programs to format SD cards suggested by other people on twitter. None of the programs worked, the SD card wasn’t even recognized and would not format. Then people told him Ubuntu was the solution and it would definitely fix the SD card with success, and gave him some advanced SD formatting tools. None worked.

It was just when I read his tweet asking for help that I knew I had the definitive solution to his problem: I told him to put the SD card into the Nokia N8 and I told him it would work, and the phone would fix his microSD card successfully. And that’s exactly what happened.”


Obviously Josh ignored him (for good reason he’d have thought)


“He didn’t seem to have noticed, so I insisted. I didn’t know whether it was a SD or MicroSD card because he was just saying SD card on his twitter, so I gave him a solution that would also work for SD cards (using a SD card reader on the N8; please notice this is not necessary for microSD cards because the N8 already has a microSD slot).”


Josh’s replies are below.


Guess the phone doesn’t suck so bad after all huh 😛 🙂

Thanks Antonio!

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KO for Finland’s OPK, New Canadian Nokia President and CEO from Microsoft, Stephen Elop. Nokia finally gets a Steve!

September 10, 2010 27 comments

In a live webcast later today, we will hear that Nokia’s CEO and president, Finnish Olli Pekka Kallasvuo is to be replaced by a top Microsoft executive, Canadian Stephen Elops, current Business (Office) Division President. OPK will continue to chair the board of Nokia Siemens Networks.

So, a change up for Nokia World as a new CEO and President is to take the lead on the transformation of Nokia?

Well, Nokia World is 14th and 15th of this month. OPK is not due to leave until the 20th so he may still be a speaking at Nokia World as CEO. Whether Elop will turn up is another thing.

OPK’s ousting and the search for the new Finnish Idol, I mean – Nokia CEO, has been rumoured for quite a while and whilst Nokia denied it, here we are with a brand new guy at the top. For one, I will miss the strong accent, “MOOOLTEMIIDYA COMPYUUTARS” that has echoed on the Nokia show floor. Though for those wanting a more standardized global tone, (especially for North American consumers) Elop may just be that lively, enthusiastic, friendly and charismatic leader and speaker Nokia’s been waiting for. At the very least, least he (and more importantly, Nokia) will seem less of a ‘foreigner’ to North Americans – which (amongst many things) Nokia needs in their attempt to penetrate the US market.

Much respect, OPK. 😀 Sorry you won’t be around to see your work bear fruit.

Welcome to Nokia Mr Elop. As a side note, we now have a Steve at number one.

Engadget /Cellular News / Press Release

Stephen Elop

Thanks to Cheruki Tarun for the heads up. Damn stupid @NokiaMessaging problem getting me my mails late 😦

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