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Video: Multiplayer Antix Games on MeeGo Tablet and set top box: Raging Thunder and Toon Warz demoed

November 23, 2010 1 comment

stevechippy demoes some Antix Games running on the MeeGo platform. Antix is a gaming engine that allows games to run on any device that has the Antix Game Player installed.  As you can see we have Polarbit’s Raging Thunder on the WeTab MeeGo tablet and a MeeGo set top box which are both racing multiplayer style over WiFi. Other games installed at the time include Move it, Drift Away and Zoo Cube but the only other game in the video seen this time is first person shooter,  Polarbit’sToon Warz.

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Video: Racing Demo MeeGo Touch on WeTab

November 17, 2010 4 comments

Here’s a demo of a racing game on the WeTab. I believe they wanted accelerometer controls in near future in addition (or instead?) of tap-tap-touch.

IDEA: What if this game (and tablet racing games in general) were to support multitouch and on each side have like a portion of a steering wheel so that if you raised your right thumb up and to the left and your left thumb down you’d turn left (i.e. turning a mini half wheel). Why? For an alternative to accelerometer tilting and something better than tapping.


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Video: Remote Control your TV with MeeGo Tablet (WeTab).

November 7, 2010 6 comments

Here’s a really useful app – much loved from the days of 6600/7650 with the Infra-Red remote control application. Using a MeeGo tablet, in this case, the WeTab – you can not only recreate your own TV’s remote control but also make use of a large track pad and virtual keyboard.

At the moment it’s wired. I’m not sure how they would implement the wireless aspect of the “remote” control.

Thanks to Jim for the heads up to


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Video: MeeGo WeTab Startup time (and 5 minute hands on – live multitasker)

September 7, 2010 2 comments

Just a quick 30 second vid showing the startup time of one of the upcoming MeeGo powered tablets, the WeTab. It’s a pretty decent start up speed, no?


This is followed by a 5 minute hands on. You’ll notice the live windowed multitasker, slim, svelte design and pretty fluid interface.

Uploaded by MobileLivingRoom

Video: WeTab MeeGo Presentation – Intel Dev Day 2010 (Deutsch)

September 5, 2010 10 comments
stevechippy from carrypad has uploaded a 10 minute video from the WeTab MeeGo presentation, showing the new MeeGo tablet with a slightly different UI to that we’ve seen in previous MeeGo tablet demoes. Video is in German.
The WeTab looks very responsive
Here’s another video hands on by NewGadgetsDE  in case you missed it a few days ago.
Thanks to Cheruki Tarun for the heads up!
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