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Poll: IF Nokia Smartphones could have ANY but only ONE OS, which should it be?

December 22, 2010 44 comments

A frequent suggestion in blog comments relating to Nokia is to go with Android/WP7 and when it was available, to go buy Palm for WebOS. Why? Nokia has in house, Symbian and Maemo, the latter of which has become MeeGo – though the phone side has no presence on the market since there are no purpose built MeeGo phones.

Well in this transition stage where Symbian is waiting for the major UI change and MeeGo is still waiting to escape the birth canal, frustration rests upon some users and onlookers of Symbian^3 (the only real Nokia smartphone choice atm) as not having the same glitsy glamour and UI appeal of its competition. Nokia is always praised for the hardware, though last year with N900 got rapturous awe for its powerful and potential filled software – but that’s now canned for MeeGo.

Therefore, is it rightly so that Nokia should look to others as a temporary measure? Or is this not suitable for Nokia’s long term success? Does a successful phone manufacturer need it’s own operating system to survive? There’s a lot resting on the events that unfold for Nokia in 2011.

In an ideal world where anything could happen – If Nokia Smartphones could have any but only one Operating System, what would you like it to be? Read more…

Nokia to buy Palm…rumours resurface…again.

November 14, 2009 3 comments

Nokia Palm y

Bloomberg reports that Palm Inc stock prices have surged after yet more rumours of a Nokia take over.

Nokia have too much on their plate already without having to look after another division of handsets using WebOS. Would Nokia scrap Symbian and Maemo and integrate WebOS into their portfolio? Erm, no.

There’s simply too much invested in Symbian and Maemo.

Nokia Palm x

The Nokia Palm venture was much more plausable back in April (and much before) when hardly anything was known about a phone running Nokia’s proprietary OS, Maemo, or just how brilliant a Maemo Phone could be. Palm’s WebOS was seen as an escape for people were tired of Nokia’s stubbornness with the outdated UI of Symbian smartphones.

But the Maemo 5 powerhouse, N900 even with non-final firmware has proven itself to be a pretty formidable device. What more when Nokia unleash Maemo 6 with Multitouch, and finally Maemo 7? It could spell Nokia being top of the class again. And of course, we’re still yet to see what Symbian^4 is gonna bring to the competition.

Via Bloomberg