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Video: Nokia N8 on a balloon with N8 Producers behind the scenes: Rock Climbing in Finland –

December 23, 2010 3 comments

This is some behind the scenes footage of N8 producers skit: Rock Climbing in Finland. What an absolutely beautiful country. It’s like every angle deserves to be a desktop wallpaper :p.

Check out the contraptions they’ve got for the N8. There’s a shoulder rig to have some steady panning, and at another point, you’ll see the N8 flying on a freaking balloon for goodness sake!

I’m not sure what this behind the scenes video is filmed with – could this 720p stunner also be from Nokia N8 (I’m watching in 480p – thanks Tmob – and it still looks awesome).

Check out the entrants showcase, and upload your own for a chance to win a Zero Gravity Flight Experience 🙂

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Videos and Photos: Nokia N97 and Nokia N86

April 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Mobile-Review has some side by side pictures and a couple of videos of  the N97 and N86. The text and audio is in Russian, so you may want to use google translator for the text to get a little gist of what it’s about (not that it helped me understand it one bit).

Nevertheless, we can still awe at the pictures.


I’m not sure if it’s the colour scheme but from the front, the N86 looks so much sleeker, more professional.  From the back though, both N97 nad N86 just look horridly dull and cheap. What’s that about?

You can get a lot more though from the two videos (embedded on their site). You can see the maturing N97 UI, with the more recent home screen widgets. It looks pretty quick in some areas but frighteningly sluggish in others.  The screen though appears very responsive over all. My hopeless wish is that somehow, Eldar is saying in Russian “Ah, yes, Nokia has put a capacitive screen in the N97. Look *squiges fingers around to show responsiveness*”. Haha.


There is also another separate video to show the N86. The phone looked pretty solid and the UI seemed extremely nippy. Very nice to see how the N95 has gradually evolved, refining into this.


Go check it out, there’s more photos of both the N86 and the N97, and of course, you can actually watch the video there.

From Mobile-Review