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Video: Super Tux on the Nokia N900 – reconfigure keyboard to have “D-pad” on the left for gaming.

December 13, 2009 3 comments

This is a quick 4 minute video to show the game “Super Tux” on the Nokia N900.

This game uses the N900’s QWERTY keyboard, with arrows for navigation and predefined letters for jump/power/duck.

Now, the N900 doesn’t have a D-pad like the N97, but you can change the controls so you can still have your “D-pad” on the left and other action buttons on the right, like most traditional gamepad controllers.


Some might prefer to use the arrow-buttons on the right others might want to have a reconfigurable d-pad going on in the left. I’m in the latter, and I’m glad Super Tux gives you the option (which I hope would become standard in future games using the keyboard/arrow buttons)

And in general, Super Tux is a fun game that you can download really easily and for free from the App Manager in the N900.

In terms of gaming prowess, the only game at the moment[in the catalogue] to demonstrate what the N900 is capable of is Bounce Evolution.

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