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Nokia N8 and TRON takes over Canadian Rogers’ YouTube Page!

December 19, 2010 3 comments

Keith has noticed that Canadian network “Rogers” has been taken over by Nokia N8 and TRON!

Go check it out – it looks AWESOME! It’s part of their HD Holiday campaign that we first saw late November.

At first it looks like an ordinary youtube page and then a big Nokia N8 jumps in to the picture and starts playing TRON. Check it out as it begins to destroy the youtube page!

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Video: TRON:Legacy Première – Starring Nokia N8 – Red Carpet with Jeff Bridges

December 11, 2010 4 comments

Nokia N8 is at another red carpet event, this time it stars in a major motion picture from Disney, the much anticipated TRON: Legacy.

TRON: Legacy, which is in the cinemas now, is a sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic.

Nokia’s entertainment reporter Natalia Grace went to Sunday’s première to ask star Jeff Bridges and director Joseph Kosinski how they felt about working with Nokia’s latest smartphone (which is what directors, McHenry Brothers did with the N8). Koninski noted that he would welcome small 3D cameras since his current set up was so bulky.  You’ll also see Olivia Wilde, Laura Whitmore, Alison Goldfrapp and McFly.

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Video: Nokia N8 and TRON:Legacy Trivia Game Preview (available at Ovi Store!)

November 30, 2010 11 comments

Very new and hot off the Ovi Store shelves is the TRON: Legacy Trivia Game. Get it now as it’s FREE, FREE, FREE!

It’s a really well made game – slick interface that includes a host of media including a TRON trailer, videos, ringtones and really neat screensavers.

The game is a trivia puzzle based game which requires some knowledge of the film itself.

I’ve included a few screenshots and a preview video. Apologies for the state of the video, I’ve only realised after recording that the N8’s AMOLED was too bright for the camera and hence colours were off. After moving it to half colours were fine but could not record as the main screen for the game had changed irriversably (after unlocking – you’ll see). Sorry also for the harsh audio.

Anyways…preview video and screenshots!

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Video: Nokia N8 cameo in TRON: Legacy – Win exclusive tickets to Première in London and Hollywood!

November 28, 2010 2 comments

What is this thing attached to the HDMI port of N8 and where can I get one? Portable projector :p (hey Pico folks, where's the projector you said you were sending?)


As you know, Nokia have been promoting the heck out of TRON since the days of preproduction Nokia N8’s and video playback/HDMI demoes. What trailers did we see? Well the big, much anticipated, Hollywood Holiday blockbuster – TRON: Legacy –  the SEQUEL by Disney of the original TRON in 1982. Release date: 17th December 2010.  Just yesterday we also saw this strong TRON branding and association in Canadian Rogers’ HD campaign for the Nokia N8.

This trailer appeared after you guys managed to fix Encom’s attack and take over of Nokia Nseries Blog this Thursday :p . Well check out what technological marvel appears in this film.It’s the Nokia N8! You can watch it in the trailer included in this post.

Click to see the rest of the post to get Tron content from Ovi Store as well as how to win a pair of exlusive tickets for you and a friend to the TRON:Legacy Première in London AND Hollywood!

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Encom Taking Over Nokia – Can you fix it?

November 25, 2010 20 comments

Encom has taken over Nokia…well the Nseries Blog at least.

A new exclusive Tron trailer is being whispered through the corridors of the grid, and the only clue we’ve got is this. What does it mean?


< End of line>

Head on over to

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Video: Maemo 5 game – glTron for Nokia N900 – Light Bike Tron Racing

March 11, 2010 1 comment

zehjotkah brings another Maemo video demo. This time it’s with a game called glTron (from the Movie Tron, using GL graphics). Game play video starts at about 2:20 (prior you’ll be shown game options) and you’ll see this is a keyboard based game.

It’s basically the light bike scene, the aim is to be the last person riding out of the other three riders. You can’t hit ‘walls’ /the light ‘trail’ of other players or your own trail.


1982 Tron

upcoming…Tron Legacy!