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Toshl Expenses Tracker made entirely in Qt – Now available for Symbian^3 on Ovi Store (#N8 #C7) Manage your finances with ease!

December 12, 2010 16 comments

Here’s a neat little app we first encountered with the Nokia N900 and Maemo 5.

  • It’s a very, very easy to use expenses tracker to help manage your finances. At this time of the year, with the plastic and cash flying at Christmas, this app is a must have download to keep an eye on your money!
  • It’s available now (Symbian^3) for FREE on the Ovi Store.
  • It’s entirely made in Qt which the makers have said Nokia people were extremely helpful with. Overall, thumbs up for Qt especially over previous alternatives. More on this at the end of post.
  • I’ve tried it on the N8 and it’s a great app (more on this below).

This doesn’t just sit on your phone. You can sync your data from your other phones with the PRO account service which not only means you can monitor your data from any phone or PC but you’ll also get analysis graphs of your expenditure to give a visualisation and new perspective of your spending.

Thanks to Matic Bitenc we have a discount code for the first 20 people that gives you 50% off the one year service.

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Video: Expenses Tracker available for Nokia N900 with Toshl 1.5 on Maemo 5 (Also an Android/iPhone and WebOS app)

April 1, 2010 5 comments

An expense tracker app on my old 7610 really helped me monitor my expenses and save cash. Now in our recession days, it’s even more important to be  much more thrifty.

TOSHL’s Expenses Tracker helps you manage your finances by recording your purchases.

You just name purchases with tags and frequently used tags  appear next time for quicker entry.

Not only can you monitor total expenses, you can keep track of each tag to see how much you might be spending on beer, cigarettes, alcohol,  clothes, online shopping, gifts, recreation,  transport, food, utility bills, college stuff etc.

Once you see these expenses over monthly period, it might give you a different perspective to help you reallocate your resources and make yourself spend your own money more wisely, and possibly save yourself a lot of MONEY over the course of the year.

There’s even graph options – PC demo version above –  to help visualize these expenses (And some fancier graphs in the pro version – some other extra cool stuff with their pro version)

What’s nice is you can synchronize with Toshl online, allowing you to monitor your expenses via computer and keep a backup of your data (worst thing would be to lose your data gathering). With the pro option you can even export to Excel. Since the app is free, Synchronization means you can have the app on as many phones and still keep the same data.


Not advertising these guys, just trying to show you some additional features of Pro Account and the devices they support.

Oddly though it only says availability for Android and Maemo.”]