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Nokia Bots from Beta Labs now available for Symbian^3

December 14, 2010 2 comments
Bot list on N8. You add them as widgets which can then actively “learn” your preferences. Which contacts, short cuts, and general usage stuff like battery/calendar

Nokia Bots – I enjoyed this app on my N97. Now it’s available for Symbian^3 users.

For S60 5th users, it’s also received an update:

  • some performance updates
  • bug corrections

Bots is a little bit like an artificial intelligence app which monitors your usage, so can adapt phone behaviour to anticipate future action. This is a little bit like the “magical” Nokia Situations experimental app, but this one should be more intuitive and automatic. A combination of both providing some sort of sixth sense intuition might become part of the MeeGo experience, as hinted by Marko Ahtisaari.

There are five bots in total. A video is included below to demo them.

Download from Nokia Beta Labs

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Faenil’s custom Nokia N8 Roms, H2O, 288kbps audio with 30FPS 720p video, 5h 256kbps audio recording (and more)

December 14, 2010 15 comments

In the i8910 now N8 custom ROM scene, those aware of HyperX may also be aware of the “rivalry” with equally cool guy known as faenil.

He’s contacted us to share his own custom firmware for the Nokia N8 which as well as bringing

  • 30FPS 720 video also delivers
  • lagless recording
  • Raise in audio quality from 128Kbps to 288kbps
  • Picture quality set to 95 instead of 85 (photos will be bigger in size and more definite)

And this is just in the camera hack alone. In the rest of the firmware, mods include:

  • You can now use the dialer in LANDSCAPE
  • MediaPlayer’s percentage of max volume raised from 40% to 60%
  • Voice Recorder Read more…

Video: Nokia Wellness Diary Promo video

December 14, 2010 1 comment

Remember wellness diary from Betalabs? It now has a cool promo video from the NokiaConversations channel.

Want to lose weight, eat smart, exercise more or change our habits for better balance? Erm, yes please.

Wellness diary makes it easy to set goals, monitor progress and if you wish share achievements with others.

Improve your health and wellness every day. With Wellness Diary on your phone you’ll be able to change your lifestyle for the better. Self-monitoring is proven to be extremely effective in lifestyle changes. Wellness Diary makes monitoring of your day-to-day wellness almost effortless, helping you to build healthy habits into your daily routine.

Download from Nokia Beta Labs

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Video: Nokia Promos – What is Clear Black Display (CBD?) Wouldn’t you want blacker blacks, whiter whites, brighter colours and better battery life?

December 1, 2010 3 comments

Clear Black Display was possibly the most surprising thing that came out of Nokia World. Yes there was the E7 itself but we kinda knew about that already. CBD was immediately shown by Engadget themselves to have the edge over SUPER AMOLED in 3GS and IPS LD in iPhone 4. Most recently, GSM Arena has shown that it reproduces the best colours, best contrast and better sunlight readability than 3GS. And they aren’t the only independent folk saying so (and you really can’t get better props than GSM Arena and a Nokia Hater. Well maybe some praise from Gizmodo :p)

To go with the CBD article from Nokia Conversations several weeks back is this video just demonstrating essentially what CBD is about.

So now we’ve got the best camera, the best browser in Maemo 5, one of if not the best display. Now I just want this in one device.

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Leaked: Nokia Nseries N00 Prototype C: 12MP, xenon and N95 form factor.

November 29, 2010 42 comments

Thanks Adnan who found this on eBay (via Symbian Tweet and Smartphone Arena)- here we can see what is supposedly a Nokia Prototype found on eBay. It sports a slide out keypad like the N95 family (N85, N86, N96) and bears a Carl Zeiss 12MP camera with Xenon Flash.

There’s also a kickstand like the N86. The eBay page names this as the N87 (rumoured a while ago as the 12mp xenon snapper – which we thought turned out to be the Nokia N8). N00 is quite normal for proto.

Is this an early prototype that’s been resigned to before even hitting the shelves or possibly something coming soon? It’s like finding a secret member of the family after all these years. The design on the face doesn’t look very contemporary. No one does sticky out buttons any more. Certainly not a splattering of them. A China clone perhaps? But no clone has ever replicated xenon. A remnant of a cancelled Nseries. Certainly would have been enticed by this more so than N96/N86.

The front sports a Read more…

Symbian Foundation Websites shutting down on 17th December as Symbian Becomes Closed Source

November 27, 2010 15 comments

With Symbian coming back under the full control of Nokia, the following Symbian websites are expected to shut down from 17th December 2010.

Everything is still available (see so if you have to download platform source codes they are available now. Afterwards, Symbian says, “We are working hard to make sure that most of the content accessible through web services” though they will NOT be hosting this source.

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Leak: Nokia X7 Leak – The Nokia Orion concept come true?

November 26, 2010 53 comments

Back in February, Nokia Conversations covered a post about a concept phone that folks wished Nokia Made.

It was called the Nokia Orion and resembled a gameboy advance esque (now N8 esque) tapered edges. It’s a little more streamlined than the orion with totally flat seamless front unlike the N8 and E7 with bezels and plastic tips for reception. (This bodes well for the very sleak Community concept, Nokia U, no? :D)

Well behold what is supposedly the leaked Nokia X7. It’s Symbian^3 based candy bar touch screen. Check it out above playing NFS shift, as well as screens and a video below showing X7 with S^3 (but with 4 homescreens. This would be nice especially with the upcoming draggable homescreen)

We’ll update as soon as we find out on tech specs. Most likely it should have the same innards (CPU/GPU/RAM) as the other S^3 handsets.

Alex68 says:

This likely the ATT phone for the USA market.

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