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News: Nokia N97 to appear as early as June 2nd for North American variant.

n97-ovi-tThe Nokia Blog reports that the NAM version of the Nokia N97 maybe coming as early as June 2nd and yes, that’s 2009! Fingers crossed that date is rock solid and also that consumers outside the states will not have to wait much longer.

The longer Nokia takes to launch the N97, the cheaper the Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD) gets and the closer both the next iPhone, Palm Pre and Sony Ericsson’s “Idou” comes as additional competition.

Does the wait have a lot to do with your choice of phone? If all four mentioned were available right now, would you still get the N97?

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Nokia 5800 to be the most successful phone…

April 29, 2009 2 comments

…in Nokia’s portfolio.

The 5800 had sold 1,000,000 within a couple of months (3 million now), compared with T-Mobile’s G1 which has sold around 100,000 since October.

58001With every feature the 5800 has ( 3.2″ Touch screen, excellent loud speakers, 3.2mp Carl Zeiss Lens, excellent music player, GPS Navigation, decent web browser with Flash support for things like YouTube – being the phone in the Dark Knight movie :p)  and the price which Nokia have set it at, it’s not surprising it has sold so well. Accounting for 20% of touch screen handsets worldwide, the 5800 had an amazing start with UK contracts, being on O2 and now T-Mobile at a base start price of £15, 100 minutes and unlimited text or around £200 on pay as you go (which is always unlocked in Carphone Warehouse – no I’m not being paid to say this).

Although its an XpressMusic handset, denoting that it shouldn’t be worth anywhere near what Nokia asks from their Nseries, it is more than a rival when put side by side against Nokia’s top end devices. Suffice to say, the 5800 is a bargain, and so it’s understandable why Nokia would think it may become one of their most successful handsets.

So will a knock down price be the key also, for ensuring the upcoming N97 is also a winner? I’m not even going to begin at how the N97 is more of a tugboat for the next flagship instead of being the flagship itself, so the N97 (with its relatively non new features ) should arrive to our shores at a relatively reasonable price. Or at least fall in price sharply after a couple of weeks. That or doom it to failure as everyone else goes for seemingly better specification-wise alternatives  at possibly cheaper prices (…Samsung i8910 – Omnia HD, Sony Ericsson Idou, Palm Pre, 3rd Gen iPhone)

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Nokia 5800 mods: Nokia 97’s widgets and capacitive screens!

April 18, 2009 8 comments

This is two separate news but I’m covering them both in this post.

Nokia N97 firmware on the N97

The first is the 5800 with N97’s firmware – this means the coveted active widgets that N97 product managers have said would be exclusive to the N97.



New Nokia 5800 to get Capacitive displays?

According to DIGITIMES, Nokia is going to replace future batches of their popular 5800’s resistive screen with capacitive displays. You most likely know what the differences are; if not – the basics are that currently, capacitive is a lot more sensitive to finger touch whereas resistive needs a little extra pressure.  Although with resistive you can use other things other than your finger – stylus, finger nail, even if you’re wearing gloves. I’m not really sold on those apparent advantages of resistive myself, although the whole handwriting recognition is quite useful for input of non standard latin text, e.g. Chinese/Arabic/Farsi etc.

It seems these new 5800s with capacitive displays maybe available as soon as May-June.Will this mean real multitouch capabilities for future 5800 users? (Probably the bigger advantage of capacitive; 5800’s resistive display is really good, it’s the NON touch centric UI that hampers it)

Here’s sort of a multitouch solution for current 5800 owners though:

If Nokia can change hardware of current models, can they do it before the debut launch of one? I.E. the N97? How great would it be if the N97 had a capacitive display? Whilst Nokia are adding changes, please get rid of the dual LED flash and replace it with XENON. Pretty please ^_^? Brightly lit pictures > half assed attempt of video light which is apparently one of the main reasons why the N97 has LED flash rather than Xenon…or being greedy, lets have both! Xenon and dual LED! Haha.

Anyway, if not the N97, more capacitive display handsets may be coming within the third quarter to Nokia’s portfolio of touch screen phones.  Hurray!

Via digitimes.

Hmmm…XENON…We’ve waited so long for the N97, October doesn’t seem that much further away – and you know what October means: launch of the 12.1MP XENON monster from Sony Ericsson.  se-idou-silver-back-open-cam[Via boy genius report]

This also comes in a white/silver colour scheme.

Sony Ericsson Idou: Coming Soon 2009?

March 31, 2009 1 comment

Carphonewarehouse (CPW) has Sony Ericsson’s Idou on their coming soon page for 2009. Whatever the Idou (I do? I do you? ee dow wu?) will actually be named, it puts it back into contention for possible phone purchases for 2009 (previously outwritten as it was expected for 2010). Like all of CPW’s coming soon line up, all their dates are subject to change; and with a rather vague 2009 instead of specific months, there’ll be a rather swift slap on ones face if one had waited so long only for it to turn up next year.

With that said, June is looming. June means prepare for a sudden £700 deficit in your bank balace as June means N97! With a price so steep  (at least as quoted early March on the possible price of the N97), it’s good to know alternatives and the “Idou” is definitely one of the three I’m considering (along with N97 and Omnia HD).

With most of the features beloved in the N97 demonstrated too in the Idou (Screen size, screen resolution, OS maybe) I’ve got to start nit-picking at what else is brought to the table. The Idou brings 12.1 MP with XENON flash.

If only the N97 had maintained the XENON flash that the N82 had, I would have no hesitation as to which of the three or in fact any other phone to choose. As a student, most of my pictures are taken in the vampiric hours in clubs and pubs and appreciate that all I ever need to bring is my phone if I ever felt the need to capture the alcohol inspired antics of my friends to share on facebook. Dual led flash exhibited by the N85 has proven a little adequate in this situation but literally pales in comparison to the N82. I don’t know yet how the N97 will fare as it has been shown that not all dual LED flashes are created equal (N85>N96). Hopefully much brighter than previous offerings, to not only make still photos more acceptable in low lighting, but provide sufficient intensity as to make the video light more useful than capturing video footage of things 5cm away.

But that’s just my personal opinion and speculations – 2mp with no flash or autofocus although feable is more than enough it seems for the iPhone crowd in flickr.

As it stands the N97 offers the fact that: it has a qwerty keyboard, huge on board memory, subjectively better aesthetics, and that it is indeed coming soon!

So roll on June! End of exams! Class trip to Alton Towers! Moving house(term-time one)! Summer Ball! And of course, the NOKIA N97!!