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Photos: New Nokia N8 sample pics

August 15, 2010 23 comments

Here’s seven Nokia N8 photo samples. Remember that this is taken with a N8 prototype, the quality may change until the N8 hits retail.

via : dsmobile on mobile-review forum

Photos: Recent Nokia N8 photos samples

August 4, 2010 5 comments

Here’s some photos samples, all taken by John Karakatsanis with the Nokia N8 last Monday (August 2nd) according to the Exif data.

via : John Karakatsanis’s Nokia N8 set on flickr

Photos: Two new Nokia N8 sample pictures

July 29, 2010 7 comments

One photo on a cloudy day and one photo of the uploader. By the way, these samples are not in full resolution (4000×2248 instead of 4000×3000). This is still a Nokia N8 prototype, so the quality can change until retail version.

via: Uploaded on flickr and taken by Robert Webbe

Nokia N900 – Photo Samples and Maemo5 camera UI – London Part 2

December 2, 2009 2 comments

Here is the remaining photos from my weekend in London.[part 1]

The N900 has a 5mp camera – 4:3 ratio at 2576×1936. It also takes widescreen 16:9 images at 2576×1488 (3.5MP).

Although 5MP is higher detail, I prefer the framing of the 16:9 photos. They look better when viewing on the N900 and on the computer.

The N900 is a great little point and shoot. It has much of the image options of previous Nseries, and whilst it’s missing a few, you really don’t need them. Practically all of these photos are set in Auto.

What I love about the N900 camera:

  • the great photo quality -5/3.5MP, Carl Zeiss Optics
  • Fast Start < 1 second
  • fast autofocus
  • the revamped camera UI. Not only is it easier to navigate, but if you were to tweak some settings and exit the Camera, opening the camera brings you back to those exact settings, so no fiddling about all over again and possibly missing the shot. Everything is easily just two clicks away, where they take double if not longer with S60V5’s camera UI.

Camera UI

    • *Ready to shoot
  • Settings > Macro > Done*
  • Settings > Video > Done
  • Settings > Photo > Done

There’s no insane double tapping to confirm your settings like with s60v5 camera UI. The N900’s camera UI takes much better advantage of having a touch screen with its camera interface, though there’s still room for improvement, such as simple having a dedicated button to switch from video/photo

  • Photo > Done
  • Video > Done

Now the photo samples:

There’s a mixture of lighting scenes, indoor, cloudy, sunny, low light. Under sufficient lighting the N900 is absolutely superb. In low lighting, it can get a bit testing. To save battery, I turned the screen down to the lowest, which did make framing subjects a little harder. I didn’t use the Flash much (or at all).

Frankly, N900’s flash doesn’t help that much and unless it delivers the natural lighting of the N86 or the xenon illumination of the N82. The  N900’s images look better without additional “help” from the dual LED.

Orchids at reception

Great view from the Hotel of Tower Bridge

Something of Wales in London

Statue of a Builder

Iconic London Double Decker

Trafalgar Square Fountain


Harrods Bus of Bears

Tin Man

Morning View

Phone Box. Right of this photo is where I saw Lily Allen

Ceramic Mini Animals


Metal people

The only photo I got of the London Eye this time….is a painting

Face Cast

Fandango Classical Group

Nokia N97 Sample Photos!

May 25, 2009 2 comments

Now the N97 is by no way a Camera oriented device; not in today’s standards anyway (Grrr, Nokia!!) but 5MP Carl Zeiss isn’t too shabby at all.

Below are some image samples said to have been taken by the N97. I say “said” as it looks astonishingly good compared to previous photo samples we’ve seen from N97 reviews. I’d say it’s because it’s in really good lighting conditions, but even the cloudy one [last] with the rainbow looks clear.


I’d be very happy if it turns out that the N97 can make great shots like this – it may make up for the fact Nokia annoyingly took out Xenon Flash.

Someone though please take some indoor shots? Also people shots – indoors?

Via thesymbianblog