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Nokia N8 and TRON takes over Canadian Rogers’ YouTube Page!

December 19, 2010 3 comments

Keith has noticed that Canadian network “Rogers” has been taken over by Nokia N8 and TRON!

Go check it out – it looks AWESOME! It’s part of their HD Holiday campaign that we first saw late November.

At first it looks like an ordinary youtube page and then a big Nokia N8 jumps in to the picture and starts playing TRON. Check it out as it begins to destroy the youtube page!

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Rogers Canada Nokia N8 HD Campaign – What’s the point of watching if it’s not in HD?

November 27, 2010 4 comments

Canadian mobile carrier, Rogers has a new campaign to push their HD smartphone line up. “This Holiday, it’s gotta be HD or NOTHING!” and that “everything looks better on HD devices”. Hmm…what is their criteria for HD?

Check out the Nokia N8 that a while ago now was leaked to be coming to Rogers. Later we had confirmation that it was available on order though we had problems clicking to the order page. This one thankfully seems to work. (See screenshots).

You’ve got the introductory HD pages which one particular phone is chosen. N8 is given the “HD Viewing experience” watch and create your own movies – understandably with HDMI and actual movies having been made with the N8’s camera. Then you’ve got individual pages for each smartphone’s details.

Also worth checking is that TRON branding that runs throughout this Rogers advert for the N8. According to Alex68 Nokia’s made an exclusive deal with Tron (Disney) and there’s a lot of content coming to Ovi Store. See that all the other phones don’t show tron but YouTube or Game play (Even on their dedicated pages).

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Nokia N8 on Rogers Wireless Canada – 80CAD subsidized, just 449CAD unlocked! (That’s 276GBP :O)

November 6, 2010 25 comments

BGR says upcoming Road Map for Rogers Wireless – Canadian Mobile Carrier reveals that the Nokia N8 will be as low as 79.99CAD subsidized on contract with the unlocked no term, no contract variety going for just 449.99CAD. Holy crap, is that with or without tax? 449.99CAD at current exchange rate to GBP would make it 276.60GBP! That’s ridiculously cheap!

What incredible value for money. Thanks to Stylinred for the heads up to!


What’s the cheapest you’ve found the Nokia N8 for and where?

via BGR

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