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What if Nokia were to buy Apple?

August 1, 2010 11 comments

Apple Goohpia In Motion
In a world of Nokia that’s waiting for the Nokia N8 (and successors) while competitors continue to innovate and advance, I thought I’d take a rather tongue in cheek look at what might happen with future devices should Nokia as a company merge with some of those competitors.

Note this is not meant to be a serious article, a realistic analysis, nor do I have any inside information about any upcoming takeovers. This is more of an exercise in thinking out loud from someone who doesn’t claim to be an expert on such things…

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Nokia most popular phone brand amongst university students

December 28, 2009 3 comments

Financial Times reports that according to a survey by Mobile Youth consultancy, in a sample size of [only] 1000:

  • Nokia was the most popular with 30%
  • Sony Ericsson second with 27%
  • RIM is at 2% with their BlackBerry- however growth has apparently been impressive.

The article actually isn’t about Nokia but about how students are powering the growth of BlackBerry. Perception on BlackBerry is that now, they’re not just for corporate consumers. With the aide of some great marketing (love BB ads) and celeb association, it’s cool to be seen with a BlackBerry. As a Uni student, I’m surprised of the number of BB fans amongst my circle of friends. Often too, there’s random comments on my facebook feeds about mates getting excited over their new BBs or coveting one. I don’t think they really know why or what that BlackBerry does, except that BlackBerrys are supposedly cool and they want one.

Nokia’s been targetting the corporate market with its Enterprise [Eseries], and very successfully too with the likes of the E71 and now its successor, the E72.

I do wish that they’d give Eseries a proper name. Where as the range of RIM’s QWERTY critters are collectively fawned over as BlackBerrys (and accumulating great reputation as BlackBerry), Eseries are “just” Nokia [meaningless random number] which are ‘tainted’ slightly by the reputation of the cheaper-low-end-pocket-change Nokias.

Via Financial Times

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Video: The Phones Show – Episode 87 – Your favourite phone at the moment?

August 10, 2009 1 comment

Episode 87 takes a break from Steve’s news and reviews of the phone world, instead shifting the limelight to his PhonesShow viewing audience as they reveal which phone they’re using right now, and why they love it.

It’s a strong Nokia showing, but then again, Steve is from All About Symbian :).

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My favourite phone of the moment?


[N97 from 97 images of the N97 – 5000 tiles]

I was using a Nokia N97 but that has returned to the World of WOM after a lengthy trial. Thanks guys!

Despite it’s shortcomings (low RAM, bugs, some further improvements required via future firmware upgrades) it worked for 90% of the things I needed it for really well.

  • Really good messaging device – the keyboard took some getting used to. It wasn’t as tactile as I’d hoped, but eventually, I was able to type without looking at the keyboard. Makes text messaging/facebooking/emailing (push!)/instant messaging really fast, fun and convenient.
  • Great media player. Stacks of Memory means I can pile on my music and my videos. Though I could have done with dedicated music buttons, the included remote helps sort that out. 3.5″ screen great for viewing BBCi Player videos and my movies. TV out turns it into a media centre.
  • Never getting lost with Navigation – either by car or on foot. GPS sorts itself out pretty quick – network gets your general position within about 5 seconds, and GPS lock around 15 seconds. Ovi Maps is a really good navigation solution but Google Maps is also a really good alternative too. I did have an issue with the GPS not working but managed to sort that out after a hard reset.
  • Pretty good Web browser. I switch between 3 browsers, Opera, native S60 and digia. When Digia @Web comes out of beta and becomes a lot more stable and a bit faster, then I’d be really happy with surfing the web on the N97.
  • Apps – they’re slowly coming along to Ovi Store. There’s a lot of content now to download, and quite a few of them are free. (still needs more content and slight reorganization – still a lot of great apps that aren’t on Ovi Store).
  • Video – not perfect, not in HD nor is there an adequate focus point. However, the video recording is surprisingly good on this device. I’ve found it to be really stable – it doesn’t do that jelly wobbling effect that most phones do when you move the camera about. It’s even better if you can mount it on a tripod. Sound recording is also really good.
  • Calling – with O2, not had a problem with reception. Call quality is excellent on both ends.

-Not really a feature but I like knowing that upgrades will come; that perhaps after collective ranting, it might get the push necessary for firmware team to take a look.

Major gripe is taking still pictures with the camera. I’ve been used to the N82 always being able to capture photos in any condition, snap photos of friends/family/friends – always being glad to have such reliability to capture great quality photos as I always have my phone with me – and also never regretting not taking a dedicated digital camera with me as the N82 captures what I need it to capture really well. N97 only takes good photos in optimal lighting. Everything else is bleh.

Overall, I had a really positive experience with the N97. Out of the box, it wasn’t all that. A couple of firmware upgrades, reorganizing of the menu/settings, installation of my favourite apps, finding out about some new apps, learning some quick hints and tips – the N97 grew up to be the phone I needed it to be and that’s why I love it. (note “needed”, not “wanted”. If it had Xenon/more RAM…etc etc :p)



I’m FINALLY gonna be getting MY OWN N97 after Friday… waiting a few more days as I have an exam to do that I missed the first time round. I know I won’t be able to concentrate, playing with a “new” toy (and sorting out any problems :p).

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