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Gallery: Nokia RM-626/E7/”N9″/N8-02/N98/N8 QWERTY China Clone (and another video)

July 13, 2010 4 comments

This morning we saw a video of a Nokia N98/E7/”N9″/N8-02 aka N8 with QWERTY clone.

Another video popped up and along with that, a gallery of RM-626 clone.

For 140USD you get:

You might as well get yourself a Nokia 5530 (£79.99 on pay and go brand new)

Red and Green buttons, 3 row keyboard, 3" screen, thicker, wrong menu button placement, general wrong button/ports/sensor placements. Interally, so much crap too.

versus real RM-626 – ridiculously slim, 4 row, 4″ screen 16:9, 4 row keyboard, menu button in middle.

Video: Nokia RM-626/E7/”N9″/N8-02/N98/N8 QWERTY China Clone

July 13, 2010 10 comments

The RM-626 still does not have an official name (originally called N98, later N9, but also E7 and N8-02) and now there is a clone. The demo girl calls it the Nokia N98, showing off the Nseries branding (the series let alone the name is debatable in the RM-626)

This is your usual dual-sim variety, coming with 2 batteries, (because each die in 30 minutes) and looking radically obese in comparison to the fantastically slim real RM-626. Amongst the list of superficial changes (smaller screen, colour scheme, overall design, camera, removable fake BL-4D), the main one is the 3 row (N97 mini keyboard) vs the newer 4-row keyboard (with spacebar in the middle). As for the software, it attempts to clone the fever inducing S60 5th edition.

The site watermarked in the video doesn’t seem to actually list this handset.

Green and white versions

Running an S60 5th Edition clone

Video: Hands on with the Leaked Nokia N9/N8-QWERTY variant/E7 (RM-626)

June 28, 2010 18 comments

As promised by NegriElectronics here’s some more dishy news on what they call the Nokia N9.

Note, Eldar has said that this is an old proto. There may already have been changes to what he’s already got.

  • Name yet not confirmed. But this is NOT the N9 as that will have MeeGo. This is Symbian^3.
  • Slim looking QWERTY
  • HDMI
  • Screen looking bigger than 3.5″ or is that just me being hopeful?
  • Screen looks to be AMOLED
  • Rotate transition is slightly more acceptable. A very fast fade in fade out that does not fade to black (to make it look like it’s frozen)
  • Can’t be nHD – The small print of the text looks too sharp. WVGA at least? (not accounting for exact ratio here)
  • Solid sounding snap as the keyboard pops open. (I do love N97 form factor and that slide!). And it does flick and pop open (not a passive push)
  • Back end has a small bar (it doesnt run all the way along the length of the device like the N97.)
  • Check out the new volume switch/rocker thing next to the SIM port.




Recorded today. What's with that front-facing-looking LED flash?

It may just be the angle but it's looking pretty slim here. And the screen looks bigger than 3.5" though it may just be wishful thinking.

The curved thing in the corner is the tip of his thumb. The text is much too sharp to be 640x360

back lit 4-row QWERTY with a solid sounding snap as it slides open.

Back. Slightly different to N97 with only a partial hinge.

SIM card port and look at that new volume rocker switch. No single button, you slide the volume/zoom either way.


Video: 3 minute Hands on with the New Nokia X5 (and promo video!)

June 14, 2010 1 comment

Today may be a busy day on the Nokia side of the Blogosphere.

tinhtevideo. greets us with a 3 minute hands on of the just freshly announced Nokia X5!

  • It looks like a (chunky) Eseries from the back (something very 7650 about it)
  • You can spin the X5 on a flat surface! haha! It looks like it’s break dancing!


Official video from Nokia Conversations below

More X5 Video

Nokia N9 leaked? Has Impossibly thin tilt QWERTY slider and N8ish design!

June 14, 2010 7 comments

Engadget has come across what they believe to be a leaked Nokia N9 from a video (I can’t see it as it’s blocked in “my region”, can you?). Hopefully someone can rip that onto youtube.See video below (thanks James Burland and Joao Luis)

  • It has a QWERTY keyboard!
  • It tilt’s like the N97!
  • The keyboard has 4 rows!
  • It’s impossibly thin!
  • It has NOKIA N8 like sweeping curves
  • How does the mechanism work? To have that much floor space it must be like Touch Pro 2 rather than N97 flick tilt as it’s at least 85% where as Nokia’s often around 50%.

Now, I didn’t ask Alberto Torres about the upcoming form factor of MeeGo phone (most likely to be N9 since that’s the only Nseries number left and he said MeeGo phone would be on Nseries) but he did say it would be slimmer than N900 and more beautiful.

Engadget compared this “leak” to the N98/ aka Nokia E7 also rumoured to launch at Nokia World (though this is sporting a similar design, it’s running Symbian)

Then again this could just be a fake.

Engadget via @breathlesstao

Technical Specifications: New Nokia C3, C6 and E5 announced. Welcome to the Nokia QWERTY-messaging family!

April 13, 2010 7 comments

Here’s what came out of the Nokia Virtual event…

The Nokia C3, C6 and E5! You have probably seen them all in one incardnation or another through rumours, screenshots, FCC sketches. Well here they are.

New additions to the QWERTY messaging family

E5 is the new single digit Eseries. Seen around and rumoured as the Nokia mystiq.

More E5 goodness over at Nokia Conversations


This one we’ve already seen before, the touch QWERTY hybrid E6.

More C6 goodness over at Nokia Conversations

220 EUR

This was seen just before April fools day. It’s my favourite out of all of them for the simple fact that it could be really appealing to the younger audience. It’s like a teenager friendly blackberry. And what a star for 90 Euros! Oh and it plays back video with quite a wide range of codecs so less conversion needed: H263, H264, AVI, mpeg-4, and .wmv! (Info from Q&A)

Oh, and it comes in SIX colours!

More C3 goodness over at Nokia Conversations

90 EUR

Oh hey, we’re on the Nokia page ^_^

Nokia N920 Concept – How Nokia should approach a QWERTY keyboard?

September 12, 2009 17 comments

Nokia N920 Concept

RX 920

This was just a 20 minute MS Paint job I did a while back. I have NO skill in photo editing, as is evident in the images – it is just a raw idea.

The AIM was not to design a phone, but to show that within a given (compact) space, you can have a decent 4 Row configuration keyboard that Nokia seems rather averse to making. The name is not important either, it’s just something to refer to.

There is obviously no “out of the box” thinking – it is just a very standard QWERTY which took literally just 2 minutes to put together. The only difference for me is that this was designed from the keyboard first then the rest of the phone grew around it. After all, if you’re getting a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, you’d want a lot of focus on an optimized configuration.



  • It’s shorter than the N97, and of similar width.
  • Within that space we have a 4-row keyboard:
    • Dedicated Numbers Row
    • A more traditional offset QWERTY configuration
    • I haven’t included secondary symbols on all keys – that can be decided later whether they are needed and if so where they should be.
    • Basic punctuation is easy to get to. Full Stop, Comma, Apostrophe can all be reached by one button press.
    • Two shift buttons, left and right to get the secondary key
    • Space bar located in the middle.
    • Menu button
    • Standard Symbols button for additional symbols on touch screen
    • There’s a trackball instead of a D-Pad or a 4-way arrow keys.
    • The keys will not be flat. I have an extremely basic grasp of MS paint as it is.  They’d perhaps be similar to the N900
  • The keys are slightly larger than the Nokia N97’s
  • The entire keyboard occupies just over half of the given space – so the connection between the slide is still very solid, and also gives the option to increase the key size even further.
  • This can be stretched to the same length as the N97 to increase the size of the screen and space for the keys.
  • Other design faults perhaps in the shape/screen is not the focus here. It’s the fact that
  • Like the HTC Touch Pro2, the keys can be reconfigured around. ie. forgoe an actual row yet again so that the QWERTY part is uninterrupted – have the numbers in traditional alphanumeric alignment over the QWERTY keys.
  • Since this “N920 concept” is shorter than the N97, I guess it could be elongated to include a D-pad. Since it could have the same gaming capabilities as the N900, a D-pad may actually prove useful in this concept. Or some kind of flat joystick to optimize space.

Other Feature’s the N920 concept would have?

  • Screen around 3.5″ – At least 384k pixel res in some ratio.
  • N86’s 8MP camera – with shutter/gallery/cam-vid button
  • N82’s Xenon flash (perhaps even N86’s Dual LED?)
  • N900’s processor/RAM/Graphics card
  • N97’s battery
  • Capacitive Oled
  • N95’s stereo speakers
  • Any buttons on the phone, sensors/camera aren’t visible. Buttons, if any can just light up when applicable. Perhaps dedicated music controls or a gesture area?

I haven’t designed the back nor the sides, because frankly I can’t and don’t want to.

I do have intentions that it will be slim, and any ports/buttons will be flush/hidden with doors, except the 3.5mm jack


If I had 3D skills I’d so try and make a concept phone that looked slightly convincing. We’ve already seen how a concept device was cloned and manufactured by our favourite Chinese Rip-off artists.

Video Review: Nokia E55 (and E52) Review by All About Symbian

August 17, 2009 4 comments

Rafe Blandford reviews one of Nokia’s smallest ever smartphones, the E55, introduced earlier in the year during MWC.

It’s a very slim candybar phone, running S60 3rd edition, with a 2.4″ QVGA screen,  3.2MP camera, GPS (with compass) and a compact (half) QWERTY keyboard.

For full specifications, >> click here <<

As well as going over the features, Rafe also compares the E55 with the E52, E75 and E71.


  • Text input is very interesting with the half QWERTY – with predictive mode on, Rafe reckons that “accuracy is impressive”.
  • E55 offers much improved email experience
  • No Auto-Focus but EDOF (extended depth of field[or is it focus?])
  • Voice control music track previously only enabled on Xpress Music devices.
  • Priced at roughtly £250

Via RafeAAS


UI enhancements on Eseries look really good compared to standard S60.

Photos: The Nokia Swivel QWERTY phone – The E81? (clone) Nokia 7705 Twist

August 16, 2009 6 comments

ESWIVBack in April, there were some rumours on an upcoming E-series swivel phone with QWERTY. The image on the left was a of a mock-up based on BGR sources’ first hand impression.

Hideous was the first word to pop into my mind. Next were horrendous monstrosity. But then again, it is just a mock-up. The actual leaked photos of the Nokia N900/Rover/RX-51 looked completely different and utterly beautiful compared to Mobile Crunch’s render (when closed anyway). Was there hope for the same in this swivel QWERTY?

All we could do was wait for Nokia to announce it or leak some pics.

Well, Chinese knock-offs have got there first. We shouldn’t be surprised in clones appearing before the original even had confirmation of existing – the same people that brought us the NokLa E97 (simply based on a concept design by Fabien Nauroy) has produced the NokLa E81.

Admittedly, this 90 degree QWERTY swivel phone doesn’t look half bad. It’s petite and quite feminine looking, especially with that mirror thing going on. Plus the owner could probably wear it as a necklace (just put a chain through the swivel hole), not to mention that there’s something girly about being a swivel form factor (ha, or maybe it’s just because the last swivel was the effeminate 7373?)

UPDATE 24-08-09: This maybe the Nokia 7705 – Check out more details via The Nokia Blog or BGR






The actual swivel qwerty from Nokia is rumoured to running only S40.

M8Cool via JustAMP via Engadget

UPDATE: This maybe the Nokia 7705 – Check out more details via The Nokia Blog

Review: Nokia E75 review from MobileBurn

April 30, 2009 2 comments









.The Symbian Guru, Ricky Cadden has written a six page comprehensive review of all you ever need to know about the QWERTY slider, E75 over at This is a very classy, high end 3rd Edition Feature pack 2, s60 device designed for enterprise and efficiency in mind.

There’s also a video hands on review.

Via MobileBurn