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Video: Super Mario demo with pure QML from Web Developer new to QML/Qt “very easy to learn”.

December 11, 2010 10 comments

Here’s a video from that Jim found showing the product (Super Mario) of a web developer who moved to the Qt/QML environment. They found it very easy to learn which is great since MeeGo and Symbian apps will share Qt based apps.

Here’s a game I made with pure QML (no C++), costs around 4 days. QML is very easy to learn, I was a web developer and had no experience whatsoever with QML or Qt, but made this game while I learn the languge. Very easy and pleasant. The video is a bit laggy because of the recording software, the game itself runs smoothly. PS: The game has a small bug of detecting platform, you will see in the video.

Controls by left, right, z key. Not counting graphics and audio it’s 7 QML files which sums up around 12KB.


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Video: Qt Quick/QML MultiLayer Parallax Desktop UI on MeeGo

December 5, 2010 7 comments

Remember the “bubbles” UI on MeeGo where (amongst many things) items on the desktop can be moved in foreground or to the background?

Here’s something that goes a little further in that it adds layers of desktops on the panoramic desktop. All are visible on top of each other. Apparently this was all done in a couple of weeks. Cheers Jim for the heads up!

Check out the video to see the app launcher and task switcher

We have started to new demo concept called Multilayer Parallax Desktop. In this video you can see the first version which our developers have built less than in two weeks with Qt Quick/QML.

The idea is to have several layers on top of desktop and you can navigate between layers.

Each layer can contain desktop widgets so for example you can use layers to categorize similar kind of widgets to the same layer, if you want.

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Videos: Qt-based homescreen on Symbian

November 25, 2010 16 comments

Now we’ve seen 5800 “hacks” where Symbian has been modified to have different UI, e.g. HTC Sense, Windows XP, Maemo 5 etc (using GDesk). Here are some Qt based UI modifications that Jim has come across. You may have seen them before (they are dated Feb/March of this year) but they’re still pretty cool.

There are three videos. A couple show a similar S.E. Android Rachel UI and the third is a touch-wiz esque.

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