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Poll: IF Nokia Smartphones could have ANY but only ONE OS, which should it be?

December 22, 2010 44 comments

A frequent suggestion in blog comments relating to Nokia is to go with Android/WP7 and when it was available, to go buy Palm for WebOS. Why? Nokia has in house, Symbian and Maemo, the latter of which has become MeeGo – though the phone side has no presence on the market since there are no purpose built MeeGo phones.

Well in this transition stage where Symbian is waiting for the major UI change and MeeGo is still waiting to escape the birth canal, frustration rests upon some users and onlookers of Symbian^3 (the only real Nokia smartphone choice atm) as not having the same glitsy glamour and UI appeal of its competition. Nokia is always praised for the hardware, though last year with N900 got rapturous awe for its powerful and potential filled software – but that’s now canned for MeeGo.

Therefore, is it rightly so that Nokia should look to others as a temporary measure? Or is this not suitable for Nokia’s long term success? Does a successful phone manufacturer need it’s own operating system to survive? There’s a lot resting on the events that unfold for Nokia in 2011.

In an ideal world where anything could happen – If Nokia Smartphones could have any but only one Operating System, what would you like it to be? Read more…

Results: 95% of MNB voters would like S^4 in N8, for 66% S^4 upgrade is a deal breaker (Though 98% want the Nokia N8)

July 13, 2010 12 comments

Yesterday, we asked a question: How important is the possibility of upgrading the Nokia N8 to Symbian^4. The situation of whether the upgrade was possible wasn’t clear and was hotly discussed in the comments (I’m still not sure of the situation myself). What was clear was that of the whopping 632 votes (over half of which was in the first 5 hours alone! Thanks for voting everyone!) 95% wanted S^4 in the N8, of which for 66% of the voters was a deal breaker in deciding whether or not to get the N8.

2% were after a different handset to the N8 (much lower than I had anticipated – perhaps we have very strong Nokia fans?), with 3% hardcore N8 fans wanting the N8 regardless of the possibility of S^4 and 29% wanting the option of S^4 but did not mind were that not to happen.

We do need to consider that our (mynokiablog) audience is quite discerning, well informed of Nokia and technology. I’d want the latest and greatest upgrade if I knew it was around the corner too. If I weren’t allowed to get the soon to be released S^4, I’d feel a little burned too (though, apps made for later devices on Qt will still be compatible).

Will this dampen the N8’s possible success?

Maybe. But to what degree is uncertain. Most of the N8 target audience will not even be aware or care of a firmware update let alone the existence of Symbian^4 (or even Symbian^3).  If it will work well, with a good user experience, will that be enough? As aforementioned, the Nokia N8 is a fantastic multimedia device which really just needs a “just good enough” user experience to get its users to access the bountiful features easily. Symbian^3’s reworked UI combined with the fantastic multimedia features does look like it will deliver on great user experience.

On the upside, viewing the stats another way, 98% of voters want the N8, only 2% wanting another handset. Should S^4 be an option, that’s 98% of reader votes so far wanting the Nokia N8 but only 32% were that not possible. Would that mean you’d want MeeGo phone/different Nokia or a phone on a different OS altogether?

Poll: Product Leaks: Yay or Nay – Good for the company or damaging?

March 29, 2010 2 comments

An intense discussion on the topic is occured over at twitter this Sunday Evening, 28th March 2010. I don’t know if this will make any sense, I am extremely tired and over simplifying certain issues which have  many more facets.

It’s a frequent debate that comes near supposed product launches. Topic: Product leaks.


They’re exciting on many levels. For geeks who want to know the latest tech, for journalists who need something hot to publish and for cutting edge consumers who need to know about future devices to guide their product purchases. Product leaks can be great if the product receives rave reviews. It gets people hyped up and excited. Good for the reputation of the company. It’s even more exciting when it’s you delivering the news first.


On the flip side, leaks can be damaging. An incomplete product can be harshly reviewed and damage the products reputation. Hype also needs to be built up. Trickling information, especially a review, destroys uncertainty and excitement at product launch because you know everything about the device. There is no simultaneous reaction. For the workers of new devices, it’s very discouraging when something you’ve been working on for maybe a year in secret is just blurted out.

To leak or not to leak – that is the question:

It’s very interesting to see that there are popular blogs/news sites out there choose NOT to jump on leak stories and let them pass by, despite the obvious positive effect it may have on their traffic. Some explicitly choose not to publish those type of stories, whether out of respect to the manufacturer/relationships with that manufacturer or perhaps confidentiality agreements.

For me, I have my own reasons for what I do and don’t post. Mainly if I find a story/item interesting enough, I post it. If I don’t, I don’t care even if everyone’s talking about it. Not really an ideal journalistic attitude eh? haha. Also I try not to post things that you might have read about a million times already in other blogs, unless I find it really interesting and have an opinion to add to the discussion. It is after all, a very informal, just a hobby type blog.

Intentional leaks?

A side topic to debate is whether or not product leaks are intentional and staged (why would said manufacturer send out products to people who leak info if you want to keep it secrets) or whether it’s an unfortunate and ghastly security blunder (the latter is extremely frightening).

What solutions could there be to reducing leaks? At least in the case of the legend that is Eldar, if the leaks are unintended by Nokia, my naive* mind wants to suggest that perhaps Nokia get in touch with him first, get devices out to him and let him sign confidentiality documents so he can’t discuss things with the public. That’s if Eldar would agree to such things and if Nokia wants his feedback.

This isn’t the full discussion. There are way more pros and way more cons to discuss, but this post will get even longer than it already is.


*As with most things, the more you learn about something, the more you learn that there’s so much more that is unknown. That’s the case here with Nokia. From speaking with Nokia reps, I’m getting the gist that in Nokia, there’s a reason for everything. Seemingly stupid decisions, only appear stupid if lacking the full story. At Nokia, there’s a secret story of a whole bigger picture where when you know it, everything makes sense.

Having such a narrow, pinhole view of Nokia, I only have an incomplete picture and can’t really accurately respond. Thus, without the bigger picture I may often rant about either irrelevant things, or issues Nokia are already deeply aware of.

There is always a chance that Nokia genuinely aren’t aware of certain issues and in that sense, I think it’ll always be good to criticize. Plus, Nokia discussions are always quite fun.

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Pics: White Nokia and Garnet N97 Mini (+Poll – White, Garnet or Black N97 mini?)

November 8, 2009 2 comments

In addition to the standard black N97 mini, it will also be coming, not just in white, but in garnet red.

Let’s hope the white N97 mini doesn’t fall prey to the same quality issues (light leakage, paint chipping, staining, poorer quality keyboard) that the original white N97 did. (see this post about my previous troubles with the white N97). Well, the battery cover’s metal and there’s no D-pad to get stained so I guess that’s already a plus!

White N97 Mini

Via Symbian Planet

N97mini_white frontPopup Square

N97mini white 3-4Popup Square

Nokia_N97_mini 3x6Popup






CNET’s Hands on with the Nokia Booklet 3G (+ Poll – what colour Booklet 3G would you choose?)

November 8, 2009 4 comments

Dan Ackerman has been playing about with Nokia’s upcoming Booklet 3G (due out 15th in the US)

OpenIn summary:

  • + Feels robust, yet not overly heavy
  • + Relatively high res 1366×768 pixel (enough for 720p HD movies)
  • + HDMI out
  • + In built 3G (via AT&T in US)
  • + 16 Cell battery (claimed 12h though CNET has not yet tested – most notebooks are sold with 9 cell or less)
  • – Cramped keyboard
  • – Sluggish performance due to using slower intel Atom Z530 and only having 1GB RAM.

In the US, you can pick up a Booklet 3G either with AT&T for $299 + 2year contract or as a standalone for $599.

Netbooks (which is essentially what this is) are meant to be just for surfing around the net and maybe editing a couple of documents. Nothing too heavy, just some light tasks that can be done on the move. It’s a bit worrying though that the Booklet 3G seems to slow down in CNET’s initial tests when opening up multiple tabs an a MS office Doc. I knew I wouldn’t be able to edit HD movies but slowing down with multiple tabs and a .doc? We’ll have to wait till next week when CNET releases a full review to see just how much the Booklet 3G can actually handle.


Whilst you’re waiting, there’s a video and more pictures over at CNET of the booklet 3G.


Oh, just out of interest; if you were to get a booklet 3G, what colour would you choose?


Whilst we’re on the subject of the Booklet 3G, diggnation have a great unboxing video you should check out:

Alex and Kevin seem to love the Booklet 3G on first impressions. (What’s up with the Windows 95 theme?)

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