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Photos: Black Nokia N8 Unboxing (and some Green Nokia N8)

May 1, 2010 7 comments

You might have seen an accessory or two with the orange N8 yesterday.

Here’s a look at the Black N8 with presumably its sales box, by the lucky guys at saudimac

Yes, I know Nokia call it “Dark Grey”.

It’s a minimalistic blue box, like the Booklet 3G packaging.

There you see the black N8 with 2mm pin charger (N8 can charge either way which is super!), stereo headset, Micro USB cable (can charge or data transfer), USB connector (for your memory sticks) and HDMI connector (for HD out!).

If you read the box, you’ll notice for some reason it says 32GB. It’s only supposed to have 16GB. I wonder what that’s about.

These look much nicer in black (than the white that seems to come with the orange N8)

It looks really nice. 

Saudimac via

Whilst you’re at it, Cambo has also posted some photos of a the green N8

It’s a very yellowy green…looks more gold than green…ah my eyes fail me.

Unboxing Extravaganza of The Nokia N900 – HD Video unboxing and huge unboxing gallery of Live Pics. Warning! Extremely image heavy.

November 25, 2009 12 comments

This morning WOMWorld kindly sent over the Nokia N900! Much excitement aside, I won’t be writing much in this post; I’ll leave the video and photos to speak for themselves.

Hopefully you’ll be on a broadband connection as there’s tons of live pics of the N900, the box contents as well as an unboxing video shot in HD.


P.S. All photos captured by the Nokia N82 (Digicam way too memory hungry and it’s so much more  convenient to bluetooth pics over to my pc).

Accessories Review: PDair Black Leather Case for the Nokia N97 (Flip Type)

August 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Today I received my Black  Nokia N97. Iit’s from mobilephonesdirect (ordered Monday) unlocked and unbranded ^_^.

It was free on a T-Mobile £35/m 18M contract with 700 minutes/unlimited text and apparently 3GB fair usage free internet (that’s what the T-Mob Rep said). I saw that I could have got more minutes from dialaphone except it’s Orange-locked/branded (i.e. slow/no firmware updates and stuck on orange). I was paying about £30 on sim-only so this was a pretty cheap deal for an unlocked/unbranded and decent tariff ‘flagship’ phone. No I’m not being paid to mention any of these sites.

Anyway, included with my N97 was a free (supposedly hand) made leather case, with additional belt clip. You can get these yourself from for 28USD (about 17GBP) or from for 19.53GBP.


  • Black DPair leather case with silvery/grey stitching
  • Belt clip attachments
  • Instructions


  • Good quality, soft leather case with silvery stitching
  • All areas of the N97 are immediately accessible (Except the back)
  • Protects the N97’s screen well – the flap bit is firm yet soft and smooth as not to scratch the screen. Held closed by the magnetic clip.
  • Holds the N97 firmly in place
  • You can use the N97 without having to remove the case, touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard
  • If you’re a belt-clip fan, you can connect a detachable one that’s really strong.
  • Makes it easier to set the N97 on it’s side (for taking group shots)

Cons –

  • Plastic that holds the N97 to the case makes all the keys of the keyboard flat making it more difficult to use.
  • Bulky – N97 goes from 17.2mm to about 25mm
  • Right side is not protected

Some pictures below:

case n972

case n97

It’s a nice case – not a major fan of these extremely formal looking cases myself. I’m sure there are many that are. I’d probably use it if it didn’t affect the keyboard. There are similar much cheaper (but maybe worse quality) flippy style cases on eBay where the N97 just clips into the case, but the keyboard is unaffected.

Nokia N97 Sample Photos!

May 25, 2009 2 comments

Now the N97 is by no way a Camera oriented device; not in today’s standards anyway (Grrr, Nokia!!) but 5MP Carl Zeiss isn’t too shabby at all.

Below are some image samples said to have been taken by the N97. I say “said” as it looks astonishingly good compared to previous photo samples we’ve seen from N97 reviews. I’d say it’s because it’s in really good lighting conditions, but even the cloudy one [last] with the rainbow looks clear.


I’d be very happy if it turns out that the N97 can make great shots like this – it may make up for the fact Nokia annoyingly took out Xenon Flash.

Someone though please take some indoor shots? Also people shots – indoors?

Via thesymbianblog

Videos and Photos: Nokia N97 and Nokia N86

April 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Mobile-Review has some side by side pictures and a couple of videos of  the N97 and N86. The text and audio is in Russian, so you may want to use google translator for the text to get a little gist of what it’s about (not that it helped me understand it one bit).

Nevertheless, we can still awe at the pictures.


I’m not sure if it’s the colour scheme but from the front, the N86 looks so much sleeker, more professional.  From the back though, both N97 nad N86 just look horridly dull and cheap. What’s that about?

You can get a lot more though from the two videos (embedded on their site). You can see the maturing N97 UI, with the more recent home screen widgets. It looks pretty quick in some areas but frighteningly sluggish in others.  The screen though appears very responsive over all. My hopeless wish is that somehow, Eldar is saying in Russian “Ah, yes, Nokia has put a capacitive screen in the N97. Look *squiges fingers around to show responsiveness*”. Haha.


There is also another separate video to show the N86. The phone looked pretty solid and the UI seemed extremely nippy. Very nice to see how the N95 has gradually evolved, refining into this.


Go check it out, there’s more photos of both the N86 and the N97, and of course, you can actually watch the video there.

From Mobile-Review