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Nokia N900 with the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Bold/Storm 2, LG BL-40, Nokia N97 Mini/N86/5800/E71, Palm Pre, Samsung i8910/Omnia II, Sony Ericsson Satio/Aino and Toshiba TG01

November 26, 2009 29 comments

Here are some shots of the N900 with some current high end phones. In Alphabetical Order:

  • Apple iPhone
  • BlackBerry Bold/Storm 2,
  • LG BL-40
  • Nokia N97 Mini/N86/5800/E71,
  • Palm Pre,
  • Samsung i8910/Omnia II,
  • Sony Ericsson Satio/Aino and
  • Toshiba TG01

Initially the intention was to give a jist of the size of the N900. But since I was snapping away in phone retail stores, I didn’t get appropriate angle shots so you can see how easy it is to be deceived by comparison photos unless you see them flat, centre and horizontal with comparisons of [layered] length, width and thickness. helps if you want to compare phone sizes and you’ve got their dimension. This of course ignores curves/tapering which assist in the illusion that your device is smaller than what it actually is.

Ignoring size comparisons, the photos below are still worth a look for comparing aesthetics/design.

Check out the example below

BlackBerry Storm 2-

looking much bigger than the N900

Now N900 looks larger than the Storm 2

Another example. The Palm Pre is quite small, yes?

Palm Pre

HTC Hero.

Sony Ericsson Satio

So in the following pictures, just remember that unless you haven’t seen the N900 before, they might be slightly misleading in making it look bigger than it actually is as these are taken in the angle which make the N900 seem unnaturally bigger.

New Chocolate, LG BL-40

Nokia E71

Samsung i8910

Nokia 5800

Nokia N86

N86 is small, this angle further enhances this diminutiveness

The toshiba TG01

The TG01 is huge. It looks stupidly big. The N900 can sit on it and there’d be ample toshiba to border it.  This angle makes them look pretty similar in size. They are not.

Nokia N97 Mini

Samsung Omnia II

Sony Ericsson Aino

Palm Pre

And of course, Apple iPhone. Both looking pretty similar.

Apple iPhone

The only one that’s slightly useful for size comparisons is N900 vs Blackberry Bold. (This is my mate’s Bold, snapped these just as the lecturer was walking in – but still much better to have a flat surface to take comparison shots with)

N900 Vs Blackberry Bold

Didn’t take a width comparison but Bold is wider than the N900.

– I was actually looking for a new SIM and checking if retailers knew when/if they’d be getting the N900. On the way, I took some of these snaps.

Nokia to buy Palm…rumours resurface…again.

November 14, 2009 3 comments

Nokia Palm y

Bloomberg reports that Palm Inc stock prices have surged after yet more rumours of a Nokia take over.

Nokia have too much on their plate already without having to look after another division of handsets using WebOS. Would Nokia scrap Symbian and Maemo and integrate WebOS into their portfolio? Erm, no.

There’s simply too much invested in Symbian and Maemo.

Nokia Palm x

The Nokia Palm venture was much more plausable back in April (and much before) when hardly anything was known about a phone running Nokia’s proprietary OS, Maemo, or just how brilliant a Maemo Phone could be. Palm’s WebOS was seen as an escape for people were tired of Nokia’s stubbornness with the outdated UI of Symbian smartphones.

But the Maemo 5 powerhouse, N900 even with non-final firmware has proven itself to be a pretty formidable device. What more when Nokia unleash Maemo 6 with Multitouch, and finally Maemo 7? It could spell Nokia being top of the class again. And of course, we’re still yet to see what Symbian^4 is gonna bring to the competition.

Via Bloomberg

Video: Nokia N97 Startup time (V10.0.009 and V10.0.012)

June 26, 2009 5 comments

This was just to test the startup time of the N97 (RM-505) on:

  • V10.0.009, 12-05-2009
  • V10.0.012, 15-05-2009

From pressing the button and getting the vibrate buzz to switching to the visible homescreen it’s about 28 seconds (and that’s pretty much the same over 3 repeats, on both firmware).

V 10.0.009, 12-05-2009

V 10.0.012, 15-05-2009

As for comparison, CNET did a test of the Palm Pre, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS start up times:

  1. First is iPhone 3GS at 19 seconds
  2. Second is iPhone 3G at 48 seconds
  3. Third/last is the Pre at a painful 1 minute 46 seconds! Imagine being in an emergency and needing to turn it on?

The N97 did ok at 28 seconds. Previous S60 3rd edition phones (N93) were capable of sub 19 seconds on certain firmware. Fingers crossed we’ll see improvements in the next major firmware upgrade (V11.0.021) in terms of:

  • faster startup
  • bug fixes
  • new “features”/UI tweaks.

Huge Palm Pre Review! Live Pics and Video demoes!

June 4, 2009 1 comment

Engadget has posted their review of the Palm Pre. It’s not a Nokia device, but I’m posting because Nokia could and should take a lot of inspiration from Palm’s execution of a new touch and connectivity optimised OS that could rival Apple’s iPhone.


Whilst the Pre lacks the multimedia muscles being shown off by the likes of Samsung’s i8910/Sony Ericsson’s Satio/Nokia’s N97, Palm’s flagship is still as equally if not more desirable due to the pure usability and innovation of WebOS.

The review is an extremely lengthy one but certainly worth the read as this is quite a ground breaking device. It comes in three parts:

Via engadget

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Palm Pre available first week of June!

May 19, 2009 1 comment

m The Palm Pre – it’s not a multimedia monster by any means but it’s still shaking up the game with its WebOS, focusing on the touch based usability and innovation; all starting from scratch as opposed to simply sticking a touch screen on their legacy OS (*cough* S60 Touch*). With Nokia supposedly concentrating a lot more on software, I’d really wish they’d bring us something as slick as Palm has done with the Pre.

The Times reports that the Palm Pre will be available on the first week of June.

“…the season’s most compelling phone drama will start the first week in June, when Sprint will begin selling the Palm Pre…”

The Times via MobileBurn

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Nokia 5800 to be the most successful phone…

April 29, 2009 2 comments

…in Nokia’s portfolio.

The 5800 had sold 1,000,000 within a couple of months (3 million now), compared with T-Mobile’s G1 which has sold around 100,000 since October.

58001With every feature the 5800 has ( 3.2″ Touch screen, excellent loud speakers, 3.2mp Carl Zeiss Lens, excellent music player, GPS Navigation, decent web browser with Flash support for things like YouTube – being the phone in the Dark Knight movie :p)  and the price which Nokia have set it at, it’s not surprising it has sold so well. Accounting for 20% of touch screen handsets worldwide, the 5800 had an amazing start with UK contracts, being on O2 and now T-Mobile at a base start price of £15, 100 minutes and unlimited text or around £200 on pay as you go (which is always unlocked in Carphone Warehouse – no I’m not being paid to say this).

Although its an XpressMusic handset, denoting that it shouldn’t be worth anywhere near what Nokia asks from their Nseries, it is more than a rival when put side by side against Nokia’s top end devices. Suffice to say, the 5800 is a bargain, and so it’s understandable why Nokia would think it may become one of their most successful handsets.

So will a knock down price be the key also, for ensuring the upcoming N97 is also a winner? I’m not even going to begin at how the N97 is more of a tugboat for the next flagship instead of being the flagship itself, so the N97 (with its relatively non new features ) should arrive to our shores at a relatively reasonable price. Or at least fall in price sharply after a couple of weeks. That or doom it to failure as everyone else goes for seemingly better specification-wise alternatives  at possibly cheaper prices (…Samsung i8910 – Omnia HD, Sony Ericsson Idou, Palm Pre, 3rd Gen iPhone)

Via T3

Nokia to buy Palm for $4.1 billion

April 1, 2009 12 comments

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia Corp (NYSE: NOK) said today it had agreed to buy US smartphone manufacturer Palm, Inc (NasdaqGS: PALM) for 4.15 billion dollars (3.14 billion euros)

“Nokia is committed to be at the forefront of mobile user interface and internet services. By joining forces with Palm, we will  impliment our shared strategy of delivering innovative web experience and services through a unified, single identity user management of all user information and media to our mobile devices.” Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, President and CEO, Nokia. “The integration of WebOS will give our consumers leading convergence devices that more than meet and exceed consumer expectations.”

California-based Palm, Inc will be launching the Palm Pre at the end of the month, the first and last Palm device to feature WebOS.

The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter of 2009.

Nokia N97 vs Samsung Omnia HD vs Sony Ericsson Idou

February 23, 2009 15 comments

Nokia N97 vs Samsung Omnia HD vs Sony Ericsson Idou

I was all set on the N97 until a three way ruckus broke out with the Omnia HD and Idou both diving in to join the Super-Mobile-Convergence-Device war.

Samsung and Sony Ericsson have extremely strong contenders, with:

The Omnia HD packing in a most gorgeous 3.7” AMOLED display, Symbian S60 V 5.0, 8MP camera and 720p 24fps widescreen HD video recording and

The code-named Idou, bringing in 3.5” widescreen display, as well as Symbian S60 V 5.0 and a 12MP camera with Xenon.

They all run on Symbian S60 V 5.0; even with their own specific interface ‘quirks’, they should all be pretty similar to each other. We’ll just have to see when they’re all at production level to see who makes the most to bring the best user friendly and innovative interface.

Is the 32GB of memory and physical keyboard enough to keep you from straying to the Samsung or Sony-Ericsson camp? We’ve seen most of the wow features on the N97 along while ago from the aged classic that is the N95 announced in 2006! On-board GPS, A2DP, 3G, HSDPA, WiFi, 5MP Carl Zeiss camera with LED flash, 3.5mm audio/tv out jack (most of which the mass public easily overlooked). Whilst the N95 was ahead of its time for quite a while the N97 which hasn’t even hit the shops is already flanked by two other very powerful rivals.

It seems it won’t be long until the hardware battle becomes saturated, all phones being more or less identical in shape, size and features where everything will come down to who’s providing the best software, online services and community/ecosystem interaction.

So, in this combat of flagships, do any pack enough artillery to sink the infamous iPhone? Or will that be accomplished by the elusive Palm Pré, or perhaps an Android?