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Video: MeeGo handset UX on Joggler (and 17″ MeeGo touch Display)

December 7, 2010 3 comments

This video is from a few months back but we’ve not posted it here yet. It shows MeeGo Handset UI on Joggler.

Joggler’s O2’s little touch screen device meant to organize you and your families’ lives. Or something like that.

It works quite well and I can see how MeeGo would be better placed in this situation that whatever the Joggler was originally running because MeeGo could integrate into your whole entire household of products. Car, phone, TV, PC fridge etc.

I don’t know what’s being said as I haven’t got headphones to plug into the uni pc. (Uber busy day today).

Whilst you’re here there’s another video of a MeeGo display. Again I’m not sure if there’s anything important being mentioned.

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Nokia N8 Contract Deals: Free Nokia N8 £19.79/month, 600mins, Unlimited Text (via 5 month cashback from £25/m)

November 7, 2010 6 comments

My housemate was looking to buy a Nokia N8 but with it being out of stock he some how ended up with a Sony Ericsson Satio. So in trying to convince him to return that for a decent contract price (he still paid £150 for the phone on £15 contract) I went about looking for some Nokia N8 deals. Here’s the cheapest ones I’ve found.

NOTE: When buying into a contract, it is important to factor in your usual monthly call, text and internet expenses. There’s no point getting a cheap contract that you’d consistently go over – especially if going into the next line-rental boundary accommodates your usage.

NOTE 2: These cheap deals are via cashback/redemption. They do work – the catch is that some people don’t bother/forget/can’t do them and the network keeps what should have been free line rental. Dependent on the instructions you may have to send back your bills every certain number of months (please check) within a specified limit (e.g. 28days). Failure to do so and you don’t get your cash back. Plus the cash back may not be instant and may take a long while. (Helps to send your claims by special/recorded delivery btw)

NOTE 3: Make sure that your chosen network has a good signal where you live/work/travel. No point choosing the cheapest contract when you can’t even use your minutes/text due to no signal. Also Network web speeds differ so factor this in if that’s also important.

NOTE 4: When finding online deals, check that they are from reputable, safe retailers. We have no affiliation with any of these sites/links/retailers – but they have been used by friends/acquaintances.

NOTE 5: Check how long the contract plan is for. 12 month is very rare, with 18 and 24 being the new standards. Though you could have a cheaper line, the longer duration may make it more expensive (e.g. 20 over 24m vs 22.5 over 18m). We’ve put total expenses with/without cashback in the sums.

NOTE 6: It’s worth checking with the retailer (over the phone or by chat) whether the phone you will be sold by contract is unlocked or unbranded. Sometimes a retailer may sell contract phones which are identical to unlocked phones. No branding (network specific software) or locking (stuck to that network, no other sim works). This might influence your plan choice if you want an unlocked phone BUT need to be on contract. (All phones I’ve ever bought on contract are also unlocked/unbranded)

1: ORANGE: Effective Line Rental: £20

Nokia N8: Free

Tariff: £30/M over 24 months. (Total expenses: 720GBP)

Minutes: 500 (let’s say 10p/min that’s £50 on pay and go)

Text: Unlimited (let’s say 5p/text for 1000 text that’s £50 on pay and go)

Internet: 500MB (call this £5 bundle/month on pay and go)

This alone is equivalent to an O2 simplicity tariff (no phone, just sim) that on its own already costs £20/month!

But it’s at £30/m? Well:

Offer: 8 months free line rental by redemption. Saves £240

£720 (contract price) – £240 (cashback) = £480

Factor in the value of the line rental minutes/calls/web at £20/m*24 = £480.

You’re basically missing out on an N8 if you’re on O2’s simplicity 20 for 24 months as here on orange you’re effectively and literally getting a free N8 by just paying for line rental.

Total Expenses with cashback: £480


Oh – Alternatively you can stick at £30 without cashback and choose another “Free Gift”. Because of the loop jumping the none are worth the equivelant £240 saving.

2: T-Mobile: Effective Monthly Cost £19.79

This T-Mobile Tariff is quite flexible. You can choose from Unlimited internet/unlimited text/unlimited T-Mobile or Unlimited landline calls

Nokia N8: Free

Tariff: £25/M over 24 months. (Total Expenses: 600GBP)

Minutes: 600 (let’s say 10p/min that’s £50 on pay and go)

Text: Unlimited or 500 if you choose other free booster (let’s say 5p/text for 500 text that’s £25 on pay and go)

Internet: Can be unlimited (call this £5 bundle/month on pay and go)

This alone is equivalent to an O2 simplicity tariff (no phone, just sim) that on its own already costs £20/month!

But it’s at £25/m? Well:

Offer: 5 months free line rental by redemption. Saves £125

£600 (contract price) – £125 (cashback) = £475

Factor in the value of the line rental minutes/calls/web at £20/m*24 = £480.

I’d say this contract alone is good enough for £25/month actually. You can’t get this on T-Mobile’s site. The cheapest you can get the N8 for free is at the £35 mark and you only get 400 minutes extra for £10. Same text and web allowance.

Total Expenses with cashback: £474.96


3: O2: Effective Monthly Cost: £22.50

We’ll take a closer look at the O2 one as this works out the cheapest over all

Nokia N8: Free

Tariff: £30/M over 18 months. (Total expenses: 540GBP)

Minutes: 300  (let’s say 10p/min that’s £50 on pay and go)

Text: Unlimited (let’s say 5p/text for 1000 text that’s £50 on pay and go)

Internet: Can be “unlimited” (call this £5 bundle/month on pay and go)

This alone is equivalent to an O2 simplicity tariff (no phone, just sim) that on its own already costs £15/month!

But it’s at £30/m? Well:

Offer: 9 months half price rental by redemption. Saves £135

£540 (contract price) – £135 (cashback) = £405

Factor in the value of the line rental minutes/calls/web at £20/m*24 = £135 <<effective Nokia N8 price.

Total Expenses with cashback: £405 <<Cheapest over all

SOURCE: DialAPhone

I’ve glossed over 3, Vodafone, TalkMobile but none as “cheap” as this. There are other things to factor in to the whole “value” for money depending on your usage. But that’ll be another time.

Looking to get a N8? What’s the best Nokia N8 deals have you found? What Network/Country/Inclusive Minutes-text-web?

If  you have an N8, what network/deal did you take?

O2 Carphone Warehouse will not be getting the Nokia N97 in the near future as it fails all their software tests.

July 23, 2009 7 comments

3102764258_0867130c9dAccording to O2 CPW loyalty department, Carphone Warehouse O2 will not be picking up the Nokia N97 as it has failed all their software tests. I don’t exactly rate the reliability of that source, but apparently this is their latest excuse as to why O2 Carphone Warehouse still hasn’t got the Nokia N97. Additionally, Orange apparently had a one month exclusivity with Carphone Warehouse and the N97 (but their deals were appalling).

Over the past month I’ve been trying to get my own N97 through an upgrade with O2 Carphone Warehouse. Over several phone calls, I’ve been told time and time again that they’re going to have it soon – in a couple of days – next week – eventually three weeks time.

Apparently, the delays were due to O2 not being happy with the software on the N97, with too many users returning crashing handsets, Carphone Warehouse apparently had N97s in stock but were not allowed to sell them. That was when they informed that around mid-August, O2 will have received sufficient software fixes and will be picking up the Nokia N97.

So – from coming soon to potentially not at all if I had wanted to stick with O2 and Carphone Warehouse. Is the software on the N97 really so bad? Or is it because O2 is the home of the iPhone and don’t want to detract from it? Having said that, the O2 CPW rep did try to tempt me into an iPhone – telling me to avoid even getting the N97 on orange “Well if the software is bad then it doesn’t really matter what network its on. Have you heard of the iPhone? It’s really good, I have one and it’s brilliant!”.

Looks like I maybe making the switch to T-Mobile or Three if I want to continue using the N97. (It’s on vodafone too, but T-Mob seem have the best tariff I’ve found so far )


I think I might be picking it up on this tariff as it suits me best. Has anyone used mobilephonesdirect before? When I mentioned it to a Carphone Warehouse sales guy, he said not to trust sites like this as the cheap prices were because their stock was of an inferior quality. But then again, he would say that about competing retailers, right?

Over a month with it now, and I’ve grown extremely attached to the Nokia N97 (shortcomings and all). Well, everything that is except for the lack of memory on the C: drive which looks like it’s going to prevent me from installing any more applications onto the N97. Although I do instruct installation to go onto the 29GB internal memory, chunks of memory nevertheless, disappears from the disgracefully microscopic C: drive.

Hmm…gonna have to check first to see if they brand their N97s – I want to know before hand if I’m going to be one of the last (if at all) to be able to get firmware/software upgrades.

Nokia N97 Free on £35/month contract! £109.99 on £25/month contract!

June 11, 2009 9 comments

The Nokia N97 has already been on sale at the NY Nokia flagship store. The UK however, has to wait until June 19th (also the release date of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen :D). Good news for UK customers is that we get the option, unlike the US, to get the N97 subsidized on contract into somewhat more easily manageable and hopefully better value package.

Currently, unlocked Nokia N97 retails for £499.99

Add a moderate £20 monthly usage, and over 24 months (the standard contract length), that equals £979.99

This post covers three Nokia N97 deals from Vodafone, O2 and Orange.

As of today, these prices look very promising, especially for a brand new handset. The aged predecessor, the Nokia N96, was much more expensive than the N97 when it was first released. Even after almost a year of price reduction to the N96, the N97 is amazingly only £70* more in terms of total ownership cost.

(*from here)

For proceeding estimated plan worth:

  • Text messages at 10p/text
  • Calls at 30p/min
  • (internet not included – “unlimited” mobile data plans are still crap in the UK)

Contract Deal 1: Vodafone

contract 1

Over at, they have the Nokia N97 for free on a £34.26 contract over 24 months.

Total Cost: £822.24

Plan: £30 per month + £4.26 Unlimited Mobile web

  • 700 minutes
  • A somewhat paltry 250 text
  • Unlimited Landline.

Estimated plan worth = £1135/month

  • 700 minutes = £210
  • 250 text = £25
  • Unlmited landline (cap, 3000 minutes) = £900


Contract Deal 2: O2


Over at, they’ve listed the Nokia N97 for £109.99 on a £25 contract over 24 months.

Total cost 709.99

Plan: £25 per month (effectively £29.58/month with £0 for handset)

  • 600 minutes
  • Unlimited Text
  • Unlimited Web

    Estimated plan worth = £380

  • 600 minutes = £180
  • Unlimited Text (cap 2000) = £200


Contract Deal 3: Orange

contract orange

This comparison site basically has the Nokia N97 for free at £45 on an 18 month contract

Total Cost = £810**

**£770.85 with cash back.

Plan: £40 + £5 unlimited internet

  • 900 minutes
  • Unlimited Text
  • Unlimited mobile internet (500MB)

Estimated Plan Worth = £570

  • 900 minutes = £270
  • Unlimted Texts (cap 3000) = £300


iPhone 3G S, Contract Deal

contract 3

In comparison, expected price plan for the upcoming iPhone 32GB 3G S stands at 175.19 on a £34.26 contract over 24 months.

Total cost: 997.43

Plan: £34.26 per month
600 minutes
500 text
Unlimited Web
Estimated plan worth = £230


Winning Deal

BTW – I am not sponsored by any of these networks to promote these contracts – these were simply deals I came across as another average consumer and wanted to share them with you guys :).

There are other price plans available, but the ones I chose were the cheapest options.

At the moment, by far the best value for money is the Nokia N97 on Contract Deal 2: O2 at £25/month, £109.99 for the handset, with an excellent monthly plan with 600 minutes,  unlimited texts and “unlimited” internet (250MB). Effectively, that’s £29.58/month for a free handset.

Total ownership cost, £709.99. That’s a saving of:

  • £270.00 from the unlocked price
  • £113.24 from the vodafone plan
  • £101.00 from the orange plan
  • £288.43 from the O2 iPhone 3G S option.

Best deal found by reader, JoeL. Thanks!

It’s actually with T-Mobile, £115.99 for handset at £34.26 for only 12 months!


Total ownership cost, £527.11.

You finish the contract within a year, and most possibly will get to upgrade again after 9 months.

The plan is:

  • 300 minutes
  • 200 text
  • Unlimited web

That’s the cheapest total ownership price at the moment. If you find any better,please post below. If you need more mintes/text, a higher monthly contract option maybe better for you. T-Mobile does seem to have some pretty decent deals for the Nokia N97. Seems I maybe switching and saying goodbye to O2.

Nokia N97 on O2, free at £45 via Carphone Warehouse

n97bThe N97 is coming to O2-UK not directly through O2 stores but via Carphone Warehouse, apparently perhaps so as “not to irk Apple with a direct iPhone competitor”.

There’s one price mentioned, “Free phone, but £45 per month contract”. That’s not too bad considering iPhone is still £44.05 per month for the premium 16GB version.  I really don’t want to touch the N97 until it reaches around £30 per month, so I’ll just have to see if O2 and other operators will provide better pricing combinations on launch (or wait a couple of weeks/a month – er highly unlikely though, me want N97!). If you’re not a student, or just have plenty of money to burn and just want the N97 ASAP, you can preorder directly from Nokia (currently only for Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, USA, and Sweden)

As for the date, it’s still pretty vague. O2 Carphone Warehouse say mid June, so it could be around the 15th but who knows. I’d really like to see pricing decrease substantially on the N97. I mean, if it were a true flagship pushing the boundries of hardware and software, then I would support such high prices. But I’m feeling the N97 is more of a tug boat, making preparations for OVI and a greater flagship. It has the potential to sell well. However, with the next iteration of iPhone also coming in June, if pricing is similar, a lot of the general public will just blindly choose the iconic iPhone.

I mean the Nokia 5800 has features that you’d expect from Nseries, but it doesn’t have the elite N-price. It began at £15 per month for a free 5800! It may not have certain slickness from Apple, but at that bargain price, who cares?  That maybe a huge factor to its successful sales, which perhaps could also be achieved with the N97 were it to also receive extremely reasonable pricing.

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