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Video: Apple Uses Nokia N97 mini (+more) to deflect antenna gate issue – the cheek of it! Can’t make N97 mini lose signal completely like iPhone 4 though (both AT&T but N97 mini on FULL signal, iPhone at 60%)

July 21, 2010 41 comments

The official Apple page on youtube has been uploading some videos of competing smartphones to demonstrates what they consider to be similar antenna problems as their own iPhone 4 which when touched decides to kill your signal.

When signal strength is reduced sufficiently on the iPhone 4, it eventually CUTS your call. Looking at the N97 mini, it doesn’t lose signal completely.

It’s interesting that with the N97 mini, they waited AGES for the signal to go down (and I wouldn’t be surprised if they placed some Faraday cage above to reduce the signal.

Look in comparison to their own video. As soon as almost all signal is lost, they quickly remove their hand to let it recover.

What’s also interesting is that whilst the iPhone 4 gets 60% 3G reception with AT&T, the N97 mini gets 100%.

Of course Jobs would blame this on their antenna signal algorithms.

When doing video tests such as these and on your own channel, do some frikkin fair testing. It’s 3rd grade stuff to keep as many parameters equal for fair testing. Though fair isn’t really what Apple does in terms of perception and their magical distortion field

Number of bars in inconsistent. Some have 7, 6, 5 4.

Also only the iPhone isn’t at FULL signal. Hence why it’s the only one that “only” drops 2 bars as it’s the ONLY one with the shitty signal. Every other smartphone was on FULL signal. But of course this would be spun positively as iPhone 4 dropping the least number of bars.

Another thing to point out is that every other manufacturer has several handsets. Most antennas are awesome with some much better than others. N900 for instance is a tank of a signal beast.

You might want to check out though – How To: Hold your Nokia N900 and make it drop calls

Many man hours of testing is shared between the companies portfolio of handsets.

Apple has ONE phone which they still messed up (that’s what you get for “innovating” because you don’t want to pay Nokia royalties like the rest).

Here’s another N97 Mini via yhdkss

Bumpers, duct tape, to Fix the super awesome innovative external antenna (which some report still doesn’t fix anything). Oy.

At least we won’t have to be using one of these any time soon

I have never had a dropped call due to reception issues on My Nokia phones apart from…wait for it…when I went under the River Severn under a tunnel in a train. Even then it was quite a while into entering the tunnel that I lost signal.

Video: Unboxing of the N97 Mini Gold Edition

April 18, 2010 1 comment

In February we heard about the N97 Mini Gold edition.

Idelafr brings us an unboxing of that 18 carat trimmed Nokia N97 Mini Gold Edition:

Symbian Artificial Intelligence App with Nokia Beta Labs’ Nokia Bots – for Nokia N97/N97 mini

March 26, 2010 2 comments

This is a supremely cool application called Nokia Bots from Nokia Beta Labs. It basically learns how you are using your phone and so adapts future phone behaviour to anticipate future actions.

Alarm Bot

“Setting up a wake-up alarm and silent profile for night time has never been easier! Alarm Bot learns at what time you use to wake up, and suggests alarms and profile changes on your homescreen nightly. Create a new alarm and automate night profile with a single click, and never again forget phone to silent profile in the morning”

If you set certain alarms frequently, it will learn to ask you in future if you want to set that alarm again (just in case you forgot). For a morning alarm, it’ll even set your phone onto silent so you don’t get disturbed during your sleep. Just before the alarm, it triggers back the usual profile. But that’s only if that’s what  you normally do. How cool is that?

Profile Bot

“Do you ever forget to silence the phone for meetings? Or when the meeting ends, forget to switch back to normal profile, and miss calls? Profile Bot is here to help. Profile changes are suggested on your homescreen: confirm automated profile changes for each meeting with a single click, or let them be fully automated for you”

I’ve been longing for timed profiles to become more prominent in Nokia phones. Great app to change your profiles for a certain time period and revert back, useful in meetings/lectures so you don’t miss calls when you forget to take your phone off silent mode. Currently, the Timed Profiles feature in Nokia phones is hidden in settings making it appallingly difficult to use on a daily basis. I wonder if Profile bot takes into account calendar content. e.g. automatically setting meeting profiles when at a meeting.

Shortcut Bot

New apps from Ovi store make the phone more useful and fun. With the help of Shortcut Bot, you get quick access to your most frequently used apps straight from your homescreen without configuration hassles: your preferences are learned in the background, and shortcuts automatically updated.

Your shortcut homescreen apps change depending on what you’re using most frequently. No toggling them around. Hmmm..not to sure about that myself but may help others. Tis a bit like Window’s frequently used apps at start panel.

Battery Bot:

Battery Bot observes your battery status. In case the battery is likely to drain while you sleep, it reminds you in advance to connect the charger. Otherwise you might wake up too early because of “battery low” alerts, or too late if it drains before wake-up alarm.

Wow, ok I like. There are too many times that I miss my phone alarm because the battery died whilst I was sleeping.

Head over to

Nokia Beta Labs

I love the intuitiveness of these bots. These are the types of apps that bring functionality to the masses. It makes features more usable, more human in a way.

I think it certainly passes the “Grandma” test of simple and easy to use.

Via Camb078

HD Videos: Nokia Human Research Department: Good things come in [slightly] smaller packages.

November 30, 2009 3 comments

I was destined to meet up with my comfy pillow and duvet but just as I was about to climb under the quilt, I noticed the package that must have been received yesterday (Saturday). It was a big jiffy bag. I thought it may have been something I ordered from eBay.

It turns out to be a memory stick from WOMWorld:

[note: Photos taken by Nokia N900]

What was on the memory stick? A couple of videos from Nokia Human Research Department and an MP3 file.

Nokia Experiment #22 – The Museum

Nokia Experiment #16 – The Restaurant

Yup, it turns out they’re a great couple of ads for the N97 mini.



Video Review: Nokia N97 Mini Review – The Phones Show – Episode 94

November 10, 2009 1 comment

This episode by Steve Litchfield reviews Nokia’s N97 mini. The mini is the baby brother of the original N97, (seemingly) created to rectify to abysmal mistakes when Nokia succumed yet again poor compromises which rendered the original N97 somewhat ever so frustrating in general day to day use.

There are several positive notes that Steve makes, contrasting even the first Review of the mini by Mobile-Review’s Eldar and giving the keyboard a thumbs up.

via 3lib

In ‘summary’ plus some personal ranting:

  • +Better keyboard, better tactile feedback and layout

The N97 was the first Nseries to have a QWERTY keyboard and it somewhat failed miserably at it. The D-Pad which was only ever going to be useful for games consumed valuable space leaving users cramped keys.

The configuration of the secondary shortcuts were stupid, especially your standard, often used punctutation with full stops, apostrophes and commas all sharing the same button. Until firmware 2.0 and the longpress, this made it rather difficult unless you’d used the phone a while to get to these secondary functions.

Finally, possible the worst of it all, absolutely invisible tactile feedback of keys. With mine, I have to keep the keypad sounds ON to know I’ve pressed a button. I’ve noticed for some strange reason that the white N97’s had even worse keyboards, with keys not having even tactile feedback – some it didn’t even feel like you had pressed it at all!

The mini has No D-pad, improved layout of keys and better mechanical feedback.


  • +GPS very sensitive, very responsive and hasn’t let him down –

the original N97 has given several users issues with the GPS. As well as batch problems – some being better than others, some great some not even working! – , the design of the N97 itself meant that you just weren’t gonna get a 2009 standard reliable GPS ‘instant’/constant lock.

  • + camera glass has no shutter/lens cover –

though Nseries users have gotten used to having protective camera lens covers, the original N97’s was so appallingly made that it destroys itself with the grains of dirt it manages to accumulate whilst in your pocket, scraping over the lens area to completely wreck your photos!

For sometime I’ve somehow avoided that but I too have fallen prey and now have pretty much unusable photos especially when the flash is used.

  • + bulky plastic rear is now sleek and thin and stainless steel

the original N97 was meant to have a metal back, but as mentioned above with the poor GPS – this was due to the poor configuration of the GPS module which if the back were metal, N97 users would have gotten no use at all out of their GPS receivers at all!

  • + screen is brighter and more vivid
  • + oodles more phone [C:] memory for installation of apps.

A major problem in the original N97 meant that if you liked installing applications, you would soon run out of their microscopic initial 60MB of phone memory. [N-gage and the games were a major killer of C: ] This meant back in the days of 2003 when you had to uninstall one application to install another! What a slap in the face considering there’s 29.8GB there untapped. Even when applications are set to install in E: or memory card, some C: is still eaten up.

Overall effect of the changes is apparently stunning! But of course there are some shortcomings, but no where near a big of a showstopper as with the original N97 – well in Steve’s opinion anyway 😛

  • – smaller battery

    The mini is using a BL-4D, 1200mAh as opposed to 1500mAh with the original N97’s BP-4L. The smaller screen could have meant that your “online as it happens” N97 mini could have lasted even longer with active online apps on your mini’s homescreen but it MAY be just as similar if not worse (don’t take my word for it, I have not seen reviews yet about its battery life). Note, when you set the homescreen apps offline, particularly email, you can squeeze a proper full day of use out of the N97.

    You can of course, purchase spare batteries for extended use.

    • – no fm transmitter

      as well as for lack-of-space (and possibly interference from having a metal back somehow), this is an overall good compromise as here you’re loosing a feature in order to better one of the core features – GPS!

      • – smaller mass memory

        Instead of 32GB it’s massively reduced to just 8GB. I’m only half way through the memory, but then I’m only a few months into the N97. What I like is the potential of hardly ever having to remove any data from the phone, videos/pictures, to store elsewhere to save space. But the mini’s 8GB should suffice most users, particularly as its has much more mass market appeal given its smaller footprint and overall improved usability.

        If other than price, mass memory somehow affected other core functions, this is perhaps another good compromise.You can of course just purchase larger memory cards if you wanted the extra memory – 16GB/32GB.

        • – smaller screen

        Possibly the biggest difference if one is considering either the mini (3.2″, identical to 5800) of the original N97 (3.5″).  You can’t get over this like you can with the mass memory. Steve takes this positively in that he can now get his thumb across the smaller screen properly. Not that much of an issue for me as I’ve got big hands.

        I reckon it would have still been possible to fit 3.5″ into a much smaller phone than the original N97, it’s just that there are space wastages around the screen making the phone so much bigger.

        Cropped N97. via other blogspot

        Though it probably works out best for the mini as it can be made with a cheaper? screen which is essential for the reduced battery capacity. Plus you get that extra space for the keys.

        Overall, it seems if you can get over the screen size, the N97 mini should be the choice for you if you were so inclined to choosing either one of the N97 family.

        Pics: White Nokia and Garnet N97 Mini (+Poll – White, Garnet or Black N97 mini?)

        November 8, 2009 2 comments

        In addition to the standard black N97 mini, it will also be coming, not just in white, but in garnet red.

        Let’s hope the white N97 mini doesn’t fall prey to the same quality issues (light leakage, paint chipping, staining, poorer quality keyboard) that the original white N97 did. (see this post about my previous troubles with the white N97). Well, the battery cover’s metal and there’s no D-pad to get stained so I guess that’s already a plus!

        White N97 Mini

        Via Symbian Planet

        N97mini_white frontPopup Square

        N97mini white 3-4Popup Square

        Nokia_N97_mini 3x6Popup






        Video: Nokia N97 vs Nokia N97 Mini

        September 23, 2009 3 comments

        To the average consumer, the N97 and N97 mini are practically the same phone. (Heck, that’s understandable when some people I know can’t even differentiate between manufacturers). Appearance wise, they might as well be. But there are some minor visible differences.

        • The N97 mini looks fractionally smaller than the N97 (for me, not enough to warrant the “mini” in the title)
        • The N97 mini’s tilt is less than the N97
        • The keyboard on the N97 mini may be better arranged, plus D-pad replaced by 4-arrow keys (Eldar didn’t like mini’s keyboard that much in his preview – I got used to my N97’s configuration and I think the N97 mini’s maybe superior for typing)
        • The N97 mini’s 3.2″ screen is smaller than the N97’s 3.5″
        • The N97 mini has a metal battery cover and the N97 is plastic
        • The N97 mini has a less symmetrical call/end layout
        • The N97 mini has no lens cover (with flash slightly further apart from lens)

        Internally they’re pretty much the same except that notably,  the mini only has 8GB mass memory as opposed to the N97’s 32GB.

        Here’s another N97 mini hands on with the N97 for comparison

        Video: Nokia N97’s firmware update 2.0 Preview (V20.0.0025)

        September 7, 2009 Leave a comment

        You may have already seen Mark’s video on the Nokia N97’s firmware 2.0.

        Here’s a similar video from Symbian World but it’s a little bit clearer and longer on what is actually coming in October. I don’t know whether what’s demonstrated is the exhaustive list of changes or if there will be even more (I wish for the latter if users have to wait until friggin October!). Note V20.0.0025 is only the designation for the firmware at Nokia World. It may change.

        • Kinetic scrolling is everywhere where scrolling applicable. Menu, phonebook, photos etc. Navigating menu is much slicker now. Hopefully this means the same for other apps (not pre-included) that may not have kinetic scrolling either.

        “Kinetic scrolling should be possible wherever scrolling is applicable. Normal scrolling is not fun with touch! i.e. Menu/contacts (as seen in 5530)/all other apps”

        – firmware improvements I’d like to see in N97

        • Notice in contacts,
          1. kinetic scrolling
          2. scrolling with the bar displays the letter indicating where you are in your phonebook. e.g. “F” shows up whilst you’re viewing people whose surnames begin with F
          3. Kinetic scrolling does not affect the scroll bar. e.g. in the web browser, if you try and scroll down the page by tapping at the bottom or dragging the scroll bar downwards, it doesn’t work. Not sure if this is the case in the web browser itself.
        • Music Player:
        1. kinetic scrolling
        2. Less songs viewable in screen due to album art and more song details present in lists. IMO, much better visually and more finger friendly.
        • Some more widgets, CNN, Elle, ESPN Soccer, MySpace, Vlingo
        • Within keyboard, long pressing gets you the alternate key! Hurrah. Less of that vexing shift kerfuffle.

        Long pressing over a number gets you that number. e.g. instead of “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” you get “4″

        – firmware improvements I’d like to see in N97

        • New Maps version (Beta already available for you to try at Nokia Beta Labs as well as Lifecasting)
        • More phone memory available – though you can’t really see how much is gained, all we see is that there’s “36MB” free. They could have had 35 to start with. Supposedly there’s a 25-30MB increase. But if random apps keep installing themselves/sucking up phone memory, eventually we’ll be back to scraping for free C:.
        • Apparently there were theme effects but I couldn’t detect any improvements (did they even have it on?)

        There’s still a lot the N97’s new firmware upgrade needs.

        • Multiple Homescreens? I really need to have more than 5 widgets please. Ideally 3 homescreens – in addition to the current one:

        –  a swipe right could change the layout to a “home” homescreen – music player/facebook/bbc iPlayer
        – a swipe left could change the layout to a work oriented homescreen – emails/stocks/news/calendar

        – firmware improvements I’d like to see in N97

        • Actual keyboard shortcuts to take advantage of the N97 and N97 mini’s keyboard within apps like the Web Browser?
        • Being able to manually hide that toolbar in the web browser?

        Here’s the entire post about firmware improvements I’d like to see in N97 .

        Since the homescreen wasn’t demoed sufficiently and web browser not demoed at all, we can only hope that it’s there or Nokia’s firmware team are working on it (which might justfity the really long wait to October).

        Lastly, just some rubbish. I know iPhone comparisons have ben done to death, but from 3:39 the N97 mini really resembles an iPhone. No? Oh ok then. >_<


        Videos: Hands on/Walkthrough of the Nokia Booklet 3G, X6, N900 and N97 Mini.

        September 3, 2009 10 comments

        Here are four hands on/walkthrough videos of the four hottest Nokia Devices making their debut public appearance at Nokia World 2009.

        1. Nokia Booklet 3G  – Nokia’s first entry into the Netbook market – Premium design, exceedingly good battery life with respectable netbook performance.

        2. Nokia X6 – Nokia’s first ever device to have a capacitive display – their latest music phone with 32GB on board memory. (short demo of X3 at the end too)


        3. Nokia N900 – Nokia’s first Maemo based mobile phone and the flagship Nokia handset – the Smartphone to rule them all.

        4. Nokia N97 Mini – A somewhat smaller version of the previous Nokia flagship – the N97.

        via V3

        and 1, 2, 3, 4