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Free Game: Speedtester for the Nokia N97, 5800, 5530, Samsung i8910 (and other S60 5th Edition)

September 27, 2009 1 comment

Speedtester SpeedTester is a simple, free game from the Ovi Store that tests rapid responses and thumb-eye coordination. You have four lights which will light up one at a time. All you have to do is touch the one that is lit. This occurs very slowly at first, and as your points rises, so does the speed.

It gets sufficiently faster after 100, before that, it’s nice and slow to get you accustomed. Each time you fail, you start back at the extremely slow stage.

Here’s a demo video of SpeedTester, shown on the Nokia N97



Win a copy of SmartMovie! 5 SmartMovie licences to give away – DivX/Xvid/AVI/FLV/MP4/3GP player for your S60 phone

August 23, 2009 65 comments


The creators of SmartMovie, Lonely Cat Games, are giving away 5 licences for the video application SmartMovie (21.99EUR).

SmartMovie is an excellent video player, that allows you to play MP4V/FLV/3GP videos. It has a slick looking UI, with kinetic scrolling, extensive video settings and shortcut keys.

For more details on SmartMovie check out the text/picture review and the video review .

Now onto the SmartMovie giveaway.  I’ve not done one of these licence giveaway things before so bear with me …

How to win?

In my video review of SmartMovie below, just name one movie/video title that was played back using SmartMovie on the Nokia N97.

How to Enter?


  1. There are two ways to enter. You can either leave your answer as a comment in this post, or email your answer to MyNokiaBlog[at] with the subject “SmartMovie”
  2. You can enter multiple times, but each time must be a different correct answer (the more films/video titles you can name that was played back on the N97 using SmartMovie in the video review, the more chance you have of winning.)
  3. 5 winners will be chosen by a random number generator from the correct entries until we have 5 individual winners.
  4. Your number will be defined by the order your comment/email arrives in my GMAIL inbox.
  5. The winners will be picked from correct entries received by 31st August, 3PM GMT and announced later that day.
  6. You’ll need to have a valid email address as I’ll contact the winners via email as asking for your IMEI
  7. Winners will be contacted with their licence code

Good Luck 🙂

If you haven’t tried out SmartMovie yet, there’s a free trial at

Videos: Nokia 5530 galore, unboxings, previews and sample videos

August 9, 2009 Leave a comment

The Nokia 5530 Xpress Music, Nokia’s newest touch screen phone is due in a couple of days (Tuesday 11th August) here in the UK. On Pay and Go, it’s starting at a recession-friendly £130, or free on a £15/month 24m contract.

It’s basically Nokia’s mightily successful 5800 in a smaller, slimmer body, with a slightly smaller 2.9″ screen and no GPS.

For £130, you’ve still got:

  • nHD (640×360) high resolution (and very high density) screen
  • 3.2MP camera with LED flash (dual LED in 5800) and 640×352 widescreen recording.
  • S60 5th edition (slightly improved) – you can stock up on apps already available for the 5800/N97/Samsung i8910
  • 3.5mm jack – so you can plug in your own headphones
  • Micro SD memory card expansion (4GB included in box)

OVERVIEW with MegaWhatTV

UNBOXING with wwwmobilescouk


via celladdict

HANDS ON by todayon3G (Dan Carter)



Widescreen SAMPLE VIDEO by MrSunrise19


Video: Hands on with the 5530 XpressMusic

The 5530 XpressMusic is Nokia’s latest touch screen for the masses. It’s pretty much the same as the super successful 5800 except notably:

  • +Faster Processor
  • +Software Tweaks
  • -Smaller Screen
  • -No GPS

The 5530 is also the first Nokia to demonstrate kinetic scrolling within the contacts phonebook. It looks just as smooth as it is on the application, “Gravity”, which by far best exploits this feature.

Hopefully in future firmwares, Nokia will see fit to bring consistency to making kinetic scrolling, not just in the contacts application of the 5800 and N97, but to the entire UI wherever scrolling is applicable.

Another thing I’d like to see brought to the N97 is better UI effects. Even the older 5800 has better theme effects than the N97 – why didn’t the more expensive flagship get that?

Via SymbianPlanet

Video: 20 minute hands on with the Nokia 5530 Xpress Music

June 19, 2009 1 comment

Wampyre from Symbian Guru has found a very interesting video. (Voici, mais en français) –  The Phone House takes a look at the latest S60 5th Edition handset from Nokia, the 5530 Xpress Music.


Some interesting additions do include the new home screen interface and the kinetic scrolling in the contacts. Hopefully kinetic scrolling will be more consistent in every single application for ALL of Nokia’s S60 5th Edition handsets, to give the UI an understandable uniform flow.

In black, it looks slightly like a mini 5800, and inside it pretty much is that (minus 3G and GPS).

For the price (199 Euros) it’s one of the cheapest, yet most feature packed touch screen handsets. However, if it is value for money you’re after, isn’t the 5800 the better choice?

Via Symbian-Guru

Live Pics of the New Nokia 5530 Xpress Music!

June 16, 2009 3 comments

Yesterday, Nokia announced the 5530 Xpress Music, their latest touch screen music phone destined for the masses.

Below are some live pics taken at a launch event.







daily mobile via eprice

Nokia’s Third Touch Screen Phone! The New Nokia 5530 Xpress Music!

June 15, 2009 7 comments

Ignoring the 7700 and 7710, here’s the third and latest touch screen phone from Nokia; the 5530 Xpress Music.


Looks better here than in the live video demo. Image via Nokia Conversation

It may look familiar to you – because it has surfaced once as a possibly successor to the 5800. But then it was deemed as a poor Chinese knock-off of the 5800 instead of actually being a new device.


  • Slim Design
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Full Touch Screen, 640×360 (2.9″) – is it still resistive or has Nokia made the move to capacitive?
  • Similar contacts bar of the 5800, but now horizontally scrollable with up to 20 contacts.
  • 3.2MP camera + LED Flash
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Hot Swap Micro SD (4GB included)
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, EDGE (what about 3G?)
  • 199 Euros – 3rd Quarter 2009

Here’s a live demo video of the 5530 by Nokia Conversation with the 5800

Although a very short demo, it looks pretty snappy.

Via Nokia Conversations

This is a demo of the 5530 homescreen.

I like this darker version better (hopefully it’s not the same one in different lighting). I’m not too keen on the silver/black/white combination on the 5530 (it looks slightly like a 5800 gone wrong – the rectangular black plastic  bluntly bordered in silver). Maybe it’ll grow on me.

Via Nokia Conversations


Deceptively, it looks the the face of the 5530 is flat and smooth, but it's not the case as you can see from the live demo video, the bezel (-_-) and screen are not all flush with each other.


More Details here