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New firmware update Nokia N97 to V22.0.110 (updated with changelog)

July 1, 2010 18 comments

On my twitterfeed, @Sheridan01 mentionoed he was updating his N97. It wasn’t the wrongly publicised V30 that Nokia mistakingly said was available, but a new firmware update is available nonetheless,  from v21.0.045 to v22.0.110.

I did mine OTA, just hit *#0000# and update from there. It’ll take 5 minutes depending on your connection.

Not checked yet whether this is available via NSU and data cable, but most likely it is (or will be). Not sure when this came out but it’s new to me. 🙂

As for changes: haven’t checked yet, nothing major. Will update this post when I find the changelog.

  • Is Maps 3.04 there by default? Not sure as I already had it.No 3.4/3.04
  • It seems a minor touch faster, menu pretty instant before the button is properly released it changes.
  • Boots up a bit quicker than the 50+ second v21  (took ages when using custom theme, 70+seconds, then it reverted to default black and is now booting faster at 35seconds)

Update: Official Changelog from Norman John from SymbianWorld at end of this post

It’ll restart and your screen will change into the first image above. Then after booting, you’re on v22.0.110

Have you updated your N97? Noticed any changes? Maybe your operator hasn’t even let you go past v20, if so what firmware are you on?

Changelog from v21 to v22 via Symbian World

Data package content, corrections or changes :

  • Corrections to TOP ~15 issues reported in the field
  • OTC cases fixed:
  • Wrong Cherry number used in Russia and Spain
  • “System error” displayed occasionally at first start-up. Reported e.g.  by Vodafone.

Genius cases fixed:

Contacts performance improvement:

  • #144324: Voice dialing not working when there are 2000+ entries stored in Contacts.
  • #134637: Phone prompts “Memory full” when searching for names

Localisation & language variant specific:

  • #154188: Message editor crashes and writing fails if predictive text input is On. (Arabic UI, v15 language variant)
  • #146139: Scrolling to left and right works the wrong way around in Photos – Captured when using Arabic UI
  • #147509: QWERTY keypad input does not work correctly with Calculator. (Chinese language variants: v19, v25, v26)
  • #139207: “Slide to Answer” localization error  (Hebrew)
  • #140654: Localisation error in Bluetooth Audio – “Set as (un)authorized”  (Czech)


  • #141675: “Security module error” shown in display occasaionally at start-up
  • #147863: Occasionally device hangs and restarts soon after start-up.
  • #137558: Device keylock opens (although it shouldn’t) when dialing a number using a carkit. (CK-300, CK-600, also some non-Nokia, factory installed car kits)


  • Default Nokia tune is played as ringing tone for incoming calls instead of the one user has defined in Profile settings. Also sometimes device ahs stopped alerting for incoming calls. Both issues are now fixed.

Videos: Nokia 5800s on new firmware update V50.0.005!

April 21, 2010 1 comment

You have probably heard a few days ago about the new V50 firmware for the Nokia 5800.

This brings a lot of stability and new features such as kinetic scrolling, N97 like music player , improved camera and integrated quick office.

Quite a few of you have been saying this is how the 5800 should have been from the beginning (but then everyone kinda says that with each new fw).

Below are some videos from 5800 users on the new V50 firmware. Note, they aren’t all in english and aren’t all clear in quality, but it’s still possible to appreciate the kinetic scrolling and mini album art in music player.








I don’t normally report on firmware updates on handsets I don’t have at hand to check new features myself, but I thought I’d share the new firmware videos with you made by the 5800 community. 🙂

Legendary Nseries gets V35 Firmware update – Nokia N95, N95 8GB and N82 has new firmware!!

December 21, 2009 4 comments

I don't normally make a fuss about firmware updates except for (current) flagships, but it's great to see that after all this time, the N82 and N95 are still getting some love from Nokia

Fire up your Nokia Software Updater, there’s new firmware a brew.  But it’s not for any phones released in the past 12 months….it’s for some 06/07 releases!

The venerable Nokia N95 (including US varient), N958GB,  and the mighty N82 have all received updates to V35!

I’m not sure what changes this brings, I’ll update as I find out. I’m gonna have a go and update this evening.

@MickyFin via @gerrymoth

New v12.0.0.24 firmware update available for N97

August 17, 2009 2 comments

The latest firmware is available for your N97.

From V11.0.021 to v12.0.024

n97 firmware

Note: it may not be available for all regions/N97 product codes.

No official change log available yet.

– Thanks to Aplesh for the heads up.

Firmware Suggestions: Software improvements I’d like to see in the Nokia N97

July 27, 2009 15 comments

I just read an email from the WOM crew [the Don ;)]inviting me to a “virtual Q&A session” to discuss the latest firmware release (V11.0.021), where we see the N97 going in the future and what we’d like to see in future updates. This will take place on Thursday.

I’m absolutely shattered right now and just want to go to bed, but here are some of my suggestions I’m quickly gonna jot down . They’re just how I feel would improve my experience with the N97, the ideas which you may likely disagree with as you might have different needs, if so please feel free to shoot them down , maybe add your own suggestions too.

Now – the handset I’m using has a couple of faults (Voice dialling [though this works after hard reset, but fails again after memory card restore] and GPS [cannot get a GPS fix]) which I’m not too entirely sure how it affects other software aspects, so I’m not at all certain that bugs I encounter will be bugs you’ll encounter too (e.g. icon fonts spontaneously changing size when set to small). So I’ll either update with the bugs tomorrow and/or update with your suggestions of bug fixes.


1. Keyboard


  • When pressing shift, leave shift on. This is for both caps lock and inputting numbers/symbols.
  • Long pressing over a number gets you that number. e.g. instead of “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” you get “4”
  • Since the fullstop/comma/apostrophe are all annoyingly on the same button, the first keypress should be fullstop, two in a row gets comma and three get’s apostrophe. If you want to quickly have several fullstops then press “back” on the Dpad and the fullstop quickly. This is how I did it on traditional Nokia keypads and it’s still the best option for the N97 (for me, anyways) unless it miraculously receives a dedicated button for it.

2. Browser

  • Let the user have the option when they want to see the toolbar and when they want to hide it. Don’t leave it there to randomly decide upon its own choosing when to disappear and let me have the fullscreen view again. i.e. If I tap it, I see the toolbar, if I tap it again, it disappears.
  • Keep the progress bar there until it’s actually finished with the page! Sometimes it disappears, and you think the page has finished/frozen but no, it’s loading, it’s just that the bar is gone. (Then I press the toolbar to check, and oh, it’s stuck there for some predetermined time)
  • From Opera Mini: Pressing back immediately goes back to the previous page, without having to reload it. Yeah, that multi-window thing is nice, but it’s much quicker to press back a few times than to let the page reload (If it also allowed to quickly go forward again too, that would be a bonus)
  • Perhaps there could be an additional toolbar  (perhaps at the top) that when pressed shows you icons of your favourite sites (set via bookmark). A lot of the pages I browse are from a few main sites stuck in my bookmark toolbar, with just their icons. When in landscape, perhaps have a list of top 8? When in portrait, perhaps cut it down to first 5? Maybe if they’re feeling adventurous, for novice users have the icons set to the most visited on the N97 – though this may be a resource hog.

some icons in by FireFox bookmark toolbar. The N97 would render a lot of these applications redundant, having a better dedicated application instead. e.g. Facebook/Nokia Messaging/BBC iPlayer/Amazon/Gravity (for twitter) leaving me space to fill it up with other top book marks instead.

  • Have keyboard short cuts!!!!!!!!!! There’s a whopping 33 buttons (not including the D-Pad) which do absolutely NOTHING except help in text input. Going back to the opera mini point, I love how simply pressing delete lets me go back a page. One click. Done. Pressing “1” gives me a toolbar/menu which I can easily escape from. I understand that takes away from optimizing a touch interface, but what’s the point of having that keyboard there if you’re not going to take advantage of it?
  • When zooming in web pages, please stay zoomed in at that level until I manually zoom out myself. I don’t like having to constantly tap or set the zoom-slider again and again after each new web page.



  • Unless we go do the double icon columns as seen in the Samsung i8910 and Sony Ericsson Satio, the four big icons on the side must be extremely useful/important. The camera icon to take a picture is insanely redundant! We have a freakin shutter button for goodness sake. Perhaps change that with something more useful, i.e. switch to video (and vice versa in video mode)
  • When I change a setting, sometimes, I maybe done and just want to take the photo. But you can’t because you have to exit out of that menu first. Either let me take the photo with the settings window still overlapping, or, bring up the settings when you cover up the light sensor, and then hide them when you take your thumb off (the latter for optimal use with two hands, although this may not work in pitch black/extreme low light)
  • The camera UI itself needs a bit of an overhaul
  • Most likely, not possible, but have 16:9 photos, using up the entire screen?
  • Not necessary at all, I just liked the option to make time lapse videos with that function. Really like how fast sequence mode is now, it truly is burst mode (though crashes some times).
  • In video mode – could we have the option to turn video light on or off whilst taking the video?

UI Feel/Effects

  • Continuity, Continuity, Continuity.
  • Kinetic scrolling should be possible wherever scrolling is applicable. Normal scrolling is not fun with touch! i.e. Menu/contacts (as seen in 5530)/all other apps
  • UI effects – even with Theme Effects on, UI effects is PANTS! Even the 5800 has better theme effects. Have some minimize/maximise animations when closing/opening/switching apps. Even something like making that sliding animation (when you bring up options or dialler) would have been nice enough.
  • Transition effects are pants. I really like how nice Nokia PhotoBrowser looks, especially in terms of dealing with rotation. Take a look also at  the video of what we were supposed to expect from the N97.
  • Auto rotate screen should be left on as default.
  • Closing the QWERTY does not mean I want to view the phone in portrait mode. Most times, I just want to hide the keyboard after inputting some text. That’s all. I still want to use the phone in landscape. However, unless you turn auto-rotate on (which should be ON by default btw!), you’re going to be stuck in portrait. And even if you did turn auto-rotate on, the N97 will still switch to portrait, then switch back to landscape (when it should never have switched at all!). See Nokia PhotoBrowser again, as this best deals with rotation.
  • Resolving the 1tap or 2tap issue (make everything accessible by just 1 tap only please!)
  • Possibly have a 4×5 grid, and maybe have a similar autohide feature for the toolbar? (That damn toolbar takes up so much room! See full rant >>here<<)


  • More Widget Support – There are growing numbers of apps for the N97, but not as many that can become a home screen widget. Always let me have the option to install something to mass memory. (Sometimes Ovi Store automatically installs it to where it wants)
  • When Installing something to mass memory, does phone memory have to be eaten up to? Is it possible to just leave that phone memory alone? It’s so astonishingly microscopic, I wouldn’t have cared, given the 29.8GB memory, I thought I’d never use that 61MB (from deep reset), but no.
  • When backing up to memory card, restoring should bring back everything. After a deep reset, restoring only got back my contacts and some settings. No messages, not my modified menu layout, not my apps annoyingly installed on phone (I can deal with the latter).
  • A lot of things are buried in menus that should not be. e.g. Ovi Sync, connectivity. By all means, add them to settings but don’t remove the dedicated app.
  • Slightly better connectivity management. When browsing within WLAN, then cutting off, I’d expect N97 to switch to GSM data but it doesn’t. It just gets confused, needing a restart of the browser/app.
  • Gallery does not recognize images previously taken by N97 after a deep reset (still stored on mass memory). – Though gallery isn’t really worth using when you install Nokia Photo Browser (I love that App!)
  • RAM improvements
  • General Speed improvements.

App specific improvements

  • Facebook  app needs further updating to be more aligned to current facebook features. Even at least to a couple or more months back. i.e. Hiding some contacts/viewing contact feed filter/viewing my own/friends statuses from profile thus letting me reply/add comments to those statuses (not only in feeds). Perhaps being able to zoom in on photos/save a photo?
  • N-Gage app – poor implementation of touch. Even Bounce isn’t touch (it was on 5800). Poor execution of keyboard keys. Could have been an excellent gaming form factor, but only real usable key is the D-Pad. Why also isn’t it full screen?
  • Homescreen App – Multiple Homescreens? I absolutely love the homescreen thing – great when really busy/in work, quick glance, I know my last 2 emails, last 3 tweets, last 3 facebook statuses, last 3 news headlines, in one second.-

Perhaps, 3 homescreens accessible by horizontal swiping. e.g. from the main/middle homescreen:

  • a swipe left could change the layout to a work oriented homescreen – emails/stocks/news/calendar
  • a swipe right could change the layout to a “home” homescreen – music player/facebook/bbc iPlayer

Video: Behind the new Nokia homescreen – multiple homescreens coming soon?


  • Possible compatibility with New Symbian Foundation OS?

OK OK OK – My brain is seriously going to explode I’m so tired. There are still things I wanted to add….

  • for a blank homescreen, you could have vertical (up/downward) swipe – or being greedy – just have the upward swipe for blank homescreen and have a downward swipe for the classic/5800 style homescreen?
  • Things are looking good for the N97 with the new firmware update to V11.0.021

    June 30, 2009 3 comments

    In a few hours, it will be 1st July 09, the release of the new N97 firmware: V11.0.021.


    Teo, from Symbian-Freak, has found the changelog via, which at first glance for me looks great, as I’ve unfortunately encountered the bugs that required such fixes:

    USB detection error fix

    • PC does not detect N97 or USB charging connection not detected.

    Additionally for me, the N97 has twice frozen after being connected via USB, then after removal from USB, still displays the charging animation. It can only be restarted by removal of battery.


    • -Home screen online/offline widget crash fix
    • -Fix for “Alphabetical and Number input are mixed in facebook until end key is pressed.

    Fantastic. This has absolutely p’d me off when trying to post on friends’ walls/statuses and the keyboard is stuck to either numbers or symbols.

    • -Widget UI improvement – New facebook widget fixes a problem of Home Screen background visible on soft-key area.

    I’m loving the facebook widget for the N97. It does have certain stability issues, and annoyingly locks up if you suddenly lose signal in the middle of posting. As you cannot exit facebook to restart it, you have to restart the phone again.

    The visible background thing also happens sometimes in the bloomberg widget.

    • -Browser fixes to improve widgets stability.

    I encountered an awful bug today which led the phone to crash every time I tried the browser or a widget. Restart after restart. I had to remove the battery to resolve the situation. Hopefully this is fixed.

    -MfE related fixes

    • -Partial fix for Messaging/calendar entry lost.
    • -Mail for exchange calendar entry synchronization error fix.

    -UI transition error fixes (Portrait <-> landscape transition, there is a home screen corruption.)

    • -UI transition (Slowness and bad effects)

    Ah, brilliant. The N97 UI looks much nicer if you set theme effects on. You’ve got a visual transition from homescreen to blank background, menus pop up nicer, and there is a transition (though pants) from landscape to portrait. However, it’s do painfully slow that I had to turn it off. I can’t wait 3 seconds for the phone to orientate itself.

    • -Slow Touch UI response

    Another annoyance which has caused a lot of finger mashing of the screen as you aren’t really sure if your presses are being registered.

    • -Picture of the device lock appears half of the screen when transitioning the UI sometimes
    • -Landscape: in some cases the soft buttons on touch (right hand) show the Home Screen in background (install

    -Photos thumbnail performance and stability improvements

    • -Device performance deteriorates when lots of content in the device – especially photos

    I don’t have much content yet, only a paltry proportion of the entire 29.8GB available, but I have noticed the phone to be steadily slowing down with each collection of new photos taken, music/video added.

    Furthermore, photos taken in sequence mode take an age to appear in gallery beyond initial thumbnails. (But sequence mode is actually very good, with sufficient frames per second to be a real “burst” mode. Though I do miss “timed” sequences, e.g. 1 a minute. Good for stills time lapses)

    • -Partial fix no display backlight illumination when unlocking lock-key – CAP Genius reported already.

    I’ve had to restart sometimes because I thought the phone had frozen only to realise it’s just the backlight, but then it’s too late and I have to wait to restart.

    • -New version of Accueweather to improve the “Connection error” situation
    • -Device reset when browsing with high speed packet access (for Malaysia)
    • -“Browser soft key UI doesn’t work after putting Chinese character with qwerty keyboard”
    • -Java fixes (TCK, Pre-install app disappearing, *#7370#*)
    • -Operator fixes (CMCC, Hutchson and Telefonica, Vodafone)
    • -Ovi store client now embedded in the core image


    Some other annoyances that spring to mind right now (there’s more, but can’t remember) which aren’t on the changelog:

    1. Voice command disabled. Maybe it’s just my handset. It worked a few times, and it was surprisingly accurate, even in a busy Cardiff shopping street. However, it proceeded to later crash, lock the device needed for a battery removal restart.
    2. Music player in homescreen doesn’t always display the track that’s actually being played.
    3. When slide closes from landscape view, (e.g. I’ve just typed in something, I want to minimise the form factor) the phone reverts into portrait even though I’m not holding the phone in portrait – then proceeds to switching back into landscape.

    There are also some UI issues, which may have to wait for another firmware update, such as :

    • continuity of kinetic scrolling.

    This should not be just in certain apps, web browser/certain widgets. It should be a fluid character of every single area of the phone, stepping towards more finger friendly gestures.

    • slowness in typing.

    Using the keyboard, the letters seem to be slightly delayed before appearing on screen. It doesn’t happen when using the alphanumeric keyboard, but because the screen cannot register multiple presses, when typing at “fast” speeds with two thumbs, your input is not registered.

    • Better input of numbers/punctuation from keyboard.

    A lot of people have wished that the keyboard would register a long press as a number selection. e.g. instead of


    Additionally, punctuation. Full stops, commas, apostrophes, question marks and exclamation marks are (I’m guessing) are the most frequently used. Strangely, it was much easier to get punctuation from the old style nokia keypads than this full fleged keyboard. Yeah, you get used to it. But full stops, commas and apostrophes should have never been mashed together in one button.

    • Improved predictive text (mainly in QWERTY).

    Both alphanumeric keyboard and physical qwerty have predictive text. It helps slightly as you get used to knowing what words will come up, so pressing spacebar on qwerty completes it (Set auto-fill on). However:

    -it doesn’t have the intuition to know that when I’m pressing the awful .,’ button, in attempting to type “I’m, or I’ve or It’s, you get I.m/” Even when I’ve added it to the dictionary by spelling it, it still isn’t recognized.

    -When you complete a previously entered word, it automatically fills it in, including any capital letters you may or may not want the second time around. You cannot undo it unless you type the last letter separately.

    -Pressing up or down gives you suggestions on what you may have wanted to input, but it’s inconsistent. Sometimes it gives full words, sometimes it only gives a few letters. I may have to read the manual to ascertain the actual function of this, maybe it’s not meant to be for suggestions/corrections as it doesn’t fullfil either function properly.


    Whilst it’s a deep inconvenience to encounter these bugs on production firmware, it’s good to see Nokia fixing these bugs extremely quickly. As I remember from testing the N95, the guys fixing the firmware bugs were incredible. An email about a bunch of bugs to them and they release an update to fix it. Aha, if only it were that quick and simple for production units.

    From via Symbian-Freak