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Video: NokiaNav – Luxury Sports Cars + CK200 + Ovi Maps = WIN!

June 3, 2010 1 comment

I didn’t get a chance to blog about this or even attend the final NokiaNav meetup when NokiaNav was happening as I was in the middle of some really important exams. (Shame as there was a huge collection of Nokia folk at the meetup 😦 )

It was so hard to avoid as you’ve got 5 unsuspecting bloggers being given NokiaNav branded sports cars (Maserati Quattroporte, Porsche 911, Audi TT, BMW M3, with the lucky !”£(!”£ Chris Stobbs getting a freakin Aston Martin DB9 Convertible!

Waaaah! Totally Jealous! Seriously, I was looking at “synapse formation and cellular degeneration of neurones during senescence” and my mouth just dropped when I took a break to look at the NokiaNav tweets.

Check out the video for the full story. Great Job 1000heads/WOMWorldNokia. This is certainly one to remember.


Loving the camera work. Very nicely done WOM, very nicely done. 🙂

‘Secret’ Nokia Event: Something BIG is brewing in London – Good Things? The Nokia Signpost?

October 8, 2009 9 comments

On Monday I got an email from WOMWorld inviting me to a “top secret” event happening in London and it’s supposedly taking place around 22nd/23rd October.


"Something's Cooking In Downtown London" This link was in the email

[link – wordpress in chrome sucks]

I wanted to wait until I knew more about what was happening, but even after the phone call from WOMWorld’s Katie this afternoon – WOM kept the lid shut on what exactly is happening.

My initial speculation was something N900 related, like the onedotzero event in London. It’s not that.

My next speculation is that it had something to do with the N97 Mini which is being launched on the 23rd of October.

However, it might not even be about a device but about a service.

According to the first email, there’ll be an “exclusive behind the scenes at what Nokia is up to” in addition to  spending time at the event. Something interesting is that “everything is under the radar” and that they want to help me get to the “good things“.

Good Things


As you may be aware, “Good Things” is Nokia’s new feature in Ovi Maps whereby you can share landmarks/destinations, e.g. that really good mexican restaurant you went to, or a brilliant local gift shop. Nokia even wants you to put up sightings of famous people on there. You’ll can also see what other people have shared. (I don’t know if I like the name “good things”)

Check it out:

“Good things” I a bit like saving favourite places in Ovi Maps. Only, your favourite places can be shared with people around the globe. I used to have a lot of destinations saved from previous Nseries (until I transfered to the N97 and lost it from a hard reset 😦 , )

  • new destinations like my friends’ new addresses (I’m hopeless with remembering directions) or a particularly nice area (like with a statue or some interesting architecture)
  • restaurants/cafe’s
  • speciality shops I encountered on a random stroll
  • Some Uni buildings that I never even knew existed but had to get to
  • Hospitals
  • Take aways
  • Train Stations that were new to me
  • Parking locations
  • etc

Finding somewhere good to go in Ovi Maps is easy if you’ve got an intended destination. With “Good things” you can check out other people’s recommendations on where to go, places you may not have gone to even if you did a category search, e.g. pub (I wish Ovi Maps could match google maps’ search. I often “search” for a location in google maps then navigate with Ovi Maps).

I don’t think you can use “Good Things” from Ovi Maps 3.0 on the phone, but on the web version of Ovi Maps, you:
  1. Sign in
  2. Right click on the map to add your “good thing”
  3. Add the name, category, possibly confirm the address of the place
  4. the location is processed (it told me, 24 hours – that’s much too slow) and available for everyone else to view.


  • Would be nice to be able to add photos (especially since Nokia Maps “satellite” view is pants. Though – didn’t Nokia launch a satellite to space to sort this out today :D)
  • Mentioned by Kensai, “timed” good things – brilliant for checking out what’s happening right here, right now. You can see where an event is happening, and if an event is happening for a period of time, the good thing will stay there for the duration of that event.
  • Maybe like beta labs “life casting” have a filter to view some sort of “visual mapped twitter” to see where people are with what they’re doing.

Anyway, back to figuring out the event…

The Nokia Sign Posts

Before logging in to your Ovi Account in Ovi Maps, you’ll notice this on the side (it disappears after logging in):


What are these big signs? Are they some augmented reality sign that appears above your destination? No not in this case,

What’s the story behind “the world’s biggest signpost”?

During the campaign, we’ll be erecting giant cranes for you to glorify your Good Things to the world.

You can follow the story and find out more on our giant signpost feeds and blog:

GIANT CRANES?!?! HAHA! Imagine seeing a giant crane with a sign post over your favourite pub?! AWESOMENESS!

Anyway, following the links leads you to this page. Some event happening on the 23rd October (ignore the Cardiff thing, that’s my location – though the dot is wrong).

  • Note also the Nokia N97 Mini which comes with Walk Navigation and City Explorer. I think this is what I’m going to.
  • The behind the scenes thing is there and links to the same page the email did.

signIs this the secret event? Hehe, I like that it’s so secret, it has its own full page spread on the Nokia site. (could have been a recent page, although the world’s biggest signpost thing has been there at least since 30th September)

Back to the first picture

“It’s going to be big, bright, it’s going to move, you can control it with your mobile/computer, there’s a great spot for lunch under it, you can use it to find other great spots for lunch”

= the big tall crane with the sign post over a location where there’ll be lunch. The “good things” service can be used to find other great spots for lunch, and you can control it with your phone and pc (I’m guessing we’re not going to be controlling the actual crane itself with the phone – though that would be cool!)

If this is the secret event, I’m guessing the uncovering was an intentional part of the campaign?

Maybe this isn’t the secret…

Competition: Win a 1 year’s free turn by turn licence to Ovi Maps!

September 28, 2009 2 comments

I found this via @MickyFin (originally from @chansearrington)

How to get 1 year’s free turn by turn licence on Ovi Maps.

5 Steps to get your 1 year’s Ovi Maps turn by turn licence

  1. Open up Ovi Maps 3.0 on your Nokia phone.
  2. Find a landmark – either do this via search or if you know a landmark, just scroll to it.
  3. Go to 3D View. Go to Options>Tools>Map 3D
  4. Frame the 3D landmark and take a screenshot. To frame, just scroll around and zoom in/out. To take a screenshot, go to Options>Tools>Take a screenshot
  5. Send via email to with the title of your subject being the name of your landmark. If you’ve got email set up on your Nokia device, e.g. Nokia Messaging, it is extremely easy to send via email. Find your screenshot, e.g. go to Photos>Downloads, select the screenshot and send via Nokia Messaging to with the title of the subject being the name of the landmark

HURRY, HURRY, HURRY! The first 100 unique landmarks gets a free 1 year’s turn-by-turn licence to Ovi Maps. There’s a few licences left!

You’ll get an auto reply email confirming your entry and if you’re lucky, you’ll get another email back soon saying you’ve won!

Here’s my entrant: Millennium Stadium. 2 minutes later, I got my licence code, and now I’ve got nearly the full potential of Ovi Maps in use (I say nearly, as I’m sure there’s a lot more to get out of it).

Tap an area and either select drive to/walk to and it’ll give you driving/walking directions from your current position.It’s blissfully easy.

Millennium Stadium

BTW, does anyone know how t o make Ovi Maps 3.0 into Imperial, i.e. give distance in Miles? I’ve changed settings to imperial but it still shows details in metric.

Update: This competition is already finished.

100 3D Landmarks, 6 copies each = collage time!

The World according to Ovi Maps 3.0

32785550The full size pic (5000×2914 @ 3.29MB) is a must to check out.

Can you see your entry? What landmark did you submit?Quick glance I can see mine at Alaska and Southern China ^_^.

Applications: Ovi Maps 3.0 (on the Nokia N97)

July 6, 2009 21 comments

Ovi Maps 3.0 is the latest edition of Nokia’s free Sat-Nav software. Below is a screenshot taken from Ovi Maps 3.0 on the Nokia N97.

The improvements with Ovi Maps 3.0 are well worth the time to upgrade because the interface is much improved, requiring much less menu wading and button pressing than the previous Nokia Maps 2.0. Note the following:

  • [Top Right] My Location button. Pressing this red dot (inside the square) centres the map to your current location. When you move away from your location, as I have, it will show you the arrow of your location and how far away you are from it. It disappears once the other red dot (indicating your GPS location) is visible on the map.
  • [Bottom] Search Button. Pressing the magnifying glass allows you to either search for an address or categories of places. As with 2.0, this is most/only useful when you have an internet connection.
  • [Top] Location bar . Pressing gives you a range of options to do with named location: Walk/Drive, show details, add to route, send location and explore. This is a very simple change but makes so much difference in terms of making actual navigation and using Ovi Maps so much easier.
  • Only an options button is available. No toolbar to waste space, or exit button to press accidentally.
  • Kinetic scrolling of some sort. If you flick the map, it moves slightly, gradually slowing down to a stop instead of just stoping the moment you lose contact with the screen.
  • Zoom bar on the left. For me, that is a better location as a right handed user, it makes for less accidental zooming in/out. As with before, you can either hold + to zoom in, or – to zoom out. Alternatively, a downward swipe zooms you out, and an upward swipe zooms you in.
  • Compass. As with Nokia Maps 2.0 on the N97, after around a minute, this gets a lock and rotates your map to match the actual alignment of the streets/roads/you.
Basic view, no location set.

From the options button, you get a similar standard menu as the previous Nokia Maps 2.0. Some worthwhile additions include:

  • History. –  Locations previously  navigated to (walk/drive to)
  • Favourites – Access your saved landmarks or routes, plus Sync your favourites with Ovi
  • Dashboard – gives quick GPS info of speed, pace, altitude and GPS coordinates, and changes when you’re in the middle of navigation, giving you trip distance, time, average speed, total distance, time and total average speed.





"Walk to"

In action, Ovi Maps 3.0 turns your N97 or other compatible phone into a very capable Sat-Nav device. Directions for driving/walking appear pretty much instantly and you’re off on your way. The interface has been given a slight rehaul which makes it much more finger friendly on touch devices such as the N97.

Note, though none of the screenshots show GPS lock, that’s because they were taken within a couple of seconds of the app starting. The N97 is pretty quick at getting a GPS signal when outside. (Though there is a slight delay when in a vehicle)


"Drive to" options


"Drive to"


"Drive to" dashboard

Installing Ovi Maps 3.0

You’ll need two parts:

1. Nokia Maps Updater

– this will install Ovi Maps 3.0 onto your compatible phone.

dl maps

Follow the download instructions  >>here<<

Once downloaded, install and connect to your phone, preferably by cable. After restarting your computer, run the “Nokia Maps Updater” software. maps updater

Next, complete the installation on your phone. MNB000027

When you first start Ovi Maps 3.0, it will ask you to delete older maps. Once that’s done, from your phone you can start downloading maps via WiFi or Mobile Internet.

Alternatively, you can do this from Ovi Suite. >> Download here <<

2. Nokia Maps Loader (3.0)

This will install Nokia Maps Loader for your computer.

maps loader 3.0

To save time (and money) it’s advisable to use Nokia Maps Loader 3.0 which will let you load the maps you want onto your phone so you won’t have to download them on the fly later on. You can also download the voice navigation from here too.

Follow the download instructions >> here <<

Demo of the N97 compass

April 11, 2009 1 comment

This video demos the widgets and the N97’s compass.(Note to self, get screen wipes for the N97)

The point of the compass is to orientate your map in the direction which your facing. From the video, you can see it’s very sensitive thus a very promising addition to Nokia Maps.

No more looking at your maps in confusion:

“Right, I’m on this street, I’m moving this way, the map is moving that way so this must be the way! Am I?”

With compass, the simple Maps on it’s own will be great enough to get around – but with the additional guides and navigation, it’ll be an impossibility to ever get lost!

Everything is orientated to how you are moving.

You can imagine that it’s like overlaying labels of place names over your current location.  Now that’ll be interesting. Maybe use the camera as a viewfinder to literally do that?  Use the GPS to know where you are, the compass to where you’re facing and then from the viewfinder (and additional software) somehow annotate live on screen what street you’re on, what certain landmarks are. Like a live street view. (This is not an original concept, it’s been thought of before in several contexts)

sab2[Image from N97 Manual: View it in .pdf here]

According the the N97 Manual, to calibrate the compass, you must pretend that your N97 is a lightsaber.