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Nokia N8: Ultimate Value for Money? @Nseries Returns as king of convergence.

June 11, 2010 9 comments

A couple of days ago, Nseries blog posted:

Another thing to consider is value for money. The Nokia N8 has very accessible pricing with 370EUR (around $442) before taxes and subsidies.
We’d love to know your opinions, so tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter @Nseries. Is value for money a big consideration for you? Which features are most important to you?

At 370EUR, 442USD (before subsidies, minus taxes) the Nokia N8 packs more for your cash than any other phone.

Suyog echoed this in his reply to Nseries:

VFM(Value for Money) is what is important to majority in the this world not only fancy things. Nokia only provides best VFM.
That’s why I always throw question to guys who rant about Nokia, “Give me device which comes in xxx amount matching features of Nokia device which is also of same xxx amount” No one has ever able to reply to that.

Value for Money?

Let’s take a closer look.

With the collection of gadgets in the poster above (let’s average them at around 100GBP each, and that’s being easy on the dedicated devices), you’re looking at around 700-800GBP worth of goodies (1030-1170USD).

Not to mention you’ll have to hark back to the glory days of Nokia Great Pockets campaign to bring them all with you.

Like the original N95, the N8 is not one thing, it’s many things.


Until the N8 we haven’t seen a true CONVERGENCE successor to the N95. None that could put up a fair fight against its dedicated counterparts. None that had sufficient combination of features that would satisfy the redefined parameters of convergence.

Now Nokia’s stepped up again.

  • Camera to rival point and shoots (huge sensor, 12 Megapixels, 28mm wide angle AND xenon flash),
  • same with the 720p video recording (with stereo audio) vs flip cams.
  • HDMI out for true home media centre capabilities when connected to a big screen TV. Movies, Music, Games, Web Browsing on the big screen (like a mini PC)
  • Free Sat Nav for life. Walk and Drive Navigation.
  • Stellar 3D gaming potential as shown by. Sims 3, NFS Shift, Asphalt 5, Bounce.
  • Music and video player (with Dolby Digital surround sound. You can use apps for DivX if that doesn’t come at launch)
  • Keep connected, emails social networks and your favourite sites (if it had MicroB browser N8 would be a bigger killer smartphone) as well as on the go video/Photo editing
  • It’s a phone too – send sms, mms, voice and VIDEO calls over 3G or WiFi.

Features summarised here: 8 reasons to love the Nokia N8.

Great Pockets

Video: Nokia N86 + Gaffa Tape + Model Airplane.

April 21, 2010 3 comments

SenjaMFK from Norway has strapped his N86 via mere gaffa tape to a Piper Cub model airplane.

Although the propellers get in the way a little, it’s such an awesome view with the Nokia N86 on the RC plane darting around this picturesque snowy white location.

And yes, people can just film with phones whilst on an actual plane, but it isn’t as cool as having front view swerving around the sky with an RC plane (though above cloud vids/pics do look breathtaking).

This video might also remind you of our classic Nseries that were also strapped to RC planes a few years ago. Way before many phones even had video recording.





Lets hope in 2010, someone can make an updated version with Nokia HD ^_^

Video: Time Lapse Photography on the Nokia N85

January 13, 2010 7 comments

[N85 Time Lapse video at end of this post]

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll be working with a school in London with WOMWorld’s TOM to showcase the N85’s video/photo capabilities as well as Nokia software and services. Time lapse is a nice example of a built in feature that can produce some interesting results.

It’s also one of a few features I’d like to see in the N900’s camera (and stay in Nokia cams in general – it’s disappeared in N97 too).

Sequence mode.

One of the neat features ever since the N95 was Time Lapse Photography. This is where you let the camera take a sequence of pictures at defined intervals. Combine all those frames into a video and you’ve got a time lapse.

Video from back in 2007 with N95

Continue reading…

Legendary Nseries gets V35 Firmware update – Nokia N95, N95 8GB and N82 has new firmware!!

December 21, 2009 4 comments

I don't normally make a fuss about firmware updates except for (current) flagships, but it's great to see that after all this time, the N82 and N95 are still getting some love from Nokia

Fire up your Nokia Software Updater, there’s new firmware a brew.  But it’s not for any phones released in the past 12 months….it’s for some 06/07 releases!

The venerable Nokia N95 (including US varient), N958GB,  and the mighty N82 have all received updates to V35!

I’m not sure what changes this brings, I’ll update as I find out. I’m gonna have a go and update this evening.

@MickyFin via @gerrymoth

Making a real Nokia flagship – from existing Nokia devices.

August 14, 2009 8 comments

I didn’t get a chance to post anything yesterday as I was busy revising for an exam (for today -14-08-09) It went quite well, with the questions I had hoped and anticipated for actually coming up this time. Score! Anyway, whilst I was revising for the topic of Xenopus laevis T3 metamorphosis, I kept on thinking about Nokia and flagships…

Back in April, the Nokia Conversations guys asked, “What makes a Flagship Device?“.

A flagship phone is something that encapsulates the achievements of that manufacturer, i.e. having the best of EVERY great feature you have once included in previous handsets, but all in one device.

In  the context for Nokia, the flagship epitomises the true meaning of convergence. The flagship leads the way; it is deeply recognizable to consumers as an example of the ultimate potential of Nokia handsets and sets the bar of innovation for which other manufacturers should aspire to reach.

Hardware wise, you guys have had every single component that if combined could have resulted in the most formidable handset ever made.

But, as a long fan of Nokia, you get to be aware that it’s part and parcel of that Nokia is number 1 BECAUSE  they specifically divide up features for different markets. That’s been perfect for business, but bad for geeks.

The point of the flagship is NOT to be the most sold*; it is to bring the confidence in the brand so that when consumers come to buy a different handset, they will know from the flagship that it’s a brand that they can trust; a brand that will deliver the particular requirements they may need in a phone; a brand that delivers the best.

Hardware wise, Nokia have met and set bars. We don’t need to write an ideal spec-sheet of hardware Nokia should consider include to their portfolio. Most of what we really want from a phone, they’ve been able to produce already.

It’s just that those achievements were never consistently kept within one device.

A while back, it was understandable that Nokia fragment their handsets so that different handsets met the needs of different consumers. But now with competition so high and the general consumer becoming more ready for high end smartphones and convergence handsets, Nokia really needs to make a phone that stands out, leads the pack and show everyone that Nokia is the number 1 brand, not just because they sell the most, but because they make the best handsets.

Here’s a few features Nokia’s been able to come up with over the years; some very recent, some dating way, way back. But if all merged together could still make a phone to take notice of in 2009. (Set in in terms of the feature and a Nokia phone that has it)

Making a real Nokia flagship – from existing Nokia devices.



  • N86’s optics – 8MP, wide angle, excellent low light moins flash
  • N86’s Dual LED – 70% brighter than previous LED solutions
  • N86’s Digital Zoom – detail maintained, useful mostly for video
  • N82’s Xenon (just bring Xenon back please!!! When I actually need the use of Flash, this is the only solution that will do.)
  • N93i’s 3x Optical Zoom (with continuous autofocus)
  • N93’s dedicated flash button – flash on/flash off, double tap turns into video light. Amazing as a torch.
  • N93’s dedicated Video-Photo button
  • N93’s audio recording quality
  • N93’s stereo audio recording
  • N73’s gallery button (blue backlit)
  • N95’s camera shutter button (blue backlit)
  • N97’s widescreen video (not set to infinity focus – just in terms of its stability)
  • N97’s front camera


  • 770’s 4.13″ screen size/N97’s 3.5″ screen size
  • 770’s screen resolution (800×480)
  • N97’s touch screen sensitivity (meh, the best we got yet from Nokia)
  • N85’s AMOLED


  • N97’s BP-5L battery
  • N97’s Micro USB charging


  • N91’s audio quality through headphones
  • N95’s multifunctional audio/visual 3.5mm jack for headphones/TV out
  • N800’s speaker clarity
  • N95’s speaker volume
  • N95’s dedicated music controls/N93’s 4-way zoom that’s also music controls


  • N93’s tactile feedback
  • E90’s 6 row QWERTY keyboard (maybe not the same, but definitly at least 4 row keyboard, with the top specified for numbers!)
  • N97’s D-Pad (lot of potential for gaming, just never materialised)
  • N93’s multimedia button/5800’s touch media bar


  • 8800/8600/Eseries designers
  • E71’s build (general E-series Build)
  • N86’s kick stand
  • N97’s form factor? (Flick-tilt-slide – or just standard N810 side slide)
  • Size – not too sure of, but definitely nothing more than the N97.


  • N97′ S60 functionality
  • N97’s homescreen
  • N97’s and N800’s apps/software library
  • N800’s audio/video codecs
  • N800’s multi-window web browser
  • N97’s/5800’s firmware regularity


  • N95’s bluetooth, A2-DP
  • N95’s infra-red (tv remote app ^_^)
  • N800’s WiFi
  • N82’s GPS
  • N97’s 3.5G
  • N97’s MicroUSB
  • N97’s FM radio with RDS
  • Nokia N96’s DVB-H?


  • 5630’s 600MHz processor
  • N95’s dedicated graphics chip
  • N95’s dual CPU
  • N800’s 256MB AM (though this is only 128MB actual DDR 2 RAM, other 128 is virtual RAM
  • N800’s Twin memory card slots
  • N97’s 32GB RAM


  • N73’s breathing blue light
  • 5800’s breathing menu light
  • N97’s charging light

It’s not an exhaustive list. I’m sure there are plenty of things I’ve missed out and should include (things added in orange). It’s also missing features that Nokia still has been unable to give to us, e.g. Capacitive screen.

This was just to demonstrate what Nokia could have achieved in terms of features in a handset if every time they did something good, they kept it as a standard across all their devices.


* BTW, when I said,” The point of the flagship is not being the most sold”, I meant that flagships should not prioritise the idea of selling more of a handset to compromise on it’s performance/features. That is often to the detriment of the device as Nokia don’t tend to make decent compromises, often resulting in the handset loosing so much of what it could have been but saving so little in the process.

Video: Mini Nseries! Attack of the Clones

April 23, 2009 1 comment

These first three aren’t your usual dopplegänger Nokia imitations. These are cute tiny versions of them!

1. The Mini N95 8GB, complete with dual sliding mechanism.

2. The Mini Nokia N96, also with dual sliding mechanism

3. The Mini Nokia N83, with touchscreen, even though there’s no N83 yet!

The UI of these Clones, although looking a little temperamental on occasion looks surprisingly fluid. They all have the accelerometer, to change orientation of the screen and to switch music tracks.

I’m not sure about the quality of materials, but they look so nice and shiny! Look at the N78, it’s got a bigger 2.8″ touch screen and a built in hidden telescopic antenna for live TV! No DVB-H which we’ll no longer see in Nokia phones as that division has been sold off and acquired by Wipro.

4. Nokia N78 Clone – with touch screen

I’d love to have standard TV on my phone. Check out this mini Apple iPhone 3G version.

5. Apple iPhone 3G – with analogue TV

Or for actual digital TV, a sony ericsson variety:

6. SE and Digital TV.

These clones are clustering around the $100 range. That’s really good considering the list of features – although the reliability is yet to be proven. It may last a week and could end up being a really bad purchase.

You can check out what else they have on their website.

[No I am not affiliated with this site, I’m just intruiged by what these clones can offer in terms of price:features ratio.

Nokia N82: Early Morning at the Park

November 17, 2007 4 comments

This morning, I took out the N82 along with the N82 to the park so I could check it out during the day. Last night, the N82 showed some prowess when it came to its night/low light conditions. It is by far, the best Nokia phone for low lighting conditions. (More testing is going to be done on that tonight)

Results came out to be fairly similar for both the N95 and N82, some pictures the N82 would look more appealing, and others the N95. In most of the results, the N82 wins out for me as the pictures came out with consistently high detail.

The top picture will be from the N95 and the bottom from the N82. The full size pictures for both have been uploaded (only N82 clickable at the moment), and I will link to the original N95 sizes soon.