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Video: Nokia Loop App Demo (demoed on Nokia N8)

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Remember the recently launched Loop Application? It’s FREE at Ovi Store for Nokia N8 and C7 users.

Here’s a demo from the official Nokia Page of Loop in action showing just how to use it:

  • Works best with headphones (to minimise re-recording of recorded loops) and also in offline mode (so your loops don’t get interrupted by calls/text/email etc)
  • Choose starting Bars and BPM or have some preset base (e.g. Dubstep/Funk/HipHop etc) or ones you’ve recorded yourself.
  • Just record your own every day sounds. Anything works, and I mean anything. I’ve used staplers, scissors, coins, drawers, my mates speaking, traffic etc.
  • The mixer screen is pretty cool too, you can fade sounds out, increase volume of others or completely delete them.
  • If you want to add more tracks than allowed, you can just merge tracks with a touch of a button or pushing tracks together in the mixer
  • You can then edit pad sounds (the four black curved bars on the outside)
  • Save and set as ringtone if you wish.

As suggested in the comments, Nokia should really contact Mystery Guitar Man Read more…

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Video: Poodle Loop with the New Nokia Music Loop App (Must have app! So much fun – get from the Ovi Store today)

December 9, 2010 17 comments

On Monday there was supposed to be an all day event in London for the Nokia Loop App. That’s been postponed to January due to travelling difficulties.

On the upside, we still get a chance to see the Loop app in action! And you can download and give it a go yourself!

Record your voice. Record the dog. Record your friends on the bus. With Loop, you can turn anything into music. Pre-programmed with 9 baselines to get you started, recording your own music couldn ’t be easier. Available free to Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 owners.

This video shows the app in action! It’s from the official nokia YouTube channel goes live to the public tomorrow and won’t be listed for public viewing till then.

Have you ever seen beatboxers or other musicians on their own, live on stage create a whole band? Some form of looping is used. Here you can give that experience a go!

I’ve just had a go and it’s so fun! hahaha. And so easy to use 😀

Read more…

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