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Gallery: Nokia X5 pink (and black/purple?)

June 24, 2010 5 comments

A collection of high res photos of the new Nokia X5 was uploaded by cssinsight on Flickr. It comes in pink, yellow, blue and purple, but above you can see what looks to be a black one, though it may just be the purple looking black due to the lighting/angle.

Whilst the pink looks frightening, the black (and well all the other colours) are actually quite ok, the black one looking great.

The Nokia X5 is a positively square phone, with a sliding qwerty keyboard. It features a rounded metal back that can be spun on a flat surface to change music tracks. Hmm ok.

It runs S60 3rd edition and packs a 5MP camera. It’s like a funky Eseries.


Stunning live photos of Orange (Red?) Nokia N8 – “most impressive pre-production hardware we’ve seen”

May 20, 2010 2 comments

SlashGear got some playtime with the Nokia N8 (orange though it looks RED here).

It looks absolutely stunning and in terms of build, SG says,

“it’s some of the most impressive pre-production hardware we’ve seen…..We had our doubts initially about the bright orange color scheme, but in the metal it’s far more attractive than in press shots.”

They also point out the lightness and the very comfortable curves of the N8.

Here the N8 looks a lot more orange.

Attention to detail. Like all N8s, the raised chromy bezel bit isn’t just chrome coloured, but matches the rest of the colour scheme.The seams are somewhat better than earlier proto shots. I’d really love it if the seams weren’t visible at all.

Opening the ports: Hopefully these will remain secure through the life of the device. My N82’s card port is still very much intact.

As in other protos, the colour matching continues here too.

Bottom: Nothing going on here except for some text info that this belongs to Nokia and that it’s Proto. I wonder what production N8s will have.

These tapered endings do add to that added illusion of extra slimness (at this portion it’s approx <10mm)

via SlashGear

Now I want some more lifestyle shots to see the N8 in the context of users hands/pockets like the press shots:

MyNokiaBlog Weekly Post Roundup (Ep 16) Have you heard of the new Nokia N8?

May 2, 2010 2 comments

Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by on, reading our posts, retweeting our stories and even finding our posts good enough to track back to (thanks also to our sources!). This week was our busiest week ever, in terms of posting and traffic with over 60,000 views. One of our posts 8 Reasons to Love the Nokia N8 got over 4000 views on its first day and helped reach a new personal best that day.

Apart from Llaadd’s awesome C2 finding and a couple of N900 videos, everything this week was all about the Nokia N8. Starting with the initial drama for dear Eldar (with another midweek Eldar blip), then the official launch and somewhat of a huge turn around in opinion (considering the disappointment from the leaks/and scathing “previews), with much excitement for Nokia’s newest Nseries.

Without further ado here are this week’s post in case you missed anything 🙂

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  9. MakeMyApp iDea 2: “App Brainstormer” – Submit your brilliant ideas anywhere, anytime. Comes with incentives ^_^April 28, 2010
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  13. Video: Nokia N8 hand freestyler sneak peak guy – Max Vlassenko. April 30, 2010
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Unboxing Extravaganza of The Nokia N900 – HD Video unboxing and huge unboxing gallery of Live Pics. Warning! Extremely image heavy.

November 25, 2009 12 comments

This morning WOMWorld kindly sent over the Nokia N900! Much excitement aside, I won’t be writing much in this post; I’ll leave the video and photos to speak for themselves.

Hopefully you’ll be on a broadband connection as there’s tons of live pics of the N900, the box contents as well as an unboxing video shot in HD.


P.S. All photos captured by the Nokia N82 (Digicam way too memory hungry and it’s so much more  convenient to bluetooth pics over to my pc).

Live Pics: Nokia Rover/N900/RX-51 – Prototype Unboxing. The ultimate Nseries device and iPhone killer?

August 8, 2009 4 comments

I don’t think I’ve craved a Nseries device..scratch that, any phone so much after seeing these photos. Hopefully it lives up to the rumoured specifications…


So yesterday, Engadget announced that a new Nokia device has gained FCC approval. Which one? The RX 51.

Rover Woop WoopThe RX designation intrigued the Engadget crew as it could possibly be the Internet Tablet “Rover” that we saw MobileCrunch break news of a while back with their render.

MobileCrunch apparently had actual images but couldn't post for legal reasons

Now the RX-51 has been in discussion over at the since December 08. As I go to check out that discussion board, I see in the last posts these pictures. (more astonishing is that they are from a forum post that’s a month old! Did I miss these? Never mind, seems it’s new to the entire blogosphere).


Props to MobileCrunch. Their render did look pretty close.


Box Contents...check out the return of the Video Out Cable and a surprising BL-5J battery (it's only 1320mAh)


hidden screen. Nice. AMOLED please?



Looks absolutely beautiful!


Backs not too bad either.




Nseries - "how to open the battery cover"


Nseries Black Box Prototype 😀


  1. WOW!
  2. The source of those pictures is almost a month old. How are these images surfacing only now? (unless I’ve just been grossly out of the loop)
  3. Is it real?

When closed, I think it looks absolutely beautiful. That seamless face with the hidden screen. Very nice.


The FCC photos seem to match the photo

The keyboard is a bit, “meh”. Interestingly, it seems to be near on identical configuration to the rumoured Nokia N97 mini.

Seems there will be no dedicated numbers row.

n900 keyboard

N97 MINI keyboard and N900/Rover - similar configuration. Big chunky keys, could be very comfy to type on?

Check out the back.

  1. SIM CARD SLOT. It is a phone, not just an internet tablet.
  2. Entire back, including lens cover is removable.
  3. Lens cover is similar to the slide action going on the N97- but a cooler design that fits the look of the device. Hopefully that means that there’s a bit of a gap so it can’t harm the device and scratch itself like the N97’s lens cover.
  4. 5MP Carl Zeiss – ok –
  5. Dual LED – hmmmp. No Xenon.


kaskus via

I really like the looks of it. Now if the it lives up to rumoured specifications, the N900/Rover/RX-51 will be one hell of a phone. Hah, almost perfect had it had Xenon Flash, but I think I’d happily ignore that if Nokia delivers (rumoured) powerful specifications and a completely revamped and optimised user experience.

Nokia seems to have stepped up. This is what they should have brought to 2009.


From a previous post on the N900/Rover

  • It does Voice GSM – You can finally make phone calls WITHOUT skype to other phones :D
  • 3.5″ screen but it has 800×480 pixels! WVGA (16:10)
  • OMAP3430 500/600 Mhz processor! With Open GL ES 2.0 – 3D acceleration!
  • 1GB RAM!!! (Although that’s 256 physical RAM, the res- 768MB is Virtual RAM)
  • 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss – with Dual LED flash! An old standard from Nseries but on an internet tablet!
  • 32GB internal memory – expandable to 48GB!

Now on the software front:

  • It runs on Maemo 5. I loved Internet Tablet OS 2008 on the N800 – I often wished that was a phone. Maemo 5 should be even better.
  • The Web Browser is FireFox 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they bring it close the the desktop version then I’m in love with the handset just for that. It supports flash 9.4 too
  • Homescreen with “live dashboard” –  probably the Widgets version of the N97 – which has been on IT OS for a while, it just wasn’t as customizable.
  • Captures video at 800×480 in AVC/H.264 No HD, but slowly getting there. What FPS though?
  • At 59.7 x 111 x 18.2 mm, it’s quite big, and should have been big enough to fit the 4.1″ screen of previous internet tablets (there’s still be plenty of space either side for a 2ndary camera – although due to width, that would only leave about 1mm either side)
  • Not all Nokia N97s are made the same: More reasons to choose the Black Nokia N97

    July 7, 2009 7 comments

    If you’ve been following the Nokia N97 reviews, you will have noticed large contrasts in opinion about it. Whilst opinions on the software are understandably much more subjective, the physical hardware should be less so. Nevertheless, there are still comments about how the keyboard on the N97 has virtually no tactile feedback (e.g. BGR and more recently, Gizmodo) yet from the likes of Mobile-Review and Engadget, receive slight praises on the tactile response of the keys.


    So why the mixed bag of reviews? Who’s right about the tactile feedback of the keyboard? Are some just overly harsh? Do others just have less expectations?

    Perhaps the answer is that they are all right.

    I’m not sure if it’s just an issue with the white Nokia N97 or the fact that it’s from WOMWorld to trial, but if I based my opinions on the keyboard on that particular N97 alone, I would have had to tell you that the feel is slightly disappointing. Some keys have good tacticle feedback, other keys it’s non existent. This makes it an issue when typing as you aren’t sure you’ve pressed certain keys (though after nearly two weeks I’ve gotten used to it).

    However, playing around other Nokia N97s (a couple of black N97s from different stores), the keyboards felt entirely different:

    • The keys felt really nice to use. They all had great tactile feedback; you could feel the obvious bounce in the keys that sometimes doesn’t happen with my trial N97.
    • Also, the keyboard felt like it had a velvet/rubber coating, similar to the D-Pad,  whereas on the trial N97, the keys just have a smooth plastic finish. The former is preferable for me.
    • Finally, the slide mechanism. There were noticable differences here too – with the trial N97 having a slightly softer opening and closing, whereas another N97 felt slightly snappier.

    I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the particular N97 I’m using, or if it’s an issue with the white N97s or if batches of N97s have differing built quality. Being either of the latter two would explain the contrasting opinions of major reviewers on the keyboard.

    More reasons to choose the Black Nokia N97

    (Apart from personal preference of aesthetics and possibly better keyboard…)

    Some other issues I have encountered with the white N97 (which may not happen with the Black N97 or may be less noticable):

    • The D-pad is quick to absorb any stains. Mine’s turning slightly creamy yellow with a few dark ink stains.


    • Dust/dirt is getting trapped on the bezel. Whilst this would be an issue for the black N97 too, it would be less noticeable.


    [Gunk remaining that the cloth couldn’t reach]

    • The white paint behind the rim of the N97s screen has started to peel, and scratches off extremely easily. At first I thought there was some dark dirt so I tried cleaning it, only to realise that I was inadvertently removing  the paint and exposing a darker surface.




    • It may just be my eyes, but the back of the N97 is turning slightly yellower too. And it’s also holding on to darker ink staining. It’s not because it’s white, it’s the materials used for the back. Any stains that happen on the face of the N97 are quickly wiped off and forgotten, but you’ll have to be a lot more careful with the back. I can’t get this to show in camera so no pics included.
    • This last point isn’t really an issue, I’m just being pedantic about build quality now. Note the two tone key lighting. On some keys, you can see where blue plastic has been inserted to separate the secondary key. Makes me wonder if it was a last minute fix of the ghastly orange keys we saw in Proto N97s. Again, not really a problem (nor the slight light leakage), and not that noticeable; just being pedantic.


    [Photos by N82]

    So for me, as well as the Black N97 looking nicer:

    1. there’s a possibility that the keyboard is built better on the black N97, as well as
    2. long term issues of wear/tear/scuffs/stains being less obvious on the black N97

    Nokia N86 Review by Rafe Blandford

    If there was one person in this world I would trust on having an overwhelming understanding of Nokia and Symbian, it would be Rafe blandford. What Rafe doesn’t know about Symbian isn’t really worth knowing.


    You may have read his review of the Nokia N86 already, but if you haven’t, please check it out >>click<<

    There’s a brilliant introduction to the history behind the N86 and Nseries as well as the climate of competition the N86 is entering.

    The portion that interests me the most is the camera stills section, afterall, being the “imaging flagship”, camera stills is in essence, the purpose of being of the N86.

    Although slow in joining the megapixel race to 8MP (very 2008), Nokia hasn’t done it mindlessly, just to attract and blind consumers into the ever increasing numbers game. There appears to be (at least on paper) many attempts at improving the image quality, making more efficient use of each frame and each pixel.

    Side Note. This video interview, back in February, accounts Nokia’s vision for the N86.

    You’d expect that the N86 should be the best 8MP camera phone on the market. In fact, as you’ll remember, it won the TIPA 09 Best Mobile Imaging Device.

    In early preproduction review of the N86 by Mobile Review however, the result was inconclusive, with Samsung’s INNOV8 sometimes having the upper hand in picture quality. The N86 is available now so there should be a lot of reviews out there of the actual production version to see if the N86 has really risen the bar for still images.

    Please check out the rest of the review at AAS.

    Via All About Symbian


    AAS will be doing a test of the “third generation” Dual LED flash.  According to Rafe, “Nokia continue to persevere with dual LED technology rather than Xenon for their flash units, quoting size and power efficiencies”.

    Perhaps with the improvements to the sensor, the N86 doesn’t need Xenon?

    For me, a camera phone is for memories – taking snaps of friends and families. i.e. people. Yeah, there are occasional scenic images, random attempts of being artsy, but most of my gallery is filled with people. I don’t know about you, but in most of those cases, where they’re within 1-3 metres, half the time in not the most ideal lighting situations, Xenon flash really does help – pushing the colours from slightly washed out to something more vibrant and changing possibly a blurry mess to a crisp, clear moment frozen in time.

    Maybe, like the N85, N96, the N86 is another interim solution to a true successor for ground breaking N95, therefore for the expectations of the N86, Dual LED was the best choice.

    Live Pics of the New Nokia 5530 Xpress Music!

    June 16, 2009 3 comments

    Yesterday, Nokia announced the 5530 Xpress Music, their latest touch screen music phone destined for the masses.

    Below are some live pics taken at a launch event.







    daily mobile via eprice

    Comparison Live Pics: Nokia N97 vs E90 vs E75 vs 5800 and Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD)

    June 11, 2009 7 comments

    My-Symbian has posted some excellent comparison shots of the N97 with the E90, E75, 5800 and Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD).

    A few interesting selections below:

    1 – E90 and N97

    E90 is huge, but that’s because of that big screen and that spectacular keyboard. Not the best looking phone though. You’d think the reason Nokia stuck the numbers row with the first letters row was because they didn’t have enough rows. 1 more row could have done it, right?


    2. N97 and E75

    …The E75 has four rows of keys, BUT still doesn’t have a dedicated numbers row. I guess you could close the keyboard and quickly right on the keypad – but it just seems very frustrating that Nokia puts a keyboard, yet compromises severely on the layout.


    3. 5800 vs N97

    3.2″ screen vs 3.5″ screen.


    4. N97 and i8910

    3.5″ screen vs 3.7″ screen.


    5. Phone Pile!

    N97 on top 🙂


    Via My-Symbian

    Unboxing Photos and Live pics of the white Nokia N97

    The more pictures I see of the white N97 the more I want the black N97.


    The chrome bezel on the face of the white N97 looks odd to me somehow. It doesn’t look as sleek as the stunning live pics of the black N97 by mobilbladet. Something quite, toy-like about it.


    gizmovil via dailymobile