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Huge Gallery: Nokia RM-626 aka E7/N9/C7/N8-02 whatever. Here’s photos of it.

June 29, 2010 23 comments

Minutes after publication of the video, here’s another quick post about the RM-626 aka Nokia E7/N9/C7/N8-02. We don’t know what it’s called but here’s a huuuge gallery for you to feast over.

First Symbian Touch to exceed nHD?

NegriElectronics via FoneArena via ModMyMobile

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Video: Hands on with the Leaked Nokia N9/N8-QWERTY variant/E7 (RM-626)

June 28, 2010 18 comments

As promised by NegriElectronics here’s some more dishy news on what they call the Nokia N9.

Note, Eldar has said that this is an old proto. There may already have been changes to what he’s already got.

  • Name yet not confirmed. But this is NOT the N9 as that will have MeeGo. This is Symbian^3.
  • Slim looking QWERTY
  • HDMI
  • Screen looking bigger than 3.5″ or is that just me being hopeful?
  • Screen looks to be AMOLED
  • Rotate transition is slightly more acceptable. A very fast fade in fade out that does not fade to black (to make it look like it’s frozen)
  • Can’t be nHD – The small print of the text looks too sharp. WVGA at least? (not accounting for exact ratio here)
  • Solid sounding snap as the keyboard pops open. (I do love N97 form factor and that slide!). And it does flick and pop open (not a passive push)
  • Back end has a small bar (it doesnt run all the way along the length of the device like the N97.)
  • Check out the new volume switch/rocker thing next to the SIM port.




Recorded today. What's with that front-facing-looking LED flash?

It may just be the angle but it's looking pretty slim here. And the screen looks bigger than 3.5" though it may just be wishful thinking.

The curved thing in the corner is the tip of his thumb. The text is much too sharp to be 640x360

back lit 4-row QWERTY with a solid sounding snap as it slides open.

Back. Slightly different to N97 with only a partial hinge.

SIM card port and look at that new volume rocker switch. No single button, you slide the volume/zoom either way.


Nokia N9 leaked? Has Impossibly thin tilt QWERTY slider and N8ish design!

June 14, 2010 7 comments

Engadget has come across what they believe to be a leaked Nokia N9 from a video (I can’t see it as it’s blocked in “my region”, can you?). Hopefully someone can rip that onto youtube.See video below (thanks James Burland and Joao Luis)

  • It has a QWERTY keyboard!
  • It tilt’s like the N97!
  • The keyboard has 4 rows!
  • It’s impossibly thin!
  • It has NOKIA N8 like sweeping curves
  • How does the mechanism work? To have that much floor space it must be like Touch Pro 2 rather than N97 flick tilt as it’s at least 85% where as Nokia’s often around 50%.

Now, I didn’t ask Alberto Torres about the upcoming form factor of MeeGo phone (most likely to be N9 since that’s the only Nseries number left and he said MeeGo phone would be on Nseries) but he did say it would be slimmer than N900 and more beautiful.

Engadget compared this “leak” to the N98/ aka Nokia E7 also rumoured to launch at Nokia World (though this is sporting a similar design, it’s running Symbian)

Then again this could just be a fake.

Engadget via @breathlesstao

New Nokia C7! Leaked or Fake China Clone?

June 10, 2010 3 comments

What do you make of these pictures?

  • it a real leaked Nokia C7?
  • A China fake C7 (which would still be in the design of a real C7)
  • Or entirely made up china clone?

Daily Mobile says that it supports the following features.

  • OS-symbian^3
  • 8MP camera with dual led flash.
  • face detection
  • 3.5 Capacitive Touch screen
  • multi touch supported
  • stereo speakers

Is this design touch only? It looks for some reason like it should be a portrait slider like the Palm Pre.

From the front, it kinda looks like it should be a slider which immediately reminded me of this comment yesterday on a post about the Nokia C3:

Kinda helps remind people that the majority of the world can’t afford iPhone 4s, n900s, etc..

Speaking of qwerty, I was hoping nokia would do a portrait slider like the palm pre with the e72 keyboard, 3.5″ ts, all metal build the like current e series. Perhaps with symbian^4 in Q1/2 2011?

via Daily Mobile

It may likely be real given Eldar’s tweet. He doesn’t comment on non-existent clones. This is supposedly gonna be around 270EUR

Eldar has also later confirmed C7 is NOT fake after a mix up in saying N920 is fake.

So there you go, C7 above is real.

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Nokia N920 4.13″ capacitive, super slim keyboardless mobile computer?

October 16, 2009 3 comments

We know that the successor of the Nokia N900 will have both capacitive screen and multitouch; finally getting somewhat closer to the iPhone in terms of slick screen interaction.

Well the N900’s successor maybe more iPhone-like that we would have guessed. Well if we believe rumours that is…

Check out below of what looks like a cross between an iPhone but slapped with a Nokia 770/N800’s screen (running the old OS 2007). I reckon if you could blow up the stories they’d be rss links to something way back in 07.


VIA IMOBILE365. Not real, though I'd be happy to be wrong.

If Nokia did make a slim, powerful, keyboard-less, capacitive Maemo 6 phone with 4.13 screen (and possibly improved imaging) they maybe onto a big winner.

It would have been great if this was an ACTUAL spy pic as claimed. China clones, though sometimes botching things up to look nothing like the original, must (at times) have a starting point somewhere, right?

Like the now known 7705 – this was cloned in china as the E81 way before the 7705 twist’s release. Whilst the 7705 were in factory production, someone stole one and copied it.

N800 with OS 07 – ( ah memories! From a really old review of mine on mobileburnforums!)

VIA "First Impressions of Nokia's Latest Internet Tablet"

Finally – here’s my post on the “N920”. That post was meant to be about a keyboard configuration, that’s all. The N920 name was just something to refer to it.

"n920" and N97

Successor of the Nokia N900!?

September 4, 2009 16 comments

At Nokia World, the Nokia N900 was referred to as step 4 of 5 in the Maemo route to Smartphone perfection. Or words to that effect.

The N900 is already pretty amazing, how much more could the successor be?

Could this be Step 5?


  • 4-Row keyboard WITH a numbers row – spacebar in the middle!
  • More standard looking, offset QWERTY keyboard.
  • No D-Pad or 4 row directional arrow keys, – possibly a trackball instead? Last time seen in a Nokia was the 7650, now popularised by RIM and their Blackberry.
  • Can’t really glean much else from this image. If it’s Maemo – then it’s 800×480 pixels at least.
  • Looks oddly more iPhone-like than Nokia-esque.

On the hardware side, for it to warrant being the “Step 5”, (for me) it needs:

  • Capacitive display
  • At least 3.5″ or greater (up to 4.1″)
  • 8MP camera – similar grade to N86
  • Xenon Flash as in N82
  • Perhaps even the Dual LED flash of the N86?
  • Bigger battery – back up to 1500mAh please (or more)
  • Possibly an upgrade on the processor and RAM? N900’s performance hasn’t been publicly tested sufficiently to know how much improvement, if any, it needs in this department.
  • 3D- display even? (Not sure I see the benefit yet. Maybe it’ll render “UP” and “AVATAR” in 3D?)

Briefly on software – will “Step 5” even be Maemo 5 or another version of Maemo?

Concept phone or actually coming to Nokia’s Portfolio? Whatever the case, I hope they bring back 4 row keyboards with similar layout to the above.

Alternatively there’s an Eseries version of the N900. The E900. Specification of this concept in picture.




New Nokia N900: Nokia’s Next Internet Tablet wipes the floor with the Nokia N97

May 25, 2009 8 comments


Although the above is an artistic render by MobileCrunch (the actual image can’t published for security reasons), what’s more interesting  about Nokia’s next Internet Tablet are the specifications:

  • It does Voice GSM – You can finally make phone calls WITHOUT skype to other phones 😀
  • 3.5″ screen but it has 800×480 pixels! WVGA (16:10)
  • OMAP3430 500/600 Mhz processor! With Open GL ES 2.0 – 3D acceleration!
  • 1GB RAM!!! (Although that’s 256 physical RAM, the res- 768MB is Virtual RAM)
  • 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss – with Dual LED flash! An old standard from Nseries but on an internet tablet!
  • 32GB internal memory – expandable to 48GB! Is this a joke? This was like the last good thing about the Nokia N97 (except S60 5th edition, which is highly subjective)

Four negative points on the hardware side:

  • First is the 1320mAh battery which should really be 1500mAh. But if those other specifications are real then I’d be more than prepared to give up some extra call time minutes.
  • Only 3 rows of keys on the QWERTY keyboard? Why no dedicated numbers row? Unless that square block of 9 keys on the right of the keyboard are 1-9?
  • At 59.7 x 111 x 18.2 mm, it’s quite big, and should have been big enough to fit the 4.1″ screen of previous internet tablets (there’s still be plenty of space either side for a 2ndary camera – although due to width, that would only leave about 1mm either side)
  • Why no XENON Flash? The device is fat enough to have xenon! :p

Possibly three more negative points – but since they’re not mentioned they may just have been missed out of the text as oppsed to not actually being on the device.

  • where’s GPS?
  • Stereo Loudspeakers (on par with N800/5800/N95 at least!)
  • 3.5mm jack

Those are basic standards now and are probably there and would be stupid if left out. But then again, that’s Nokia and they like leaving out features you think are standard. *cough – XENON*.

Lastly on the hardware, this just a guess, but on the box contents:

Connectivity cable, headset, charger, battery (1320 mAh), Video-out cable, microUSB adaptor, cleaning cloth

Stylus isn’t mentioned. Maybe it’s there, maybe they don’t supply it or maybe it will not work because this has a capacitive screen? The stylus was essential for browsing certain sites on the N800, but if they optimise finger touch for the “N900” then we really shouldn’t need it.

Now on the software front:

  • It runs on Maemo 5. I loved Internet Tablet OS 2008 on the N800 – I often wished that was a phone. Maemo 5 should be even better.
  • The Web Browser is FireFox 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they bring it close the the desktop version then I’m in love with the handset just for that. It supports flash 9.4 too
  • Homescreen with “live dashboard” –  probably the Widgets version of the N97 – which has been on IT OS for a while, it just wasn’t as customizable.
  • Captures video at 800×480 in AVC/H.264 No HD, but slowly getting there. What FPS though?

Sounds like a stellar device!

Taking a more objective look however, Nokia didn’t really bring anything new to the table with the “N900”; they’re just catching up with the standard for 2009 and bringing, via the new internet tablet, what users should have been expecting in the N97! If these features ring true then this is actual internet in your pocket – not the N97.

The only thing going for the N97 right now as opposed to this is that the N97 is real and it’s coming in a couple of weeks (or so).

When is the new tablet going to be launched?

Seems to be July 2009 for the whole world except Europe (the home of Nokia) who must wait till October 2009.

Via MobileCrunch


image above via engadget.

Update: Here’s an image that seems to have been taken from the same presentation above of the Nokia N900 aka Rover. There are less keys portrayed by the MobileCrunch render, so the numbers row is definitely integrated in the top row :(.


I like the look of this device. It may not have the tilt screen of the N97, but maybe it has a kick stand to tilt it whilst on a flat surface? I like what seems to be dedicated music keys on the left side. On the right, we can also see what’s probably the 3.5mm jack, an on/lock switch and possibly one half of the stereo loudspeakers?

I’m not really too fussed about the missing D-Pad – the screen is easily accessible enough to tap where I want to insert text to. If it’s necessary in an application, e.g. a game, I’m sure it’s easy enough to configure WSZ/ASD as a D-pad.

– engadget via cellpassion

Nokia’s New Mobile OS: Maemo Harmattan

May 19, 2009 2 comments

In an interview about a couple of weeks back at the Nokia Developer Summit, David Rivas – Nokia VP, discussed the Nokia’s strategy for having multiple software platforms – basically stating that different devices need different OS for different tasks – not one OS fits the bill. The three major OS used by nokia are S40 which drives the “volume” division, S60 which drives the “value” and Maemo (built on Linux) for the internet tablets and “other interesting products”.

S60 for Value? This and the excerpt below sides with Eldar’s speculations about a month ago when we heard about the Nokia Nautilus and other new Nokia Touch screens, where Nokia maybe shifting S60 (or Symbian Foundation) into mid range/mass market handsets, and possibly have Linux reserved for the high end devices. Many, including myself, have been a little underwhelmed with S60 touch, especially  with the first ghastly demonstration – , it was embarrasing to be a Nokia fan – it had no optimisation for finger touch, it just looked like they slapped on a touch screen to normal S60 3rd edition. It’s evolved somewhat since then, as we have from both the 5800, N97 and even from the Samsung camp with the i8910 with S60 5th edition. However, it still lacks complete finger friendly optimisation, or really any new innovation – much of which is hampered by the fact that it is S60 with touch and has a lot of legacy and compatibility issues to deal with. The only real solution is to start from scratch. Much like what Palm has done with the Palm Pre and WebOS – delivering an unexpected dish of usability and intuitiveness to the table, last brought onto our plates by Apple’s iPhone.

Whilst we can go on to bash S60 5th edition for not being a completely dedicated touch UI, it maybe worth considering (or just hoping) that S60 touch is just an interim solution for Nokia’s REAL touch UI. Get some user base familiar with S60 touch, roll out some important services (Ovi) whilst silently working on what maybe Nokia’s game changer.

“Internet tablets and other interesting products we have maemo built on linux. Why are we building linux based software? Very clearly maemo has been a very important part of the product line, for tablets and such. But the thing that most people miss is that we’re in a unique position at Nokia and we’ve got very successful software platforms in S40 and S60 and it gives us the leeway to experiment a little. So I think the biggest benefit we have with maemo is that we start with a clean slate. We get to start without any legacy, without any support issues, to build the best possible software platform for the products that we are centering around maemo. That allows us to include new innovation, in a way that doesn’t/isn’t burdened by existing legacy. It’s actually a really exciting time right now for the maemo platform.”, David Rivas, Nokia VP.

So what exactly is the future for Symbian and Maemo? An integration of the two? Or is maemo just the testing platform for Nokia to reintegrate features back into Symbian? As for the future of Symbian, David Rivas states:

“Symbian is going to continue to leverage the benefits it has right now, the technical benefits and the market adoption benefits. It’s going to continue to add functionality and features as appropriate. I think we’re going to see multiprocessor support in symbian very very soon, and I think we’re gonna see fairly significant innovation in user interface over the next few months and years”

It’s possible that the Nokia’s next mobile OS: Maemo Harmattan, maybe just the dedicated touch UI Nokia fans have been waiting for. But 4th Quarter of 2010? That’s so far away. That’ll either just be too late for when other manufacturers have given us extremely mature outstanding UI or perhaps blow us away by changing yet again how people consider and use mobile phones.

We can’t really tell much from the screenshot other than the homescreen (if that’s what it is – ) is very widgets based. Much like the upcoming N97. It’s apparently  just one big vertically scrollable page – although I would have been more impressed if this was everything that could be seen in one glance, but that maybe a little too cluttered for some.


Via Mobile Crunch