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Camera Tests: Nokia N82 vs Samsung Innov8 vs Nokia N97 vs Nokia N86

June 25, 2009 7 comments

Nokia and Carl Zeiss have bestowed upon the N86 imaging enhancements beyond just upping the resolution from 5MP to 8MP; wide angle, improved latency, large aperture, better sensor in general all resulting (at least on paper) in improved image quality.


Check out full size photos from AAS

As you can see from Rafe’s test, the N86 is superior in all conditions, except low light, where the N82 and its Xenon flash show exactly how to freeze time in .jpeg format.


Check out full size photos from AAS

When there’s a low light scene however, and no flash is used, the N86 is leaps and bounds beyond the other three in the tests. That’s great for:

  • low light situations where  xenon flash would not help because the subject is too far away
  • Situations where you’re not allowed to use flash (although it would really help) – e.g. in an art gallery or music/sport event.
  • when flash would produce too much gastly reflections (e.g. trying to take a photo through glass)
  • when you want to take quick successive shots in low light (xenon flash takes a second or two to charge up)
  • taking pictures of your pets/other animals [in low light] – they may not enjoy the sudden bright flash, of either xenon or dual led.
  • [insert other reason for not using flash]

As you can see when the scene was pitch black – the N82 was able to light it up and produce vivid reds of the car, the Innov8 and N97 poorly just bouncing off reflections, but the N86 – although only dual LED, with the combination of improved sensor,  illuminates the scene, though not to the standard of the N82.

However, as pointed out in the AAS podcast by Steve Litchfield, though it can light up the scene a bit more than usual dual LED, it doesn’t freeze it like Xenon, so expect some blurs if you’re taking pictures of say…erm…people…in low light situations.

nj7 sums up best what I think of the N86:
…..:( Without a Xenon flash it´s not possible to have a great all situation camera.
It’s a shame really, that with the Xenon flash, the N86 could have been the best still-photo cameraphone for all lighting conditions.
Don’t even get me started on how dreadful the low light pics of the N97 are (when you remember it’s meant to be the over all king and flagship and the price, you get more p’d off). Seems that I’ll have to start bringing a compact cam or switch back to the N82 for nights out and other occasions where I’m taking photos indoors. :(!
Oh well – tis your “Nokia thing” to upset the geeks and leave out a feature that we think is obvious to keep, justifying it with excuses of either space constraints or best option economically. Neither excuses fly in a world that’s starting to expect more from their phones.
Is Nokia playing too safe and making the wrong cuts and compromises? It may work out best business wise, but each “almost there” phone does not help Nokia’s, and particularly Nseries’ reputation amongst consumers.

Nokia N97 vs Nokia N86

April 27, 2009 3 comments

N97 vs N86

The s60blog has put the N97 and the N96 into a fight, but which one wins out? I agree with Carlton in basically that it shouldn’t really matter which is the best, but “WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU”.

There’s no point honking all out for the N97 if you don’t want a full screen keyboard, or a huge 3.5″ touch screen, or 32GB of inbuilt memory. If you’re looking for an upcoming symbian S60 phone focused on imaging, with 8MP you should go for the Samsung i8910 – er I mean the Nokia N86. Seriously, for a relatively small package, physical standard keypad, dual sliding mechanism with dedicated music buttons then the N86 is for you.

I’ve been very focused on good imaging in phones too, but if I’m going to miss something as important as Xenon flash (most of the snaps I take are in poorly lit clubs), I would at least want a new experience of keyboard and touch screen, rather than something that’s basically the slow evolution (a.k.a. rehash) of the N95.

However, for other people, the N97 may just be too big. They may not like/need touch screen or just want standard phone keypad. Again, if those same people wanted a good camera phone too, then the N86 is the best bet (out of either the N97 or n86)innov8

If the dual slide isn’t too much of a big deal, then does the Samsung INNOV8 better meet the criteria in wanting the N86 over the N97? We’ll just have to see how much the 28mm wide angle lens and variable aperture brings to the imaging table. For now, if you want S60 with standard slider keypad and 8MP, then go for the INNOV8.

For just N97 and N86 alone, well N86 is small pocketable imaging and N97 is your fat flurry of multimedia. Although the direct lineage of the N95 is the N86, it is the N87 THAT truly encapsulates the purpose of the N95 – multimedia computer/what computers have become/the congvergence device – the Nokia Nseries Flagship.

Via s60blog