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Nokia N900 Clone

September 1, 2009 6 comments

Can’t wait for the official release of the Nokia N900 Maemo 5 SuperPhone? Not going to Nokia World but need to get your paws on a N900 now?

Here’s a Dual sliding clone of the N900. Features your generic clone capabilities – dual sim, TV, VGA cam, accelerometer, 3″ touch screen etc and for 127USD (pretty cheap – but as always with these clones you get exactly what you pay for)

The clone UI still attempts to mimic S60 though.







Via PapayaOne

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Clones: Nokla E97i and sexy keyboard design

July 17, 2009 8 comments

I’m not sure if this is meant to be a Nokia N97 clone (sometimes there’s some radical changes ) or they’ve gotten wind of a new Nokia and have already cloned it but here’s nokLa with their E97i (Priced at $139).

Thanks to lladd for the heads up. This is, as I’ve forgotten, a concept phone by Fabien:

This is a rip off the the concept phone that some designer made and won a competition for…the concept from this guy looks beautiful! see here:

Lets hope Nokia actually make it!!!

It’s pretty much a fugly thing except for the keyboard section. I don’t entirely understand the placement of the D-Pad or the keys themselves (not in QWERTY arrangement) but the aesthetics is quite beautiful, and looks as if it would be pretty nice to type on. Shame they’ve integrated the numbers row with the top set of letters, especially since they’ve got oodles of space to play around with. (update: This makes sense though in the concept device which uses the space above the keyboard as an additional display)


I’m not entirely sure how the hinge works either. It looks like a floppy piece of material connects the two but it may be clamshell. The photo directly below looks like the hinge will break if you so much as look at it. I think it may be entirely detachable.


[Below] the thicker part is actually the screen.



Tech Specs – as for your usual clone:

  • Screen : 16:9 wide touchscreen, 260k QVGA
  • Dual sim cards work at the same time – Dual Standby
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Qwerty Keyboard and Toucscreen input
  • Dual speakers (one on front, one of back
  • Language : English
  • T-Flash Card Supporting, 1GB TF included
  • Camera : factory print 1.3MP – max output is 1280*960, support video with sound, the time depended on storage
  • Stereo Loud speaker, 64 chord ring tone
  • MP4, AVI, Support to play in full screen, speed/pause and play AVI film
  • GPRS & WAP connectivity, MMS Transceiver
  • U disk support function to keep the information storage
  • Calendar, To do list, Alarm, World Clock, Spotwatch
  • Caller picture, caller Ring Tone, Caller Video
  • Video Recorder, photo Editor, Audio Player, Sound Recorder
  • Telephone directories : 300 groups of contacts, support MP3 ring, can use downloaded MP3 as SMS rings, 200 SMS, support MMS; can use downloaded MP3 as SMS rings
  • Games : 1 common games
  • More information : MP3, MP4, Handsfree, SMS group sending, Voice recorder, WAP, Handwritten input, Bluetooth, GPRS download, MMS, Memory extended

From Chinagrabber via PMPtoday

For a more faithful clone of the N97, check this out.

Video: Nokia N97 Dummy – have we overlooked the form factor?

April 30, 2009 2 comments

Twin-headed N97 monster (using two gorillapods, standard and SLR version)

Today I picked up a little package sent from Hong Kong. It was a couple of Fake dummy N97; one black one white. Why? Well, I wanted the N97 so badly, this was the only of getting little fix without spending too much on actual N97 clones. This is really a toy version – not even the dummy you will soon find in shops as it’s basically just a shell of the N97 – the buttons don’t move, neither do the unlock switch/volume/shutter/menu.

(Fake/dummy N97 unboxing – check out the 5800 homescreen! haha)

What does work is the slide. Even though it’s a fake dummy phone, playing with it made me realise how I had actually forgot and overlooked how well implemented the QWERTY keyboard and slide are, and how useful this entire combination would be for me as an end user.

The dimensions are identical to a real N97, and side by side, it’s not much bigger than the N82, but then has a 3.5″ touch screen and a whopping great keyboard.  It’s so frikkin practical! No need for an onscreen keyboard to use up all the screen space; if I have to type a relatively long text message, I can see it all in its entirety. But if I need to text one handed, for what ever reason, T9 in portrait mode works well too, as shown in the 5800. It’s nice to have both options.

(this one does seem to be on fast forward, but you get the gist)

While it’s not setting new bars on the imaging front, Nokia have hit the balance extremely well with the list features on this phone (just make sure the price is reasonable!). Although not exactly the traditional or expected flagship, with the focus on user experience, particularly with Ovi, it could just be a recipe for commercial success.



Video: Mini Nseries! Attack of the Clones

April 23, 2009 1 comment

These first three aren’t your usual dopplegänger Nokia imitations. These are cute tiny versions of them!

1. The Mini N95 8GB, complete with dual sliding mechanism.

2. The Mini Nokia N96, also with dual sliding mechanism

3. The Mini Nokia N83, with touchscreen, even though there’s no N83 yet!

The UI of these Clones, although looking a little temperamental on occasion looks surprisingly fluid. They all have the accelerometer, to change orientation of the screen and to switch music tracks.

I’m not sure about the quality of materials, but they look so nice and shiny! Look at the N78, it’s got a bigger 2.8″ touch screen and a built in hidden telescopic antenna for live TV! No DVB-H which we’ll no longer see in Nokia phones as that division has been sold off and acquired by Wipro.

4. Nokia N78 Clone – with touch screen

I’d love to have standard TV on my phone. Check out this mini Apple iPhone 3G version.

5. Apple iPhone 3G – with analogue TV

Or for actual digital TV, a sony ericsson variety:

6. SE and Digital TV.

These clones are clustering around the $100 range. That’s really good considering the list of features – although the reliability is yet to be proven. It may last a week and could end up being a really bad purchase.

You can check out what else they have on their website.

[No I am not affiliated with this site, I’m just intruiged by what these clones can offer in terms of price:features ratio.

Nokia N97 Unboxing videos: Display unit and clone versions

April 22, 2009 2 comments

Here are a couple of videos of some Nokia N97 fakes and dummies.

The first is a fake working version of a clone of the N97 that we saw on Sunday. It’s the one with the glaring neon blue backlight on the keypapd. It actually looks pretty good considering the price.

The second is a real non working dummy version of the Nokia N97. It seems doesn’t have the feel of a real N97, which you would sort of expect even from a dummy as that is what consumers will look at first in the shops.  Maybe it’s a replica dummy version?:P

For those extremely anxious to get their mitts on the Nokia N97, both are actually available for purchase.


Update: Here’s another video of a working N97 clone. I think it’s a different clone, not because this one’s black but the media player UI looks different. Even has an accelerometer like the other clone and real N97.

Nokia N97 Clone

April 19, 2009 2 comments

If you can’t wait till June or don’t want to burn a whole in your pocket, here’s the N97 clone – and it’s a pretty good copy that only a techy would notice. It’s also not just the touch screen shell, but it even has the flick stand sliding mechanism. But best of all, check out the last photo with the neon blue backlights on the keypad! Slightly garish, but infinitely better than the original N97’s attempt of soft glow orange from the 1980s.








Engadget China via Spazio cellulare

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Touch Screen N86: The N86 Clone.

April 13, 2009 Leave a comment


Here’s another clone: the NCKIA (nCkia) N86, complete with 2.6″ QVGA touch screen, 13.0 “lacpixel” camera (1.3MP), bluetooth – all your usual clone features – the clone really is just an imitating shell of the next new hot phone.

$112 from eemobi.


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Nokia 5800 Clone

April 12, 2009 1 comment

Happy Easter!

The girls have their obscenely fake designer handbags; the guys have their imitation phones.n5800-clone

This is another 5800 clone. It’s not a faithful imitation of the real 5800. Instantly you can see it’s plumper and the back is silver.


Strangely though, I actually thinking it looks nicer than the actual 5800. This clone has changed a few things on the positive side:

  • If the clone was going to change a few good things is that they made the black rim bezel less prominent (although they should have just got rid of it altogether).
  • The stylus is thicker and longer. Better grip in the hand. Yes I’m still talking about a stylus.
  • Media button (if it was real) would have been better placed for portrait use.

Below shows the 5800 with clones A (positively altered one) and B (the hashed awful one).


[From top to bottom: Original 5800, Clone A, Clone B]

You can get the Clone A version of the 5800 from dashshopping at just $113.93, as well as a full list of features including the same resolution 640×360 screen, dual sim card and 2x1800mAh battery. That said, be warned you will get what you paid for.

If you’re looking for an even cheaper and a more closer copy of the 5800, then check out this video (from / of yet another clone, by NOKLA (nok”L”a). This one’s even cheaper at $107.

Its touch and UI seem peculiarly nippy for a fake. I could actually see myself buying that for my little sister. Touch screen, camera, music, loud speakers and if it breaks or gets lost, not that bad as it wasn’t worth that much. 😛