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Pics: Nokia N8 AMOLED vs Samsung Galaxy S Super AMOLED

July 10, 2010 13 comments

TestMobile compares the Nokia N8’s AMOLED with the Samsung Galaxy S’ eye melting Super AMOLED. Though of course the camera could increase/decrease the differences (adjusting to brightness of one screen, affecting look of another), disregarding this, in the photo below you can see that the deep blacks and brighter whites in the Super AMOLED display.  I’ve seen both, but only individually so I can’t comment on comparisons, but both look fantastic.

Not to fear though as the N8’s AMOLED is not just a step above regular TFT LCD displays (see 5800 comparison) but is apparently head and shoulders above some current AMOLED displays (Eldar has mentioned N8’s display is superior to the Nexus one.) And apparently Samsung’s Super AMOLED will be exclusive to their own devices for a while – I don’t recall where I read that though, so perhaps unless you want a Samsung, we’ll all have to settle for great AMOLEDs

In AMOLED vs TFT LCD, AMOLED displays are brighter, have higher contrast, richer more vibrant colours and consume less energy.

In AMOLED displays, each pixel controls its own brightness, as opposed to having a unified backlight in TFT, so blacks can be well, blacker and whites can be whiter and the colours are richer and more vibrant. Plus by not needing a backlight, they can utilise less power.

Here’s the HTC Google Nexus One AMOLED vs Super AMOLED on the Wave (on top) VIA Mobile-Review.

The differences are much more obvious here, the Samsung is bursting with brilliance.

Comparison shot between the Nokia displays by All About Symbian. Apparently N8’s AMOLED is much better at outdoor visibility than N86/N85 which suffered from vampiric screens.

Samsung’s own explanation of Super AMOLED


Cheers for the heads up mark/mrbean via via mrbean

Pic: Nokia N8 vs HTC Evo 4G vs iPhone 3GS Vs Nokia E73 Mode

June 14, 2010 9 comments

Knowyourcell had some hands on with the N8 and took a snap with other popular smartphones, the new Nokia E73, the HTC EVO 4G and the iPhone 3GS.

Look at the photo below, the EVO is positively HUUUGE. I must say, that 4.3″ would make some nice video viewing and web browsing.

As the N8 is targeting more mass market, the 3.5″ screen is the sweet spot at the moment for big screen yet still pocketable.

Perhaps the N8 would look even more streamlined with a darker colour (black/dark grey perhaps) and not this striking green.

Alternatively checkout a specs comparison of the N8 versus some smartphone elites, iPhone 4, EVO, and Pre


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Video: HTC Evo 4G Vs Nokia N900 – WiFi Browsing Speed

June 12, 2010 4 comments

Here’s a video showing the Nokia N900 by Mi5t4k3 holding it’s own against the 1 year newer HTC Evo 4G at browsing web pages, finishing either at same time or only a few seconds after the Evo.

One thing I’m envying terribly on the Evo 4G – Those who love surfing the web within their browser (not via apps) will just love that mahoosive 4.3″ screen!

Big screens aren’t for everybody, but I’m definitely a big fan of the 4-4.3″ category.

Look how huge the keyboard is (and note that like N8, it doesn’t show the page you’re typing at behind it, instead showing a textbox). Must be amazing for video/photo viewing. :O

If only it had Nseries grade imaging.

via Mi5t4k3

There’s also another video showing Evo on 3G and N900 on 2G. That’s not even worth posting.

Video: Nokia N97 vs HTC Touch Pro2

July 16, 2009 4 comments

The Nokia N97 and the HTC Touch Pro2 are two similar looking devices with very similar array of features. I was very impressed with the spec sheet of the Touch Pro2, and back in April felt that it’s what the N97 should have been, at least in terms of being having a better QWERTY keyboard, higher resolution screen, and winning at the numbers game in terms of CPU and RAM.

Tekno Review have put together an excellent video comparing 12 aspects of both devices.

  • Design – Apples and oranges – personal preference issue. It’s a draw at 8 a piece. For me though, he black N97 wins by miles. If it was a continuous glossy piano black, smooth edge/rim gun metal it would have been almost aesthetically perfect.
  • Build Quality – Robust mechanism on the N97 edges out the Pro2, 9 to 8
  • Slide out keyboard – The HTC device is setting a standard for how QWERTY keyboards should be on tiny mobile devices. The N97’s keyboard is great once you get used to it, but the HTC Pro2’s keyboard is fantastic. N97 looses out, 7 to 9
  • Screen – higher resolution and better contrast on the Pro2 means the N97 looses again, 7 to 8
  • Touch Screen sensitivity – N97 isn’t Nokia’s second touch screen device btw. Although both devices use resistive touch screens, the Pro2 requires a little less pressure – so the N97 looses out again – 6 to 8
  • User Interface – I was cringing here for S60. There were some surprising good points, such as the widget homescreen and Ovi, but the overall experience for tekno review means it looses to the Pro2 7 to 9. 9 though for Pro2? Maybe S60 is so bad it makes everything else look so good?
  • Browser –  it’s another draw here – if the N97 had slightly beefier hardware, though the browser is slightly dated, it would have beaten the Pro2.
  • Camera- Here’s where the N97 gains back some ground – “Refined” 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens beats the Pro2’S simple 3MP camera, 9 to 6
  • Video Playback –  I cannot believe we still do not have DivX player/playback for S60 5th Edition.  DivX for 3rd edition works, (and dvd clips look stunning on the N97) but unfortunately is choppy.The Pro2 also needs a third party app, Core Player so the N97 looses, 6 to 9. A bit harsh imo since out of the box neither would play such files. But I understand the frustration. Thank God for BBC iPlayer to fill my N97 up with movies/tv shows.
  • Music Playback – The N97 has inferior speakers to the Touch Pro2. It’s a shame really, as big as it is. Even the ancient N95 has better/louder sound. The best stereo speakers on a Nokia device to date still rests on the N800. Fortunately though, this test also takes into account the 3.5mm audio/visual jack, which the Touch Pro2 lacks, and so the N97 wins here 8 to 7.
  • Battery life – identical capacity batteries – not necessarily identical battery life but a draw here. 7 all. I’m still charging my N97 daily – but I am using it an awful lot.
  • Price and Value –  The slightly more expensive N97 does have a whopping 32GB memory (expandable with microSD) and a better camera – so it’s a draw here at 7 all.

Final Score – Nokia N97 with 86 points, the HTC Touch Pro2 with 94.

It’s not bad for the N97 –  8 point difference.

Could have and should have…

It frustrates me to know Nokia could have and should have done so much more with the N97. These flagships are more than just something to make money with – they bring confidence to the brand. The latter has repercussions on other products, which by the sheer amount of compromises (perceivably to cut costs), brings down the N97 from what could have been a force to be reckoned with to just another higher end smartphone.

Compromising on features to save money is good if we see those price cuts trickle down to the consumer. E.G. the Nokia 5800 – great features, though lots of room for improvement was bang on for the price and was extremely awesome  value for money.

However, when you’re setting an opening price of £500, you set an extremely high bar of expectations. Something as simple as providing sufficient RAM so handle heavy multi tasking? That was not worth the price cut. It’s like having a 2 carat diamond ring set in plated silver. In for a penny in for a pound.

In the meantime, consumers are voting with their wallet and opting for devices which are delivering what Nokia could have and should have.

Having vented out those frustrations, I have to say that I do love the N97 . The N97 is a marvellous phone outright.

Being a fan of Nokia and S60 devices for a long time, watching the growth from the 7650, it’s kinda like pushy parent syndrome. Even when they achieve something that’s really good by most standards, when you know they are capable of getting 100% but got 90% , you need to voice  your disappointment and push for continuous improvement.

Video: Nokia N97 Review

July 4, 2009 1 comment

This is TeknoReview’s review of the Nokia N97.

Part 1 covers the hardware aspects of the phone including:

  • build quality/aesthetics
  • slide mechanism
  • keyboard
  • screen
  • speakers

They also cover the S60 UI slightly.

Part 2 covers most of the N97 software.

  • User interface/Homescreen
  • Ovi Store
  • Web Browser
  • Camera
  • GPS Navigation
  • Video Playback (ooh, I felt the pain when he talked about the lack of codec support. DivX player, for S60 5th

Finally, the conclusion

TeknoReview via @MickyFin


You might also want to check out their reviews of the HTC Touch Pro2; another tilt screen + keyboard device similar to the N97.

Here’s Part 1:

In TeknoReview’s next video, the N97 is pitted against the Pro2

Video: The Phones Show: Episode 83 (Nokia N97 vs HTC Touch Pro2) and unboxing videos.

This episode of “The Phones Show” concentrates on the comparison of the HTC Touch Pro2 with the Nokia N97, going over aspects such as:

  • Screen
  • Keyboard
  • Form Factor (Slide tilt)
  • Battery
  • Camera
  • Video Recording
  • OS/UI

Steve Litchfield says the Pro2 is the best Windows Mobile handset to date (I love the keyboard), but concludes that the N97 wins on both hardware and software in comparison.

This episode also sees Steve getting a tour of the Proporta HQ, the mobile phones accessory company. You’ll get to see demonstrations of the cases, cable tidies and see some other products that you might ind useful. I have a few accessories from them myself, my fav being the old iPod-esque portable charger, brilliant when I’m out and about and am no where near a plug.

Via 3lib

Here’s an unboxing of the N97 – which is later also compared to the HTC Touch Pro2

And lastly, another unboxing by John Mortimer of the White N97. John’s pretty excited about the N97, and reckons the white N97 looks so much better in person than it does via the camera.

HTC Touch Pro2 Review

June 12, 2009 2 comments

Back in April, I wrote about how the HTC Touch Pro2 was perhaps what the N97 should have been. There were a few similarities with the N97, slide/tilt form factor, large screen, but one I was particularly impressed with was the 5 row keyboard. How does it fare under the scrutiny of review? Here’s Boy Genius Report’s take of the HTC Touch Pro2.


a few key points:

  • Great design – everything completely functional
  • Great feel to the keys, very spacious. Even the gigantic Shaquille O’Neal would have no problems typing on this thing
  • In the running for world’s greatest screen – 3.6″, 800×480, vivid, bright, clear and crisp; even though it’s resistive it’s very sensitive.
  • Best conference calling experience on a mobile phone
  • 1500mAh battery, pretty good.
  • No D-pad
  • Only a 3.2 Megapixel Camera with no flash

Nothing was mentioned on the quality of the slide/tilt hinge, which has been a concern in other (preview) reviews. Maybe it has been sorted out, or perhaps BGR overlooked it. It’s certainly not the solid, slick “flick” motion of the N97.


Preview: HTC Touch Pro2 by hardwarezone

Hardwarezone have published a 4 page preview of HTC’s successor to the Touch Pro – the Touch Pro2. Early on in April, I felt that, at least on the keyboard front, this is how the Nokia N97’s should have been implemented. But in gaining so much space for the QWERTY, the Touch Pro2 hinges did give the guys at hardwarezone some cause for concern. On the multimedia front, the N97 is slightly superior; better camera, better video, more memory, and subjectively, the N97 looks nicer. The Touch Pro2 though has a lot of strengths, like a larger and higher resolution screen, but most is centered to the Enterprise/Business segment, like enhanced voice dialling, where as the N97 is more for social media.  Check out the preview of the pre-production unit for more information about the HTC Touch Pro2. There’s also more pictures like the ones below.


Via hardwarezone

HTC Touch Pro2 – What the N97 should have been?

April 10, 2009 5 comments

htc-touch-pro2-nokia-n97With end of May/early June (release of N97) looming, I’m getting some doubts again about what I’m actually looking for in a new phone. Not really “the best out there” but “the best for me” (but as a phone geek it’s very much the same thing)

The N97 claims to be a mobile computer:

  • Relatively large widescreen – CHECK
  • Screen at an angle – CHECK
  • Physical keyboard – CHECK

With those features, N97 seems to be bridging the gap between phones and netbooks. Its keyboard and mass of internal memory is its advantage over the other two similar competitors, Omnia HD and Idou who focus on imaging and entertainment.

What I need in a phone:

I’ve decided to use more mobile internet on my next phone purchase. Ramp up the internet allowance to have some decent “surfage” on the net: blog more and via my mobile, use more internet based services – basically try and be online 24/7 through my phone. A netbook would be good but I can’t fit that in my jeans pocket.

So if I’m going to choose the N97 because of it’s keyboard and angled screen, then it opens up the arena again for other handsets; namely the HTC Touch Pro2.


[Similar looking: N97 vs Touch Pro2]

The HTC Touch Pro2 trumps the N97 ON

  • Screen size and resolution: 3.5″ 640 x 360 VS 3.6″ 800 x 480

HTC’s screen is only 0.1″ bigger than the Nokia’s, but more clarity with the increased pixel count – better for photos and small screen text when viewing the web/documents (although 640×360 is already really good).

  • Screen at an angle – 30 degree only – although very stable with the N97  VS a range of angles and a max of 70 degrees with HTC

The N97’s sliding mechanism is reported to be very robust – I’m not sure about the Touch Pro 2, it looks a little flimsy but it is more versatile.

  • Physical keyboard: 3 row vs 5 row.

The N97’s keyboard is apparently OK according to early reviews, but with only 3 rows and perplexing layout of certain keys, it will take some getting used to. Whilst I can forgive the space bar being on the right and the punctutation hidden amongst the letters, I really dislike the numbers being integrated into the top line of letters.

pic06[N97 keyboard with orange back lighting. Image from Eldar Murtazin, mobile review]

The SU-W8 bluetooth keyboard was just a keyboard but it also merged the top line of numbers with the letter row and, although you get used to it, it’s annoying to have to press the Fn key. (Does anyone know if numbers come up if you long press or do you just get “TTTTTTTTTTTTTT” i.e. long press 6)

200801231600[Nokia N800 with 4-row bluetooth keyboard, SU-W8]

The HTC Touch Pro2 has a stonkingly good keyboard layout. Because the angle of the screen is at the edge (and wider than the N97, 55.5 VS 59.2) it can afford to have pretty much the normal keyboard layout. 5 rows, minimal compromise and although simple – the backlit keys look nicer and clearer.


[HTC Touch Pro2’s great keyboard. Check out the video below from MobileBurn‘s Michael Oryl to see more of it in action]

Something about those orange keys on the N97 make me think about those old car phones of the 90s. Why Nokia? It could have been blue or plain white or dare say a mix it up for certain keys, but why the broad orange? On the up side, the placement of the Dpad would make it good for game play.


[N97 keyboard with orange back lighting. Image from Eldar Murtazin, mobile review]

But only 3.2MP with no flash on the HTC Touch Pro2 is too much of a compromise coming from 5MP with Carl Zeiss optics. Furthermore, I much prefer the look of the “black” N97.


Additional winning points: 32GB internal memory vs 228MB internal (although the HTC can also be extended with memory card) and S60 – which I’m just particularly more familiar but -however, HTC’s done wonders with WinMo 6.1 on the Touch Pro 2.

The HTC’s Touch Pro2 is a lot more enterprise orientated, with interesting features such as “Straight Talk”, not a Macho talk show but HTC’s way of integrating important contact details and innovating conference calling; although both could serve the most conscientious of executives.

Although very much in a niche category too, the more multimedia orientated N97 tagged Facebook for now clinches it for me.

Anyway, I really should be revising and finishing of coursework.

There’s plenty of info about the HTC Touch Pro2 here and the Nokia N97 here.

For a summary comparison check this out: