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New Nokia N97 Firmware v30.0.016 Available according to Nokia

June 1, 2010 18 comments

Nokia’s Firmware update checker says that the N97 has a new firmware available, v30.0.016.

But Nokia Software Updater and Over The Air update can’t find anything yet. But what we do know is that it’s coming soon.

I’ve somewhat lost hope in the firmware updates for the N97. Fingers crossed it lessens my frustrations with it (decrease the lag, lessen the crashes) but I’ve been waiting for that since V10.

What are you hoping for in V30? Has your network even let you make the move to v21?

via @breathlesstao /@cambo078 who were chatting about V30 on twitter thanks to post by @Sirajsoft

New Maemo 5 Firmware Update V10.2010.19-1 for Nokia N900 PR 1.2 available! (UK release today, Global release tomorrow!)

May 25, 2010 4 comments

This is not a hoax. According to Nokia Conversations, N900 is finally and officially getting new firmware update to PR 1.2 V10.2010.19-1.

Today, UK users will get at it first with tomorrow being the global release (Over the Air)

It might be worth updating Nokia Software Updater in advance if you don’t want to go OTA route (damn, that thing ALWAYS needs updating!!! :@ NSU is so annoying!) so when PR1.2 comes, you’ll be able to download the new firmware in one go.

Alternatively, if you can’t wait for either, you can flash your N900 with PR1.2 NOW. Head over to

via gerrymoth

Somewhat good or bad news, Nokia will continue supporting Maemo 5. PR 1.2 won’t be the last update as rumoured. Although this does mean there will not be an official support for MeeGo.

But then again, that doesn’t stop you from getting it. I mean, N900 runs pretty much anything.

Videos: Nokia 5800s on new firmware update V50.0.005!

April 21, 2010 1 comment

You have probably heard a few days ago about the new V50 firmware for the Nokia 5800.

This brings a lot of stability and new features such as kinetic scrolling, N97 like music player , improved camera and integrated quick office.

Quite a few of you have been saying this is how the 5800 should have been from the beginning (but then everyone kinda says that with each new fw).

Below are some videos from 5800 users on the new V50 firmware. Note, they aren’t all in english and aren’t all clear in quality, but it’s still possible to appreciate the kinetic scrolling and mini album art in music player.








I don’t normally report on firmware updates on handsets I don’t have at hand to check new features myself, but I thought I’d share the new firmware videos with you made by the 5800 community. 🙂

New Firmware Update for N900 will get pouring of Maemo 5 PR1.2 awesome sauce: New Keyboard, real back button, faster web browsing and so much more!

March 22, 2010 20 comments

This is the biggest firmware update to date in terms of new features, and it brings a lot of the ones I’ve been hoping for since the very beginning (there’s still more I’d like to see, e.g. standard portrait in many more views, like music player. There is a chance they might not have yet been discovered) There are more changes from the thread by’s MohammadAG.

This firmware seems to bring many changes to the browser, as you’ll read below. Gradual polishing is extremely welcome, especially when it’s not just in features but in general usability,

“Browser seems much much snappier, scrolling is quick and rendering is uber quick!”

N900’s browser is already super snappy. I welcome this even snapier, faster rendering.

Actual Release date of firmware: Unconfirmed. Possibly very soon…under a month, within a few weeks I’m hoping/guessing.

1. Back button is now a back button!

I’ve ranted about this many times. When I press back, I just want to go to the previous page. I don’t want to see my browsing history. The gesture slide already covers that, why the redundancy? Now its fixed. And the layout is different too!

The status bar looks all different in this screenshot. It’s just the clock :S . I like seeing battery life and connection info. (status bar still visible in other screenshots)

2. Video Calling, with ability to display SMS option only for mobile numbers (though in UK we can send SMS to landline. It gets converted into speech)

3. App order can now be rearranged in Menu. There seems to be a back button although I don’t know if that persists in menu view (helps out the people who can’t figure out how to go back by pressing empty space – even though the latter is so much more intuitive)

4. File manager gets SHARE options

5. Keyboard has been rearranged.

More space to see what you’re typing, though I don’t understand why it’s wasting those precious pixels just to show the thing behind.

Where’s delete? Less space for the keys themselves. We’ll have to see what this feels like on the device for any real opinions.

6. Autorotate browser is now a standard function which you can enable/disable in settings (instead of being an easter egg Ctrl+Shift+o)

7. Volume buttons can now be reserved for VOLUME at all times when in browser.

When in browser, the volume buttons can be used to zoom the screen. But that means when playing audio, you can’t change volume on the fly.

Now you can. I’m already used to circular zooming for gradual zooming of pages.

8. Media player audio bars has turned into a play button so you can pause/play in all aspects of the  player.

I hope in the next firmware this button becomes quickly available in all views. e.g. in browser – a little hovering bar of media controls to pause/play/skip

tracks, initiated by a gesture.

Via MohammadAG

N900 has New Firmware Available! V3.2010.02-08!

February 16, 2010 21 comments

The N900 has just received a new firmware update from v2.2009.51.1 to V3.2010.02-08! At the moment the update is only available via the N900 itself and not via Nokia Software Updater.

Go to App Manager>Click “Update” and you should see an update for Maemo 5. Make sure to make backups just in case.

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Maemo 5 v2.2009.51-1 firmware update observation and feedback

January 18, 2010 2 comments

About a month ago, I wrote a post about firmware update wishlist for the N900. Last week, we had 2 firmware updates, a mini one and  a big one. I’ll combine the observations of both in this post. The new firmware updates seems to have solved a few items on that list including:

2. Portrait mode:

Landscape view

– not complete throughout the UI but we now have portrait mode in Web Browser. It works well enough.

Portrait View

  • Fast rotation
  • Some web pages recognize the smaller width and refit accordingly
  • Text automatically squeeze to portrait when double tapped (whilst in portrait)
  • However, most web functions don’t work in portrait – you can only open links.

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Big New Maemo 5 Firmware Update Available to v2.2009.51-1 for N900

January 14, 2010 24 comments

Twitterfeeds are brimming with excitement this morning.

Extremely quick following Monday’s mini firmware update, Nokia and Maemo Team have released the big 89.5MB  firmware update to PR1.1 release v2.2009.51-1 from 1.2009.44.1. There’s apparently Portrait Web Browsing.

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Maemo 5 firmware update available 1.2009.44-1 [new app manager icons]

January 11, 2010 23 comments

There’s a mini update available for the N900 to 1.2009.44-1 (18.5MB – from 1.2009.42.11).

Changes as far as I’m aware:

  • New icons in app manager [see screenshots below]
  • Red Pill mode is now gone [If you need to google Red Pill mode for N900 you didn’t need it]
  • Ovi Catalogue is added to app manager (some new apps from that)
  • Application lists stay in the position you last left it after installing an app (before, the app list would refresh and you’d start back up the top – annoying if you were trying out apps S-Z)
  • Ovi Store is accessible  (via web)
  • There are a lot of minor updates, complete change log shown in the final screenshot (via Hiren) at the end of this post.

It came up this morning as a notification in the status bar.

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Video: Nokia N97’s firmware update 2.0 Preview (V20.0.0025)

September 7, 2009 Leave a comment

You may have already seen Mark’s video on the Nokia N97’s firmware 2.0.

Here’s a similar video from Symbian World but it’s a little bit clearer and longer on what is actually coming in October. I don’t know whether what’s demonstrated is the exhaustive list of changes or if there will be even more (I wish for the latter if users have to wait until friggin October!). Note V20.0.0025 is only the designation for the firmware at Nokia World. It may change.

  • Kinetic scrolling is everywhere where scrolling applicable. Menu, phonebook, photos etc. Navigating menu is much slicker now. Hopefully this means the same for other apps (not pre-included) that may not have kinetic scrolling either.

“Kinetic scrolling should be possible wherever scrolling is applicable. Normal scrolling is not fun with touch! i.e. Menu/contacts (as seen in 5530)/all other apps”

– firmware improvements I’d like to see in N97

  • Notice in contacts,
    1. kinetic scrolling
    2. scrolling with the bar displays the letter indicating where you are in your phonebook. e.g. “F” shows up whilst you’re viewing people whose surnames begin with F
    3. Kinetic scrolling does not affect the scroll bar. e.g. in the web browser, if you try and scroll down the page by tapping at the bottom or dragging the scroll bar downwards, it doesn’t work. Not sure if this is the case in the web browser itself.
  • Music Player:
  1. kinetic scrolling
  2. Less songs viewable in screen due to album art and more song details present in lists. IMO, much better visually and more finger friendly.
  • Some more widgets, CNN, Elle, ESPN Soccer, MySpace, Vlingo
  • Within keyboard, long pressing gets you the alternate key! Hurrah. Less of that vexing shift kerfuffle.

Long pressing over a number gets you that number. e.g. instead of “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” you get “4″

– firmware improvements I’d like to see in N97

  • New Maps version (Beta already available for you to try at Nokia Beta Labs as well as Lifecasting)
  • More phone memory available – though you can’t really see how much is gained, all we see is that there’s “36MB” free. They could have had 35 to start with. Supposedly there’s a 25-30MB increase. But if random apps keep installing themselves/sucking up phone memory, eventually we’ll be back to scraping for free C:.
  • Apparently there were theme effects but I couldn’t detect any improvements (did they even have it on?)

There’s still a lot the N97’s new firmware upgrade needs.

  • Multiple Homescreens? I really need to have more than 5 widgets please. Ideally 3 homescreens – in addition to the current one:

–  a swipe right could change the layout to a “home” homescreen – music player/facebook/bbc iPlayer
– a swipe left could change the layout to a work oriented homescreen – emails/stocks/news/calendar

– firmware improvements I’d like to see in N97

  • Actual keyboard shortcuts to take advantage of the N97 and N97 mini’s keyboard within apps like the Web Browser?
  • Being able to manually hide that toolbar in the web browser?

Here’s the entire post about firmware improvements I’d like to see in N97 .

Since the homescreen wasn’t demoed sufficiently and web browser not demoed at all, we can only hope that it’s there or Nokia’s firmware team are working on it (which might justfity the really long wait to October).

Lastly, just some rubbish. I know iPhone comparisons have ben done to death, but from 3:39 the N97 mini really resembles an iPhone. No? Oh ok then. >_<


New v12.0.0.24 firmware update available for N97

August 17, 2009 2 comments

The latest firmware is available for your N97.

From V11.0.021 to v12.0.024

n97 firmware

Note: it may not be available for all regions/N97 product codes.

No official change log available yet.

– Thanks to Aplesh for the heads up.