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Video: Brain Party – Nokia N900 Brain Training Game from Apple iPhone to Maemo 5 (YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS! -Best N900 game ever??)

April 25, 2010 11 comments

This is absolutely THE best game available for ANY nokia right now (IMO).

One of the reasons it looks really good is because it began life on the iPhone and has now been ported to Maemo (and other reason – we don’t have that (m)any titles at all :o)

The game interface just looks really attractive – finger friendly, nice animations, simple interface (the music isn’t bad either) as you’d expect from iPhone quality apps.

It runs beautifully on the N900 (super fast, no lags) as I’d expect pretty much most iPhone apps were they ported to N900 (bar maybe multitouch capabilities)


  • Brain Party is a brain training type game with absolutely tons of mini games.
  • You have a test mode and a practice mode. Before you can go into pactice mode, you have to go through 5 minigame “tests”.
  • Games vary from number skills, verbal skills, spatial awareness type games or combination. That probably doesn’t sound appealing but check the video out.
  • You’ll come across some classics such as pairs, see twists on familiar games like rock paper scissors, speed reaction type games – quick counting and er…”sheep tapping”…(watch the video!), verbal logic …etc etc.
  • The better you perform at each test, the higher your score. You get a total score at the end which is measured by “brain weight” (technically not at all related to cognitive ability between humans, but who cares :p).
  • Games you play after a 5 test run are saved in practice mode, so you can enjoy and practice them later.
  • Play more tests to get more games out – they’ll be random so may encounter new ones as well as ones you’ve already played.
  • The games have varieties of difficulties – though it depends mostly on what type of “thinker” you are – you might find the math ones a breeze but the verbal logic ones harder – or you might be a super genius and find them all easy.

There’s so many mini games I haven’t encountered them all just quite yet.
Interestingly, on Symbian, each of these mini games would probably count as ONE separate app. But now they’re all here.

You can get it from app manager – it’s a simple one click install. No xterm fussing about.

You may need to have this catalogue enabled to see it in your app manager. CLICK for instructions.

Check out the video demo below as well as some screenshots.

Do come back and tell us your BRAIN SCORE ^_^

Video: Nokia N900 – Photo Sharing by email

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Here’s a hands on demo of photo sharing via email on the N900. It’s very simple, fluid and very fast.

Some things worth noticing are:

  • Look how fast it opens up photos
  • Check out the nifty transtitions – no laggy boring screen switches – you see visual transformations of one area of the phone (menu) to another, e.g. photo browser then to email, all very quickly.
  • Smooth kinetic scrolling in gallery (soon to be a standard for s60 5th edition [Nokia] too)
  • Look again how fast it opens up email with 5 attachments – it’s instantaneous.
  • Being demoed via TV-out connected to a projector

What I also like about the Gallery app in the N900 on Maemo 5 is the reduced amount of clicks to get somewhere (unlike with S60 5th edition where it seems Symbian is intended to frustrate you).

Opening up the Gallery opens you up to your photos (like Nokia does easily on 3rd edition). Having to press “Captured” on the N97 is annoying. What’s more annoying is having to go through “downloads” to view pictures it has failed to recognize. (It would have been nicer to open all photos by default, and then by scroll bar, change filters – i.e. downloaded images/captured imaged etc)

I like the traditional old-style photo galleries, where every image on the phone is accessible and arranged according to date.

HTML EMAIL finally on your Nokia with Nokia Messaging (shown on Nokia N97)

September 5, 2009 6 comments

We’ve been waiting for HTML support for so long, and it’s finally arrived! Normally, my Nokia Messaging inbox can only view BORING plain text only email.

Now check it out. Probably not the best example, but as you can see there’s formatting and images. Note: Compare it with original GMAIL view to see that images are being displayed.



This is the same email, viewed in GMAIL but with the images blocked.


It wasn’t available from the Software Update app in the N97.

To download it go to in your phone’s browser and install. It’ll say 10.01(13) but it will install Next, it’ll ask you to restart. Once that’s done, all future emails you receive in your Nokia Messaging inbox will have HTML support. 🙂


Other updates:

  • Touch scrolling still does not have kinetic scrolling but responsiveness has improved somewhat.


  • [see above] When you have the option to send a file, instead of just “Via e-mail” you get an additional “Via Nokia Messaging Email”. Before the update, this meant that if you had Nokia messaging but also set up a mailbox (via same messaging app as your sms), send “Via e-mail” would only send via the defined mailbox and not via Nokia messaging. Now you have the option to send either via Nokia Messaging or another predefined mailbox.

More reason to love Nokia Messaging. I love how it always gets my emails about 30 seconds faster than gmail on my desktop. It’s a really good email notifier – once I hear that “ding” and I’m browsing in FireFox, I just instinctively check gmail.

On the go, Nokia Messaging been invaluable to me. As well as Gravity, Facebook app and Nimbuzz – Nokia messaging is lessening my use of their desktop counterparts. It’s just more convenient to interact on the go using my N97 than having to get back to a computer (if I’m not at home or directly in front of a pc already). (If only I could configure my university email on it)

But even when a computer is at arms length, I’m finding that I always just turn to my N97 instead.

Now with improved HTML support, I don’t have to get to a computer to read the original email so that I could see the parts that would have been missed out in Text only format.

Via @OviApplications