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Nokia C7-00 camera… not quite what you’d expect!

November 29, 2010 18 comments

Due to popular (kind of) demand, I’ve conducted a short yet conclusive test on the 8 Mpix camera capabilities of the Nokia C7-00. Similar fixed-focus or EDoF  (Extended Depth of Field ) camera modules are also used in a pair of other Symbian^3 based Nokia smartphones like the C6-01 and the upcoming E7, so I think it’s safe to draw some parallels out of the results of this test.

To see how it goes, I’ve pitted the C7-00 against a seemingly run of the mill, average performing by today’s standards, 5 Mpix auto-focus camera in the Nokia N900. I like having my camera tests as varied with different phone models as possible, so in some shots I’ve also allowed HTC Desire to bring an outlandish flavor into the test. So let’s get going!

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Video: The Phones Show – Episode 89: E52 and E55 review

September 6, 2009 Leave a comment

In The Phones Show – Episode 89, Eseries-‘sisters’ E52 and E55 take centre stage.

You may have seen previous E55 video reviews before, (this one by Rafe or this one from mobileburn), but is another you must watch as Steve Litchfield demonstrates the new EDOF camera that Rafe initially talked about, as well as general opinions on general usage and features of the devices.

At the start as always there are the news:

  • Nokia phone launches –  Maemo 5 handset N900, N97 Mini  (and X6 and X3 too) as well as the new  firmware for the N97.
  • Samsung launches – Andoid handset – Galaxy
  • Nokia’s smartphone line continues to outsell Apple, RIM, HTC and Fujitsu combined
  • Symbian OS also maintains top spot, but down 6% to 51%

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Video Review: Nokia E55 (and E52) Review by All About Symbian

August 17, 2009 4 comments

Rafe Blandford reviews one of Nokia’s smallest ever smartphones, the E55, introduced earlier in the year during MWC.

It’s a very slim candybar phone, running S60 3rd edition, with a 2.4″ QVGA screen,  3.2MP camera, GPS (with compass) and a compact (half) QWERTY keyboard.

For full specifications, >> click here <<

As well as going over the features, Rafe also compares the E55 with the E52, E75 and E71.


  • Text input is very interesting with the half QWERTY – with predictive mode on, Rafe reckons that “accuracy is impressive”.
  • E55 offers much improved email experience
  • No Auto-Focus but EDOF (extended depth of field[or is it focus?])
  • Voice control music track previously only enabled on Xpress Music devices.
  • Priced at roughtly £250

Via RafeAAS


UI enhancements on Eseries look really good compared to standard S60.