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Video How to: Nokia E75 Disassembly (Official Video From Nokia Care)

March 31, 2010 5 comments

E75 owners may wish to avert their eyes as their phone becomes disassembled in this instructional video.

It can help if you’re into DIY fascia/cover changing.

I tried this a while back with my N82 and kinda broke the microphone (had to send off for repair). so be careful when taking anything on like this. Most likely it will VOID your warranty.


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Freeware: 7 free (flash) apps/games for your Nokia N97 – Stopwatch & Countdown/Pacman/Kitty Cannon/Helicopter Game /Spank The Monkey/Touch Type/Hardest Game in the World

August 26, 2009 1 comment

flash app

Here are some popular online flash files for your  N97/5800/5530- basically most S60-flash capable devices, although some will only work with Touch/keyboard/D-Pad (though an onscreen D-pad is available). All app menus are accessible via touch

It’s advisable to set flash quality to “low” for increased frame rate on the games and then set to full screen (open keyboard up in N97)

1. Stopwatch

The online stopwatch is my favourite stopwatch app. It’s simple and has a countdown with alarm too.

Input: Touch



MNBx000161MNBx0001622. Pacman

The classic game – complete with iconic sound effects such as the timeless “wakka wakka wakka” 🙂

Input: D-Pad



3. Kitty Cannon

[Kitten Cannon] Aim the cannon and launch the cat. Try to get the furthest distance by hitting bombs, explosives and trampolines. Avoid sharp spikes and cat-eating-plants. Good animation and good sound effects.

Warning: Contains cartoon violence to cats.

Input: D-Pad (or virtual D-Pad) – Spacebar to fire/continue




4. Touch Type

You will need a keyboard for this. You can either create your own text or select a pre-generated text from 15 different lesson sets. Type as fast and as accurately as you can. Get a key wrong and you won’t progress until you’ve pressed the correct one a hand appears suggesting what digit you should use but of course, not applicable on thumbboards.

Input: Keyboard





5. Helicopter Game

Another classic game. Navigate the helicopter by holding down on controls – has the chopper sounds.

Input: Touch.



6. Spank the Monkey

Drag the hand around and flick from right to left, making sure you let go of the hand to Spank the Monkey. The faster the better. Surprisingly fluid, with sound effects/music. Go beyond 200MPH and you get a little song to celebrate.

Input: Touch





7. The Hardest Game in the world.

A series of puzzles where you must move the red ball from one location to predefined positions.

Input: D-Pad or on screen D-Pad



Video Review: Nokia E55 (and E52) Review by All About Symbian

August 17, 2009 4 comments

Rafe Blandford reviews one of Nokia’s smallest ever smartphones, the E55, introduced earlier in the year during MWC.

It’s a very slim candybar phone, running S60 3rd edition, with a 2.4″ QVGA screen,  3.2MP camera, GPS (with compass) and a compact (half) QWERTY keyboard.

For full specifications, >> click here <<

As well as going over the features, Rafe also compares the E55 with the E52, E75 and E71.


  • Text input is very interesting with the half QWERTY – with predictive mode on, Rafe reckons that “accuracy is impressive”.
  • E55 offers much improved email experience
  • No Auto-Focus but EDOF (extended depth of field[or is it focus?])
  • Voice control music track previously only enabled on Xpress Music devices.
  • Priced at roughtly £250

Via RafeAAS


UI enhancements on Eseries look really good compared to standard S60.

Comparison Live Pics: Nokia N97 vs E90 vs E75 vs 5800 and Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD)

June 11, 2009 7 comments

My-Symbian has posted some excellent comparison shots of the N97 with the E90, E75, 5800 and Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD).

A few interesting selections below:

1 – E90 and N97

E90 is huge, but that’s because of that big screen and that spectacular keyboard. Not the best looking phone though. You’d think the reason Nokia stuck the numbers row with the first letters row was because they didn’t have enough rows. 1 more row could have done it, right?


2. N97 and E75

…The E75 has four rows of keys, BUT still doesn’t have a dedicated numbers row. I guess you could close the keyboard and quickly right on the keypad – but it just seems very frustrating that Nokia puts a keyboard, yet compromises severely on the layout.


3. 5800 vs N97

3.2″ screen vs 3.5″ screen.


4. N97 and i8910

3.5″ screen vs 3.7″ screen.


5. Phone Pile!

N97 on top 🙂


Via My-Symbian

Review: Nokia E75 review by IT PRO

May 2, 2009 1 comment

nokia_e75The E75 review from MobileBurn gave the E75 a “highly recommended” rating, but this review from IT PRO gives the E75 only 3 stars (out of 5). The main feature of the E75 is the keypad, although great for text, IT PRO finds it a major grievance that you have to hold down shift to input numbers, a problem also in the upcoming N97. In conclusion, Richard Goodwin says,

“Nokia hasn’t really come to the table with anything new that is going to change the way people think about mobile phones. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad phone, it’s just not that good when compared to what’s already out there.”

Now, with that, Richard could have been talking about any Nokia phone out now. The E75 is a good phone, but with many other good phones from other manufacturers, it needs a lot of things to set it apart from the competition. That’s the problem currently with Nokia. We’re not seeing anything new from them.

In evolutionary science, there’s a theory called “Red Queen Hypothesis”, where animals need to develop continually just to keep up with the systems they are co-evolving with. The essence of this theory is from the book, “Through the looking glass” where the Red Queen states,

“…it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

It feels like Nokia is just evolving in response to other manufacturers when instead, they should be pushing revolutionary changes of their own, to make everyone else try to keep up with  them instead of the other way around.


Review: Nokia E75 review from MobileBurn

April 30, 2009 2 comments









.The Symbian Guru, Ricky Cadden has written a six page comprehensive review of all you ever need to know about the QWERTY slider, E75 over at This is a very classy, high end 3rd Edition Feature pack 2, s60 device designed for enterprise and efficiency in mind.

There’s also a video hands on review.

Via MobileBurn