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My Dream Nokia #8: Nokia N9 MeeGo Phone Slider Concept with edge to edge display

December 17, 2010 10 comments

My Dream Nokia Number 8 comes by way of Jim who found these concept MeeGo Phone Photos on the MeeGo forum. They’re designed by a guy called “SuperHero” who is an old user of Linux, the Nokia n900 and a programmer.

It is titled Nokia N9. There are no details other than what can be observed from design.

I think they look pretty slick. There are 9 images in total, one in particular showing the slide out QWERTY which is somewhat curved in action like early Xperias from Sony Ericsson though looking much nicer.

The screen seems huge, with near edge to edge, borderless display.

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Nokia E5x MeeGo Touch and Type Concept

November 11, 2010 12 comments

We received an interesting email to from Alberto Pietrobon (BSc Student in Sweden) about his dream Nokia.

As you can see, without the navigation and soft keys, it’s a huge screened Nokia E5 running NOT Symbian but MeeGo. I really like it and it actually makes the E5 look quite good looking (sorry E5 fans, not personally likin that random silver band in the middle)

What’s even better is Alberto’s idea for you guys to send in your own “Dream Nokia Phones”.

I’m sure you’ve dreamt up your PERFECT Nokia phone. What it would look like, what it would feel like, what features it would have. Why don’t you share it with the world? Or at least with other Nokia fans :D.

It could be your own photoshopped or rendered work (seriously, you don’t need mega skills in either, basic paint job is often enough to convey a concept) of your dream product.

SEND this in similarly to with the title “My Dream Nokia” and perhaps the model number (and a little description, maybe a few specs in the message area? Though this bit not necessary).

Who knows, maybe an image might flutter over to Nokia and through whatever route end up being real. We’ll see how this runs and we’ll do a section page once there’s enough interest.

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