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Video: Nokia N8 comparisons

August 4, 2010 3 comments

The first video is about free RAM. Nokia N8 vs Samsung Omnia HD. Note that the N8 had one full page of widgets and two half-filled pages of widgets. So if you want to maximize your free RAM on your N8, you might wanna remove some widget on your homescreen.

The second video is about screen comparison. A short video comparing the screens of the Nokia N8 vs Samsung Omnia HD vs Motorola Milestone. Note that the N8 and Omnia HD have AMOLED screens, while the Milestone has an LCD screen.

Here’s a bonus video, nothing new, just a quick hands-on of the Nokia N8. The video is not in English, it’s in greek.

via: finestfones uploaded by Parttimereviewer and uploaded by johnkarak

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Photos: Nokia N8 vs N97

July 29, 2010 15 comments

Here’s some recent photos (taken on Monday) comparing the Nokia N8 and the Nokia N97.

via: Uploaded on Flickr by Mario Villamil Arguelles

Comparison photos: Nokia N900 vs N97 vs N95(1) vs N800 vs N82 vs a proporta charger.

September 15, 2009 7 comments

N900 5

OK, did not have the best conditions, either lighting/situation (in middle of a talk)/timing (had to rush). This post is just to give you an idea of how the N900 sizes up in comparison to some classic Nseries handsets, the N800, the N82, N97 and of course the N95.

The N800 looks gigantic and the N95 looks so thick! N900 is nearing the optimum size for a smartphone. Of course current technology dictates the minimum area is defined by screen size. There’s still room to shave off either side of the screen, and the thickness could be greatly reduced. Although it is thicker than many phones at 18mm, because of it’s squareness, it looks a lot thicker than it actually is (and of course, you are getting a really good QWERTY keyboard in the mix). In the hand, the N900 very comfortable to hold and use. It’s also quite pocketable – (feels like the N97 in my pocket)










Video: The Phones Show: Episode 83 (Nokia N97 vs HTC Touch Pro2) and unboxing videos.

This episode of “The Phones Show” concentrates on the comparison of the HTC Touch Pro2 with the Nokia N97, going over aspects such as:

  • Screen
  • Keyboard
  • Form Factor (Slide tilt)
  • Battery
  • Camera
  • Video Recording
  • OS/UI

Steve Litchfield says the Pro2 is the best Windows Mobile handset to date (I love the keyboard), but concludes that the N97 wins on both hardware and software in comparison.

This episode also sees Steve getting a tour of the Proporta HQ, the mobile phones accessory company. You’ll get to see demonstrations of the cases, cable tidies and see some other products that you might ind useful. I have a few accessories from them myself, my fav being the old iPod-esque portable charger, brilliant when I’m out and about and am no where near a plug.

Via 3lib

Here’s an unboxing of the N97 – which is later also compared to the HTC Touch Pro2

And lastly, another unboxing by John Mortimer of the White N97. John’s pretty excited about the N97, and reckons the white N97 looks so much better in person than it does via the camera.

Comparison Live Pics: Nokia N97 vs E90 vs E75 vs 5800 and Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD)

June 11, 2009 7 comments

My-Symbian has posted some excellent comparison shots of the N97 with the E90, E75, 5800 and Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD).

A few interesting selections below:

1 – E90 and N97

E90 is huge, but that’s because of that big screen and that spectacular keyboard. Not the best looking phone though. You’d think the reason Nokia stuck the numbers row with the first letters row was because they didn’t have enough rows. 1 more row could have done it, right?


2. N97 and E75

…The E75 has four rows of keys, BUT still doesn’t have a dedicated numbers row. I guess you could close the keyboard and quickly right on the keypad – but it just seems very frustrating that Nokia puts a keyboard, yet compromises severely on the layout.


3. 5800 vs N97

3.2″ screen vs 3.5″ screen.


4. N97 and i8910

3.5″ screen vs 3.7″ screen.


5. Phone Pile!

N97 on top 🙂


Via My-Symbian

Video Samples: Nokia N97 vs Samsung i8910

June 8, 2009 5 comments

720p on the Samsung i8910 looks stunning, more detail,crisper, at times more natural looking colours. However, the sound is absolutely dreadful, resembling the tinny audio quality of 2004 handsets – this may still be fixed though.

The N97’s video also performs very well, some slight over saturation in parts – it also just doesn’t look right though after seeing 1280 x 720 first then 640×360. On the other hand, audio recording is fantastic and crisp – as it has been on nearly all Nseries devices.

It’s worth noting that both videos do appear better in the original format than after being uploaded to YouTube.

Nokia N97 – [download original 11.98MB]

Samsung i8910 [download original 43.42MB]

Both videos are more or less similar in length, but with the higher resolution i8910 eats up approx. 4 times more memory, so a 10 minute clip would be about 733 MB on the i8910, but 195 MB on the N97.

I guess if you transfer videos to your computer regularly that won’t be a problem. On the N97, that’s less of a need, since the video sizes are smaller BUT ALSO you have 32GB of memory to fill.

tnkgirl vis blog97

Black, White…or Pink Nokia N97?

April 17, 2009 9 comments

Whilst googling for “white commisure” (I have a neuroanatomy exam coming up), my ever wandering mind darted to thinking about what colour N97 I might get in June (if all three options were available).


[from and; it maybe the lighting, but this looks  1. just too “in your face”, 2. Pink]

Ruling out pink immediately, I’m left with either black or white; neither of which are strictly colours, and the black is more dark brown. The first time I saw the “black” N97, I thought it was rather stunning; sleek and not as square. Black always works. When Nokia revamp an Nseries, its almost often also become completely black. Being black – it’s sort of the signature of the Nseries elite.  It’s simple, discreet, but looks good too.


[images from robert scobe/flickr search]

The white, I wasn’t immediately too fond with.  But it’s also grown on me. A big plus point for some maybe that the black N97 resembles the 5800 too much. In white, it’ll be easier to show off. On its own merit, white looks  nice – conforms with the whole white plastic = fantastic, e.g..  iPod/Wii/DS Lite.

3102764258_0867130c9d3077132851_129795c6fa3077134681_1af3a9b1733077966684_acb6b8cc433077062901_4f23d808a9[images via flikr]

Personally, I prefer the black N97. In all angles it looks great. The white looks cheap in some shots – you’ve got to get the reflections off the ‘chrome’ rim perfect. But to each their own; a lot will love the white, and even the Pink (*cough* *girls**cough)

Which colour do you prefer? Or maybe another colour?