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Freakishly Awesome Gallery: Human Cloning with the Nokia N8 – Witchcraft? Well this is certainly magical :p

December 23, 2010 4 comments

With the holiday season being so hectic, we feel more than ever that we need to be in two places at once!

Well harness the power of your Nokia N8 and create your own clone/twin!  What’s this? What’s this?

Human cloning and N8 – It’s not technology, it’s what you do with it, no? Don’t worry about ethical considerations with N8. There won’t be any Nightmares Before Christmas here, as of course this is done by the very fantastic Application called “Nokia Panorama” which is free at Ovi Store!

Not only is the panoramic software fantastic at creating practically seamless panoramas, they’re full of detail. I hope this comes out and T-Mobile has not compressed them during upload.

There’s tons more photos of twinning and some scenic pano shots below.

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Video: Mini Nseries! Attack of the Clones

April 23, 2009 1 comment

These first three aren’t your usual dopplegänger Nokia imitations. These are cute tiny versions of them!

1. The Mini N95 8GB, complete with dual sliding mechanism.

2. The Mini Nokia N96, also with dual sliding mechanism

3. The Mini Nokia N83, with touchscreen, even though there’s no N83 yet!

The UI of these Clones, although looking a little temperamental on occasion looks surprisingly fluid. They all have the accelerometer, to change orientation of the screen and to switch music tracks.

I’m not sure about the quality of materials, but they look so nice and shiny! Look at the N78, it’s got a bigger 2.8″ touch screen and a built in hidden telescopic antenna for live TV! No DVB-H which we’ll no longer see in Nokia phones as that division has been sold off and acquired by Wipro.

4. Nokia N78 Clone – with touch screen

I’d love to have standard TV on my phone. Check out this mini Apple iPhone 3G version.

5. Apple iPhone 3G – with analogue TV

Or for actual digital TV, a sony ericsson variety:

6. SE and Digital TV.

These clones are clustering around the $100 range. That’s really good considering the list of features – although the reliability is yet to be proven. It may last a week and could end up being a really bad purchase.

You can check out what else they have on their website.

[No I am not affiliated with this site, I’m just intruiged by what these clones can offer in terms of price:features ratio.