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GSM Arena’s Screen Showndown: Nokia’s CBD AMOLED – best contrast, best colours, better sunlight readability than Super AMOLED!

November 29, 2010 16 comments

The meticulous folks at GSM Arena (Thanks Aymen Kanzali for the heads up to have compared the display technologies used in HTC Desire HD, LG Optimus E900, Sony Ericsson X10, Nokia N8, iPhone 4, Nokia C6-01, Samsung Wave and Galaxy S.

Basically, LCD vs AMOLED vs IPS LCD vs Super Clear LCD, vs CBD AMOLED vs Super AMOLED.

Nokia C6-01 with Clear Black Display (CBD) AMOLED proves to be a mighty contender, having best contrast with the Wave, followed closely by the N8 leaving iPhone 4 behind.

For sunlight readability, CBD is in first place with iPhone 4, BEATING the SUPER AMOLED buddies Galaxy S and Wave to 2nd and 3rd place.

On best colours – Super AMOLED? No guess again it’s Nokia’s C6-01 CBD with best colour rendition, edging out the two SUPER AMOLEDS.

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Nokia C6-01 First Clear Black Display phone starts shipping today! (Another addition to Symbian^3 line up)

November 4, 2010 75 comments

The cute little Nokia C6-01, undoubtedly will be another best seller for Nokia like the 5800 starts shipping today! It’s powered by Symbian^3 and under the hood shares the same processor and GPU as its bigger brothers N8 and C7. However, like the Biiiiiiig E7, it has a truly brilliant screen – clear black display – true blacks, high contrast, high saturation that’s comparable and some would say better than Super AMOLED. Even Engadget says it’s glorious.

From Nokia Conversations:

The new Nokia C6 is the smallest and most affordable of the new family of Symbian devices. The C6-01 measures 103.8 x 52.5 x 13.9mm and weighs in at just 131g. Like its siblings, it’s a fully functional communicator with support for 3G and WiFi on board. It’s got a 3.2-inch AMOLED capacitive touch-screen featuring the new ClearBlack display technology for the first time (more about that in a later post). The C6-01 is also one of Nokia’s greenest devices to date, featuring the use of bioplastics and recycled metals for much of its construction.

It doesn’t skimp on multimedia, either, with an eight-megapixel full focus camera with dual-LED flash. The camera’s also capable of shooting 720p high-definition video. The usable internal memory (340MB) is probably a tad tight for that, but can be souped-up with a microSD memory card for over 32GB of storage. There’s a 2GB card to get you started in the box. Like all the recent devices, it comes with free navigation through Ovi Maps, extra apps from Ovi Store and tunes from Ovi Music.

“The Nokia C6-01 is designed for the consumer who wants to stay on top of their social life while on the go,” said Jo Harlow, head of smartphones. “The new Symbian platform makes social networking fast and easy, while from the design point of view the Nokia C6-01 fits perfectly in your palm. Even the smallest of hands can reach every corner of the screen!”

Thanks to Keith for the heads up to!


via Nokia Conversations

Poll Results: Nokia E7 versus Samsung Galaxy S . CBD AMOLED vs SUPER AMOLED – over 1000 votes, 88.28% say CBD AMOLED.

September 29, 2010 3 comments

image by

Yesterday, we saw some comparison photos between the Nokia E7’s CBD AMOLED and Samsung’s Renowned Super AMOLED.

We asked you to vote in a poll, which seemed brighter and more vibrant (points where Samsung’s displays have always been king).

Thank you for the incredible response – we had over 1000 votes so far, with 700 in the first 5 hours of voting alone. The latest few votes seem to have been pushing for the Samsung brigade , but overwhelmingly you guys have decided that in your opinion (based on these comparison shots) that the E7 was far brighter and more vibrant with its CLEAR BLACK DISPLAY AMOLED than Samsung’s Super AMOLED (pushing from very high 92 to still unquestionable 88.28%)

Let’s just be happy that the displays coming in these new generation phones are, to be modest, really good. It shouldn’t really matter if X is better than Y. If it does it job (to the current standards expected), why be so angsty? IMO, the E7 display looked great indoors, and worked superb outdoors. Job done.

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Gallery and Poll: Nokia E7 versus Samsung Galaxy S (versus Nokia N8). CBD AMOLED vs SUPER AMOLED (vs AMOLED)

September 28, 2010 40 comments

Thanks to NeNoRmAl for the heads up on this article from a fantastic Russian site bringing great coverage on these upcoming Nokia devices,

All of Nokia’s big screen AMOLEDs versus Sammy’s Galaxy S (above)

The poll is somewhat arbitrary and unfair given that the majority of votes will be based on secondary source images and not via direct testing. But hey, that’s the best we got for now 🙂 Also it’s just between E7 CBD and Samsung Super AMOLED as there’s no point adding Nokia N8 right?

I asked specifically which is brighter/more vibrant as opposed to an open ended “better” screen. I do like the higher res that gives the Galaxy S a touch more definition (you’d need to zoom in on a 17″ screen to notice though) but there’s something about those E7 colours that jut pop and leap out of the screen. Is that good or over saturation?


UPDATE: from the translation, they did not expect the significant margin of brightness by the E7. Resolution differences as noted is imperceptible in these photos. They also mention that the colours are unnatural and screen is too bright (superfluously bright says babelfish). However, they note that was their individual perception and that an in depth screen test will come soon.

Well there you go, E7’s screen is so bright, it’s too bright. Get your sunglasses out before you view. :p

Gallery: Nokia N900 vs Nokia E7 – Just how much better is CBD AMOLED over TFT LCD?

September 25, 2010 13 comments

Just how much better has the Nokia’s CBD AMOLED improved from the previous N900 TFT LCD (disregarding the N86 2.6″ AMOLED). The difference is startling. (note, N90 does have screen protector, but the colours would look pretty much the same regardless as it did so on the show floor N900).

N900 does ‘win out’ though on resolution, but the benefit perhaps with nHD is improved battery life with pushing around less pixels. Hopefully N9 has a bigger battery pack, eh?


The gallery below should link to full sized  12mp (though compressed somewhat) and to other photos where N900 is closer to the camera (so equalling reflection flare for N900 comparison).

Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 versus Samsung Galaxy S. E7 CBD AMOLED vs G-S Super Amoled.

September 25, 2010 43 comments

The case of the Nokia N8 teaches us to be weary of extremely early, leaked ranting “reviews” of prototype, unannounced phones. Remember the lack of info o the powerful broadcom GPU? Which we now know is class leading? The putting down of the supposedly standard, nothing special camera? Which we know now to be the best ever on a mobile phone? And what about the screen?

“Nokia N8 with other smartphones that are being prepared for release, and I must say, this is ridiculous. For example, I see that the N8 is very cheap OLED display. In fact, Nokia calls it the AMOLED display, but if you compare the display with the Samsung HD i890 (1,5 years already on the market), Nexus One of Google and other phones, it is not so good. The display is not as great as Super AMOLED in Samsung…”

Samsung’s rare Super AMOLED is touted as the best in terms of screen technology. At least in certain circles. Bright, vibrant colour reproduction with superior sunlight visibility (a feature taken for granted in touch displays, particularly AMOLED and certain LCD). We have shown you that the E7’s performs great outside (regarless of unusual test parameters, I COULD SEE THE SCREEN IN SUNLIGHT)

Looking at a Super AMOLED display (Galaxy S) versus the Nokia E7, you can see a clear difference between Nokia’s own. More vibrant or over saturation? Whilst the E7 and C6-01 seem to produce colours more closer to each other, the N8 and C7 seem to still have an image that pops out slightly more than the Galaxy S. This may be due to white balance issues – who knows. Having seen the screens on these phones, one thing is true – they are FAR from the cheap OLED displays Eldar had described.

Renowned non-nokia enthusiats over at engadget have mentioned that the E7’s display is brighter and more vibrant than their beloved magical Retina Display with the E7’s clear black looking “SIMPLY Gorgeous, black levels are no joke. Samsung’s stranglehold on badass mobile displays was pretty short lived”.

Whether the N8 also has CBD is uncertain but some current N8 owners have described N8’s outdoor visibility to be better than Super AMOLED. Screen technology aside, you know it’s not just some cheap OLED display.

The only issue these screens lag behind in one aspect could be screen resolution. 640×360 vs 800×480 (e.g. N900, Galaxy S). On the upside, lower screen resolution benefits improved battery life. For sure, N9 will have 800×480 with CBD AMOLED, and awesome keyboard and 4″ screen at least all worked out.

Thanks to jenjaman, N#O#R#U#L#E#S, Eugen and others  for the heads up on this piece.

ZEN-PC via the-ultimate-111

HD Video and Gallery: Nokia E7 Clear Black Display Outdoor sunglight visibility test. It’s bloody good that’s what!

September 16, 2010 18 comments

The major fear of AMOLED screens is their inability to be visible in sunlight. LCD screens can suffer similar fates too. My Samsung Camera for instance has a vampiric screen and dies when outdoors (hence these outdoor shots not being that good). But you can see that in very bright sunlight, the 4″ CBD  (CLEAR BLACK DISPLAY) screen of the Nokia E7 copes amazingly well. What’s more, you cannot really appreciate how great the E7 CBD screen looks through this camera and your computer screen. Truly blacker blacks, much more vibrant colours. You really have to see it in person. In a later post, I will show you indoor comparisons with the N900 and the difference is night and day.

People have ridiculed Nokia for not putting the latest screen technology on their phones and bigging up the “plain” AMOLED on the N8 (which, btw has decent sunlight visibility – not sure if there are similar polarizing filers ala C7). Now, with CBD on the E7 and budget C6-01 Nokia have something which is arguably comparable if not better than Super AMOLED.

Now in the video below, we bring the E7 outdoors in the morning sun to face mr Sun. The N900’s LCD TFT display is actually quite ok in the sun. The backlight sort of washes away till you have just a plain monochrome looking LCD display. The E7, there’s very little change – you can still see the rich colours outdoors. The only thing that would prevent visibility is the slight reflection on the screen.

As with AMOLED, the viewing angle is fantastic. The only thing that really stops readability are some slight reflections from the display, but they’re minimal (though surprisingly exaggerated by these pictures/videos)

In terms of resolution, the nHD isn’t that detectable, and looking surprisingly sharp given the big 4″ stretch. In a future post, you will see that the CBD screen looks like it’s printed glossy paper