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Nokia C7-00 camera… not quite what you’d expect!

November 29, 2010 18 comments

Due to popular (kind of) demand, I’ve conducted a short yet conclusive test on the 8 Mpix camera capabilities of the Nokia C7-00. Similar fixed-focus or EDoF  (Extended Depth of Field ) camera modules are also used in a pair of other Symbian^3 based Nokia smartphones like the C6-01 and the upcoming E7, so I think it’s safe to draw some parallels out of the results of this test.

To see how it goes, I’ve pitted the C7-00 against a seemingly run of the mill, average performing by today’s standards, 5 Mpix auto-focus camera in the Nokia N900. I like having my camera tests as varied with different phone models as possible, so in some shots I’ve also allowed HTC Desire to bring an outlandish flavor into the test. So let’s get going!

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Mega Gallery: Happy Halloween with the Nokia N8! Incredible Extreme Low Light performance for Nights Out!

October 31, 2010 19 comments

Happy Halloween folks! If you’re out and about tonight, perhaps in costume, you’ll certainly be wanting to save those memories. A phone won’t do right – you’ll have to bring your camera too.


One of the reasons the Nokia N82 has triumphed for so long is it’s undisputed performance in EXTREME low light – which is absolutely perfect for nights out. The last thing you want to worry about when you’ve had a few is your phone AND a camera (as well as your wallet/keys/cards/cash). Having one less thing to worry about is essential.

How does the new blood fare?Well whether in a pub, club (or in a London Film Premiere :p) the N8 does a bang up job and takes up the N82’s challenge successfully.


The Awesome:

  • Passes extreme low light tests with flying colours. Literally. Amply lights up people in the dark with the xenon flash without washing them out (too much). Colours do look better on N8 vs N82. Less washed out (w’ell, we’ll upload the comparisons we did a while back

  • Freezes any action. Your LED enabled camera phone may be able to light up a scene half as good as xenon, but it will inevitably suffer from movement blur. That’s not good because people – they are prone to moving. What also really helps is the very fast autofocus and very fast shutter upon pressing the camera shutter button. This is often taken for granted but my Samsung WB600 would wait a second after pressing. It doesn’t matter that the flash can freeze if the action is already over.

Pillow Fight. Frozenby N8

Pillow in the Air and Nokia N8 captures it.

Moving Foreground freeze with nice background blur.

Falling on the Na'Vi

  • Great for night portraits: Note- a lot of folk are wearing facepaint, and most of the girls in general not in face paint are wearing make up/foundation which shows up a little differently under flash than bare skin – e.g. check out arm/neck. (Hence why the faces of the guys look more natural)

  • Awesome for group shots

Same 9MP 16:9 in 12MP 4:3

  • The N8 was NOT fully charged yet managed to take well over 300 photos ALL WITH FLASH, 8 mins of video, 20 mins calls, 30 mins text and somehow report only 1 bar missing from 8pm to 3am. This maybe incorrect battery life reporting, but if so the N8 would not have lasted until 7pm the next day. (It got to about 4 bars by 9am – killing all background processes severely helped – and the N8 didn’t die. Once on 1 bar it went back on charge)
  • Note: N8 was on full brightness in normal mode. You could possibly extend the N8 battery life by pressing power button once and selecting “Activate power saving”. This will push your N8 to 2G, reduce screen brightness amongst other things..
  • The 3.5″ AMOLED screen makes a perfect view finder. Excellent viewing angle means you can still see your subject even if you place the cam at awkward angles.
  • Simple enough operation for other people to use. Other folk just assume it’s a camera.
  • not N8 specific feature – but the camera strap hole/strap is positioned at the right place for right handed folk – (not so with N900). Makes it easy to protect your N8 from dropping.

The not so good.

  • In Auto mode, suffers from MAJOR red eye. Helps on Halloween but possibly not any other night. There’s red eye reduction function but seriously – due to the annoying camera UI every time you restart the camera it forgets you set it on red eye. On the upside – I’d rather have red eye than shitty, blurry, dark LED lit photos. NOTE: In a pub (or elsewhere where it’s not virtually pitch black) red eye is less of a problem.

  • The uncovered camera glass means it will suffer greatly from smudging which will make focusing difficult if there’s crap on the camera glass. It also affects flash photos. You can just wipe it, but remembering is a task. Especially if someone else is taking your photos and aren’t aware of that problem.

I think this one was combined initial focus error and camera smudge. But I kinda like the effect.

Smudge and focus problem. Focus problem due to intoxication but smudge assists in not being able to autofocus as well as it could.

Focusing again - a little better but there's still smudgey stuff on the camera which I forgot to clean for this pic

All in all STELLAR job by the Nokia N8. Fantastic low light performance that surely would make N82 users proud. Full sized pics available in the gallery


Nokia N900 – Photo Samples and Maemo5 camera UI – London Part 2

December 2, 2009 2 comments

Here is the remaining photos from my weekend in London.[part 1]

The N900 has a 5mp camera – 4:3 ratio at 2576×1936. It also takes widescreen 16:9 images at 2576×1488 (3.5MP).

Although 5MP is higher detail, I prefer the framing of the 16:9 photos. They look better when viewing on the N900 and on the computer.

The N900 is a great little point and shoot. It has much of the image options of previous Nseries, and whilst it’s missing a few, you really don’t need them. Practically all of these photos are set in Auto.

What I love about the N900 camera:

  • the great photo quality -5/3.5MP, Carl Zeiss Optics
  • Fast Start < 1 second
  • fast autofocus
  • the revamped camera UI. Not only is it easier to navigate, but if you were to tweak some settings and exit the Camera, opening the camera brings you back to those exact settings, so no fiddling about all over again and possibly missing the shot. Everything is easily just two clicks away, where they take double if not longer with S60V5’s camera UI.

Camera UI

    • *Ready to shoot
  • Settings > Macro > Done*
  • Settings > Video > Done
  • Settings > Photo > Done

There’s no insane double tapping to confirm your settings like with s60v5 camera UI. The N900’s camera UI takes much better advantage of having a touch screen with its camera interface, though there’s still room for improvement, such as simple having a dedicated button to switch from video/photo

  • Photo > Done
  • Video > Done

Now the photo samples:

There’s a mixture of lighting scenes, indoor, cloudy, sunny, low light. Under sufficient lighting the N900 is absolutely superb. In low lighting, it can get a bit testing. To save battery, I turned the screen down to the lowest, which did make framing subjects a little harder. I didn’t use the Flash much (or at all).

Frankly, N900’s flash doesn’t help that much and unless it delivers the natural lighting of the N86 or the xenon illumination of the N82. The  N900’s images look better without additional “help” from the dual LED.

Orchids at reception

Great view from the Hotel of Tower Bridge

Something of Wales in London

Statue of a Builder

Iconic London Double Decker

Trafalgar Square Fountain


Harrods Bus of Bears

Tin Man

Morning View

Phone Box. Right of this photo is where I saw Lily Allen

Ceramic Mini Animals


Metal people

The only photo I got of the London Eye this time….is a painting

Face Cast

Fandango Classical Group

Camera samples: Nokia N86 test shots

May 9, 2009 1 comment

I was not going to post for a while as the intense exam period has started. But procrastinating led me to stumble on spazziocellulare’s post on N86. Of main interest are the sample photos. Scroll down (on the spaziocellulare post) and you’ll see these pictures, but make sure you click on them to view the actual photo as the one on the main page is blurry.

The photos look very sharp, with colours looking mostly natural (although can’t really say as I haven’t seen those scenes with my own naked eyes for comparison). Note the zoomed in pictures have added artifacts that are not present in the original.

Now I just wonder how the N86 handles people (skin tones/movement) and low lighting.

Via Spaziocellulare