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Video: Avatar on the Nokia N8 with multitasking of Asphalt 5, GT Racing and Hero of Sparta over HDMI.

September 24, 2010 16 comments

Very quickly, here’s the famous Blue Cats in Space, AVATAR game demoed on the Nokia N8. But Asphalt 5, GT Racing and finally Hero of Sparta are also demoed, and with the latter still with the other 3 games chugging in the background.. As mentioned by several product managers, C7, E7 and C6 will all be capable of reproducing the same game playback. I.E. if N8 can do it, all the other S^3 handsets can do it. Though having that big 4″ display and some keyboard controls may give you a little bit of an edge over say, the C6. I dunno – maybe. 🙂

Thanks to N#O#R#U#L#E#S who sent us this tip in via!


video by Idelafr from

Avatar on the N900 Sketch App (Sketching on N900)

January 6, 2010 18 comments

Drawn on N900. LOL...I cringe at how bad this looks (though it is unfinished). This was the only sketch I sent over to my computer, all my others got wiped after formatting 😦

Sketch app – an often overlooked app on [Nokia] touch screens. Mostly because previous iterations haven’t really been that good – either the software itself, laginess in the screen or both.

On the N900, the sketch app is really good. It has pixel sharp accuracy with fantastic responsiveness making it feel like you’re drawing on a piece of paper. On the N97 or N800, that slight delay between stroke and seeing the product makes drawing annoying.  Not so on the N900. It’s an absolute joy!

[The potential of this application would be best demonstrated if an artist/graphics designer could have a go with the N900 and Sketch. My crappy drawings don’t really do it justice.]

This was the pic I found after googling "Neytiri". I didn't realise at the time that was the name of the main female Na'Vi until it was mentioned in an Avatar related tweet.

James Whatley’s tweet asking N900 owners “do you sketch?” reminded me that of the sketch post I wanted to make. I meant to make this post a few weeks ago (technically last year) after watching “Avatar” and drawing one of the Na’Vi.

It was also only meant to be a quick 5 minute sketch. But turned into a 50 minute-long drawing because I was really captivated by the accuracy I could achieve with the N900, particularly being able to shade/blend using the colour chart. I never got around to finishing it (eyes, nose, hair, face in general, forehead, ear, lips, chin, neck…>_<) I think I made some other doodles before going to bed. This was the only one I had a copy on my computer though.

The video below demonstrates the sketch app on the N900. Although relatively basic in features, it’s an absolutely fantastic sketch application and could possibly be a good avenue for app development in future.

  • Pixel sharp precision
  • Use a stylus, pen, pencil whatever as a drawing tool (Drawing/sketching is extremely difficult with just fingers)
  • Really responsive – minimal delay means  you see your mark as you stroke the canvas.
  • Save as a .png file which you can email/share via bluetooth/set as background/edit later on pc.


Three other basic features I’d like:

  • Zoom – see an overview of your sketch if you’re drawing a larger picture
  • More “undo” steps. There’s only one at the moment.
  • Being able to draw dots. At the moment, this is the only thing the N900’s sketch app won’t draw. (ok on N97)

I’m sure graphics designers and other digital artists would be able to see great potential with the N900, especially if the sketch app were to elevate beyond its current basic level.

Do you sketch on your N900? Share your sketches over at James Whatley’s flickr group [Sketches from the N900]!

Here’s a brilliant example from MsJen: